Seiros +Res or +Atk?

Over the course of less than 2 years, I managed to get 9 copies of Seiros, so I thought I might as well +10 her, but I’m conflicted on if I should go with +Atk or +Res as the base. She has no superassets, so either one works. +Atk is probably the most universally useful, but I wanted a second opinion.

  • +Atk
  • +Res

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If you plan to only ever use Draggin wall with her I’d say Res, but literally any other build she’s likely going to want kill power over survivability.

Hope this doesn’t come to bite me in the ass on her eventual remix but…

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I use her, and mine has +Def to have even defenses. She’s unmerged, but still reaches high enough Res to effectively get max DR against most enemies, the Atk will make her better in Enemy Phase.