Sega abandons Arcade Business


Although, makes sense in regards to attracting people…


I know how it works and that shops and employers gave them out as rewards lol


Yeah, it seems bizarre.

My theory is that they will maintain the arcade game even if profits are minimal because it’s another ad for the Fate franchise, like how retailers will operate some locations at a loss because it raises overall brand awareness.


Oh no it’s worse than that

So when you summon a servant there’s a chance you summon a shiny version of them, there’s a specific term for them but it’s basically they have better stats. Like. +300 but it stacks afaik

So not only you gacha to get the servant, but it’s gacha whether you get the normal version or enhanced shiny

The other thing is, if you first copy was a shiny, when you ascend it (you get a new card print out per ascension), it resets.

Which is think is like, the dumbest thing

So I think the Strat is summon normal base, max ascend, then go for NP copies,and hope you get a shiny so you can get the stat boosts you want at max level

You can also buy the cards themselves, but the servants will be locked at first ascension until you actually pull them on your account. So for NP levels it’s okay. But also they cost like 9000+ yen generally. It’s uh. Definitely a system.


Yes this is the kind of degeneracy that keeps FGOAC going. People WILL go bankrupt for the shiny


And then you can play mobile to get fucked by the gacha TWICE


I also don’t know if you can overwrite NP levels with shinies
Like say you pulled two shinies but your base was NP4, can you overwrite a normal base NP level for the shiny stat boost?


Take all that with a grain of salt tho, I’ve not actually played it myself it’s just what I figured out myself from some research and translating stuff myself


Paying tons of money for something you can’t even play at home or whenever you want sounds so weird to me.


I thought dumping quarters into these machines was bad enough, but FGO Arcade belongs in a goddamn casino.


From what I understand it’s a monetary black hole.
If I was in Japan I’d probably be toast between FGO NA and Arcade.
Luckily I’m in the US, so I can just be toast with FGO NA. :eyes:

(Ofc this year I’m cutting off Wallet-chan more.
Finally tallied up my total FGO expenditures and it’s, eh, well. Something.)

They also release shiny CEs, but idk if that is just like for special occassions or not:
I got this before I left japan: (long ago now)


Idk why they’re trying to keep something that’s been dying since like the 80s alive

As for FGO arcade, best case scenario they move it to console like they should have done years ago


Yeah, I think this at best could indicate a general downward trend in arcade profits that may lead to FGOAC biting it, eventually. Maybe a sensible shut-down at the end of the Singularities rather than trying to push into part 2. But this isn’t exactly a harbinger of the end.

It’s managed to stay open, to my understanding, primarily on the backs of a handful of people that it is designed to extract the maximum amount of money from, rather than a decent sum of money from a larger pool of fish. You do pay for AP, but it expires within a time limit, so you can either dripfeed play for the time you paid for or burn up your AP and continue to cough up. You have to pay for the gacha, and then again for the printing (including each ascension) and then again for that shiny thing. So it’s our gacha, but worse, plus you have to pay to farm (and the mat rates aren’t much better). So I’d say there’s maybe 500 properly active players, absolute tops, but they spend basically all their money on it and keep it afloat through brute force. From an admittedly very unrepresentative sample, there aren’t many machines outside of major population centres like Osaka and Tokyo, even in other major cities and prefectural captials etc., so it seems to me like it’s very much a concentrated but dedicated player base.


I mean, it’s been on everybody’s mind that Arcade probably won’t get to do a Part 2 given just how much of hit Arcade’s have taken since the coof started. Add the fact one of it’s biggest players walked out some time ago because of how it was getting to play it.

So yeah, Arcade is more likely than not on it’s way out.

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Arcade is the future! It will never die!

Ironically, it hasnt been long since they released this:

Now, even you can play with FGO arcade at home! Buy it at your closest Type-moon shop! :fgo_bbgrin:


At least the featured card is EX rank.

aka bait. Buy now and we’ll also throw this ultimate rare edition for real masters only: