Selkie and Keaton's builds for a beast team

My selkie is +Res/-Atk, The Atk bane hurts but I love her playstyle anyway. So I wonder if I should give her fury (in order to get to 44 Res out of combat and debuff more easily her enemies) or Atk/Res Solo to increase her Atk and Res but staying at 41 Res out of combat, making it less easy to debuff enemies with her B skill. Maybe I should give her Fury 3 + Desperation + Brazen atk/Res seal I don’t really know so any advice is welcome.

I also have another question : should I use Desperation instead of Sabotage Atk 3 ? I really like the debuff potential of this skill.

Then my Keaton is +Def/-Spd. I wonder if I should make him a player phase unit with death blow (maybe with desperation + Brash Assault) or give him distant counter and vantage.

Then for his special I don’t know if I should use ignis (or bonfire) to capitalize on his incredible defense or use moonbow (or glimmer) with heavy blade seal to trigger it everytime (the problem being his 52 total atk, that is not very high).

For Keaton I think both sets work (not brash assault as much). A lot of people for his play phase set build him death blow, heavy blade to get a guaranteed Ignis every time special spiral goes off. I would say that the set is pretty consistent considering he has a high attack stat unless the enemy phase guard. DC, vantage, Brazen Atk/Def is also a very good one because you end up hitting twice. This is considerably better for AR than in other modes but it’s still very good and maybe his best set because it allows him to overextend without as much worry. But I’d have to say it’s up to you. The obvious trade off is DC is not cheap