Selkie +Atk or +SPD?

I dont know what Selkie use

i know + Res is the best iv, but +atk or +spd?



+Atk all the way.

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+atk. I don’t have a Selkie, but I’m pretty sure she has middling attack, so she’d need all the boosts in attack she can get to increase her damage output. At least her weapon helps her a bit offensively when she transforms.
And she’s got plenty of speed.

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also @ShieldOfWind

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Thanks everyone <3

Alright, well Selkie can use both well.
+Atk is pretty good since she doesn’t have that good adamage output. Buuuut there’s also the fact that she can be one of the fastest units in the game, or at least the fastest beast. I personally use mine at + spd because she doesn’t get doubled by anything then thanks to her weapon. And even if there’s a weapon she goes against that nullifys garanteed follow-ups like the creator’s sword, she’ll most likely still double then. Plus, Iceburg bombs on her are truly a force to be reckoned with so in the end, her Atk won’t matter all too much.
Imo, go speed

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Definitely +ATK, her base Atk is pretty low and even though she can boost it to high levels with Foxkit Fang’s effect she stills want the boost to improve her damage output.

+SPD is overkill as she’s extremely fast already, especially with merges.