Selena builds?

Since those silhouettes came out it’s reminded me of one of the few units I’ve been wanting to build for a while now…

And I was wondering what’s your thoughts on Selena (for those who have her)? Not for AR/Arena but those builds would also be great to hear from. Have been wanting another tanky sword unit and she’s one of the few units I wouldn’t mind building (plus she could always get a resplendent soon). Was thinking of making her run a EP build with DC.

Something like

With Def Smoke or Atk Smoke being options as well as Spd/Res Solo in seal or even Spurn/CC/etc

If not, I was also thinking of dual Fort Def/Res bc why not.

Or even something outside of her prf


Hmm… describing Selena’s statspread…

Generalist. Can make almost any weapon work to great effect. Superboon in HP and Atk. Any boon works, but you have my respect if you go for HP because that pairs super well with her spread and makes sense with DR.

Remember that her weapon only checks visible attack so you don’t necessarily have to spam fortresses. That said… fortress spam can work well with the def-stat based specials on either phase so that’s pretty cool.

The only inheritable sword I don’t think works out well for her is brave sword and ninja katanas… but I could be wrong.


both look good. I run this on her since it was premium at the time.


Oh yeah, I should mention that things like Atk solo still work with her since her Atk check in PRF is before combat


Yeah, the only sad thing about Selena is that she prefers Infantry Flash over Infantry Rush support. It’s not needed, but…



Awesome someone else is interested in Selena.
Currently this is what I use for her.

This build has been very helpful in general and she really still holds up despite being an old unit.


Her attack stat is only 5 higher than the lowest in the game, and while she has a 16 might weapon, it’s not quite necessary for her to have a fortress skill. Also, looking at her weapon, it’s kinda a shame, only three to all stats.


Yeah, that’s why I wanted to build her for the longest. She’s flexible for EP or PP builds. HP does look tempting but I think I might stick with Spd for now. Plus I may or may not have a L!Marth I’m not using

@Zach_Has_Cancer It’s a good thing to know. Wasn’t really sold on her C skill and Atk stat but looks like Drive Atk like how @PokehunterX has might be a solid option for her prf.


Yeah her weapon isn’t the greatest but wanted to create a build with it just to have one. Might end up sacking another Bartre also for Carrot Cudgel on another build.


Since I already have a bunch of other DC swordies, this is the build I run on mine, minus the A and B slot since I’m still waiting on Kestrel Stance 2 on any sort of demote unit. So in that aspect I can’t actually comment on how well it works yet.