Selkie build?

Since I’ll have to wait at least another month or two for New Years Selkie’s refine, what’s a good idea for regular Selkie? Free spectrum +16 must have some sort of use

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This will help guarantee a special every combat, unless your opponent also has guard, catch would work well with with menace/threaten to give you extra stats while decreasing the enemies stats, beast follow-up guarantees the follow-up if somehow the enemy outspeeds you, it also removes the restriction to transform so that way you have access to your full passive easier.

This is more player phase oriented, in normal conditions you’ll be able to heal every initiated combat so long as you take 1 hit to get the 2 charges for moonbow to then retaliate with it. For more damage and healing, I’d suggest switching to Luna and putting heavy blade in the seal slot or running support to help hasten your cooldown.
I don’t really see a benefit to running her defensively as cavaliers have exceptional movement and access to trace skills, so in case you were wondering about a gale force build here’s one below.

As you can see, her attack isn’t very high, so it’s important to debuff the enemies speed and attack as much as possible to 1. Guarantee a follow up and 2. Proc heavy blade. Menace and Threaten Atk/SPD works great for start of turn buffs/debuffs, however if you have dance support or movement support to be able to reach enemies within the first 1 or 2 turns, I’d recommend atk smoke to debuff the entirety of the team as they’d still be pretty close together and not as spread out, debuffing their attack bolsters your defense and improves your chances of proccing heavy blade in combat. If you want to be cheeky and can afford it, you can run SPD smoke 4 for the Dodge and extra survivability in combat. After that initial combat, you’ll be buffing your speed by 6 after the initial combat and reducing the enemies speed by 7. Dodge can be nullified so keep that in mind. Atk smoke 4 also works. The effect of preventing followups is redundant with her prf, but again, reducing your enemies attack by 7 and increasing your def/res by 6 helps with survivability, along with improving your chances of proccing her prf effects based off her res, and her heavy blade effects. It also helps if you’re going against Res tanks running dragon wall, so redundant or not, they’re more than likely not running nfu so extra support can be incredibly helpful.


Here’s what I have for the 2

Still need to upgrade NY, but I plan to give her DS at least, just really waiting for her to get her refine before I give her anything new, but Atk or Spd/Res Menance would be great C slots for her since it helps giving her a 12 Res gap on the foe.