Seiros is cute

I guess I wasn’t always crazy about her, but something compelled me to start pouring resources into her.
And she’s fun to use, I really like tanks with DR (unlike those fake Spd “tanks”), and she even has powerful player phase value.

Her “mini unit” is adorable, and that alone makes her really cute with her tiny shield and dragon circlet.

Oh, and the new DC seal had a lot to do with this. I’m not a big Dragon fan, but this did spark interest in me to start using her.


It annoys me that she doesn’t use Sword of Seiros (yet another unit in the “I have a sword in my art but don’t use it”), and Sheild of Seiros isn’t her prf Skill

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It doesn’t annoy me at all, it’s part of the charm. Solo shields are really damn cool.

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I wish Libra had a mini shield.

she is a tomato

Heresy :pensive:

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Dragon’s are overrated

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Don’t say that about @Dragginz

Nah I’ll say it about them also


Dragons were never that cool to me, they were kind of boring. I built a +10 Bantu because he looked funny, but I otherwise kind of left him there. (:fgo_meltpensive: ).

I really like Seiros because she’s a badass tank, and looks cute with a mini shield.