Seliph question

I’m gonna leave this as open ended as possible.

I’m planning on building Seliph as part of an IP team, since currently all my IP units are mages, and Ross who sucks outside PP.

So… What are some of the strongest builds for him? Is the DC Miracle Vengeance still the go to, or has the Divine Atk/Def opened any doors previously unthought of?


I run +Atk Tyrfing / Vengeance / DC / Vantage / IP / QR on him

He still works imo

I need dew for the +Atk Tyrfing since I refined for effect, but he’s solo in my formation so +Atk is better


He gets screwed over by Bolt towers either way. With vantage miracle, you’ll at least do damage to a unit.
On the other hand. Seliph gets major buff if he and his opponent have at least 50% health

Unnerved 63 attack.
I’m dumb, I think you should change Hardy bearing to Heavy blade, giving him bonfire on his follow up (unless he is getting a IP) very difficult to tank on PP, unless you prevent follow ups. On EP, he will half the first magic hit, and has incredible defense.

These are just ideas.


This is my Seliph. He could probably be tinkered with a bit to work a little better, but he does pretty well as is. Hope this helps.