Selena. IV

  • Atk
  • Spd
  • Def
  • Res
  • Neutral
  • Hp

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My Selena is currently like this.

Which one should I go for, and why?
This is intended for arena.

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+Spd so she can be in a good place for doubling, and cause +Atk counteracts her weapon. +Res is also an option though.

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I’d personally go with +Res for a more balanced mixed bulk. You can easily increase speed depending on if you’re making her player or enemy phase.

This is my build for selena,

+spd or +res are the best options
Avoid +hp cause it is useless. +atk is a superboon and with the sagitte affect of Selena’s blade it isn’t great.

Honestly I think all of these boons have their merits, though +Atk can be a bit awkward.

For me personally I’d go +Res as there are a lot of dragons in Arena.

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I believe any armor or high merged unit wont have problems having 3 more attack than selena+10 with +atk boon since she reaches 49 without flowers.
But in the other hand +spd sounds good, helping her to double her oponents anb proc her special.

I think I 'll probably stick to +speed to make her kinda shine on her best stat.

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