Selkie IVs

And no not the new one (unfortunately). I’ve got my old OG Selkie who’s +res. And another one that’s +atk. I plan to use her in the upcoming TT so I was wondering which people think is better.

Her current build

  • +res
  • +atk

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Most people would say +Atk… Me I’d say +Res but that’s only because of the fact that once mine is +10 and +Res she will reach 58 Res so melee ranged foe <42 she will get the +8 omni combat buff


Well ■■■■ it’s split. That’s not very helpful.

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I don’t have a Selkie, so my vote is a bit of a shot in the dark, but I’d raise her atk since it’s painfully low and her res can still be amazing, even without the boon.