Seldom Seen +10s

Or just seldom seen high invested units.

Basically show off your high invested units that aren’t commonly considered good. Lets keep it to one per colour.

My red is the cute samurai.

Built to be able to take on max invested F!Edelgards and she does her job admirably. Are there better units to counter her? Yes. Do I like any of them more? No, I wanted a cute samurai.
Sadly she was an early prf (armour slaying and Swift Sparrow 2) which is useless for this role and I wasn’t spending 200 dew for a Def refine so she can sacrifice 2 attack and have an Armoursmasher. Love her art, very good for a launch unit.

For blue we have Effie. Looking ever buffer with her resplendent.

A near save Bonfire cannon. Hope to get an enemy phase follow-up fighter skill for her at some point.
Sadly she wasn’t an early prf but it was garbage anyway.

On green is Titania.

Originally just a featherburn project but the Plegian Axe and a nice pair of B/C skills from the middle mech brother means she has impressive effective stats of 49/85/60/55/43 against any menaced foes and the half-Null. Flow Guard would be better but I have none of it and others would want their first flow before she gets an improved one.

Finally, my colourless is the busti- erm, best ninja.

Thanks to a free summon Volke she got a recent upgrade with the new special and C skill and is working wonders with it. The 50% DR means she can safely initiate on most things and fire Lethality on her follow-up if she’s counterattacked.

That’s my lot so who are your top picks for your rarely seen units?


the build is heavily outdated

but let’s just say I’ve seen more solar eclipses than +10 Mathildas


Silvia and Lucius are also incredibly rare:

Although their sets are nothing to write home about

With premium skills in mind, I’d also bring up Merric, Selena and Catria:


Nice. I loved Mathilda in Echoes where she was a destroyer of all things. Then they did that to her. I wish for Ascended Gold Knight Mathida someday, restore her rightful glory.


This one, since most players probably haven’t gotten 11 copies of him yet :feh_crazyfafnir:


I must be one of like 3 people who built him instead of foddered him :catsmile:


Here are some of mine.

Spring Minerva just… isn’t particularly good as a demote lance cav, but I love her so of course I did.

Titania love! This was also back when there weren’t that many axe cavs.

Gaius is the same as S!Minerva, just kind of not that good. He was built before his resplendent which was great.

I just don’t think as many people care about Shamir, especially when she’s such great fodder.


Excellent taste, if I may say. S!Minerva’s my only +10 4* seasonal but build for all out speed (as my NY!Laegjarn has the exact build as yours, save for Flowing Lance). I’m working on merging Shamir too, +7 so far, as I adore her in Houses/Hopes.


Wow, our taste is quite similar then! I would be building NY!Laegjarn but unfortunately my grails are very competitive and I also have a +10 Petrine. I mostly use her as buff support on my all Laegjarn team, which they quite appreciate!


For red im not sure. I have a Zihark and MMorgan, but they’re good enough (?) Also Kurth. The worst I can think of is that im merging Bertram in the future, but he isnt done yet.


Look at all these Titania +10s! Love that Oscar btw


Ty! He isnt that bad thanks to the slaying in his weapon for galeforce shenanigans, and Titania deserves all this love. Hoping for an Ascendant for her :pleading_face:


Is this the moment where I show my Loki again? (Doesnt matter, Will do it anyway!)

And with her comes:






Wow, that is one seriously impressive Fetish Cub Loki. As are the others but she’s a surprise.
I always wanted to merge her for, um, ‘reasons’ but never had the fodder available to make her viable. Maybe if I get another L!Claude and some Catch bridge fodder she could get on the grail project list, currently consisting of only Panne.


I refuse to play your games

I have very rarely seen a +10 Smol-Zura and I think only a singular +10 Inigo in my time playing the game. Both of these units are incredible with Smol-Zura packing far more of a punch than she ever should. IIRC, Smol-Zura nuked some poor glue eater soul’s max investment Duo Alfonse 'cause they got cocky.

Inigo is always used in AR while Smol-Zura hasn’t gotten too much to shine from. If Smol-Zura got a refinement that gave colourless advantage on I’d be using her over Inigo and would for sure secure a 2nd boon.



planning on updating her build so she can have a proper offensive set, but every now and then she helps V!Mist out in an abyssal with her buffs :fgo_ereshlove:

Red is also Titania (my other red +10s are more common than this one I’d say):

Pretend the seal is Atk/Spd Solo, I was tired when setting the seal for this screenshot and Atk/Spd Solo is used on so many units of mine so it was on someone else.
Love this alt, the art is so good and it came with my favorite seasonal banner in general. Shame she and the other units she released with will never get a prf because IS hates old seasonals :feh_sharenacry:


because I figure a ton of people are waiting for her ephemera, I’m waiting for that copy to nab an extra for fodder in case a favorite gets a good bow alt and I’d rather spend 100 ephemera on a fodder copy than 500 grails

on a more serious note:

Often forget I have him at +10, I really need to give him a build update and IS needs to rerefine his weapon, but that’ll never happen :breadsive:

I only have 3 colorless +10s: Mist, Sothe, and Tethys, and the rarest one of those, and the one I’m most proud of, is definitely Mist

I remember being so hyped when her refine came out :feh_faedance: Her not being demoted way back when her launch banner ended in May 2017 was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed her to get a prf one day. Unfortunately she had to suffer years of being called the worst pitybreaker. :feh_miststopbulli: Heck I remember when the first 5* mass demote happened (this was before weekly revivals and 4* specials were introduced), and I was not very happy that she wouldn’t be able to pitybreak me and fix the -atk she had at the time lol.
Before her refine, she usually swapped between Witchy Wand+ and Palm Staff+. Now she stands there menacingly and also isn’t too bad with attacking :feh_reinyes:

Just waiting for her and Titania to get resplendents, maybe Oscar too if they feel like remembering him


If only. I like Azura and kid Zuzu would be a grail candidate if she got something good, whether that’s the raven effect or just matching Adrift Camilla’s refinement. Sadly, I fear that shall never happen.


Silas build hype! :feh_flaynsmile:

Well, here’s what mine looks like.

As for the other colors:

…they all need skill updates.


My V!Titania is at +9, so close to getting her finished! Yours looks super good.


Haven’t seen too many of these units +10 (personal favorites of course)