Semiramis tier

Since best waifu is just around the corner, what do you think will her tier placement be? I’m thinking she’ll either be at tier 3 or 4 upon release.


Just looking at her kit again on wiki and some of her gameplay on YT, I think she might able to fit nicely into tier 3

She have a 30% NP charge, buster resistance down to enemy, mitigate class disadvantage against casters and some team def up during NP. I guess she can’t NP loop reliably because of her buster NP which means she heavily relies on bit of luck to get good cards to start looping, especially we are kind of heading towards that route


Imo she’s a weird support. Critical star costs are a huge demerit, although her skill is a LOT more powerful than Moriarty’s…assuming it doesn’t get resisted. Her first skill can help with that, but debuff resist down can be resisted…Kiara has this problem a lot.

She’s a decent support but nothing phenomenal imo. Support Assassins are tricky to begin with, and Semi would have been better off with an NP that wasn’t a straight downgrade from Caster Gil.

Once her NP gets upgraded I think her GP tier rating will climb, probably from 4 to 3. Can’t see her going into Tier 2.

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For me she’s a 4. The battery is definitely a plus, but she’s a mixed deck Assassin with one good steroid (that has to eat stars) and limited to a single wave (I assume also subject to debuff resistance).

The Buster resist down is a doozy, but I have to think of whom she’d be replacing, and I can’t see leaving Waver, Merlin, or even Nightingale on the bench to use her as a Buster support.

The way I feel about her is similar to how I feel about current-state Kiara: a lovely collection of benefits on paper, but almost perpetually a third-best option in practice.

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Garden of Babylon needs to be Garden of Avalon tier.


Semiramis will definitely fit into Tier 3 nicely with her kit.

Tier 1 for me.


Objectively, Semiramis isn’t good (I’m sorry I love her and have mats for 9/9/9 but that’s character and design, not gameplay)

She isn’t great at generating crit stars (what Assassins are meant for). Her damage AND HP are fairly low - again, with her class even more so. She has a “stronger” version of Mana Burst in that it’s 3T…but it can A) be resisted or B) you apply it to a wave, clear it with an NP, and then it’s gone. Also, that skill costs crit stars.

I see her as Tier 3 or 4. There aren’t a lot of AoE Assassins to compare her too, but if Shuten is Tier 4 and I’d say she’s all around better except for not having an NP charge, I don’t see Semiramis being too high on the list either.

AOE Assassins are mediocre because they sucks at dealing neutral damage (unless they are overloaded with steroids like Kama or upgrades like MHX), their atk stat is middling and they’re crippled by their class damage mod.

Consequently, Semiramis will never really shine as a point servant.

As a support she is niche because having your main damage amp being a debuff mean that it can only be effective only on 3 targets, it’s fine ST CQ but can be a problem for AOE CQ and farming quests, so unless the quest has some gimmick like unremovable buffs denial, you’ll rarely use Semiramis. Plus it costs 8 stars which is quite an expensive price to pay for Buster teams who can’t produce indecent amount of stars like Quick teams.

On bright side: Semiramis has a 50% battery and her NP is upgraded. This qualify her at very least a good farmer (as good as Buster servant can be).

Personally, despite being a AOE Assassin with debuff as main demage amp, I would still put her on T3 because of her NP battery and also because I’m anticipating her upcoming NP upgrade

30%, not 50%, self charge.

If it was 50% I’d have been tempted to agree. She’s locked to a Kscope or MLB Imaginary Element for T1 not any of the 50% CEs.

You can always use you know… Merlin…

Tier 4 seems like a good fit for her. She has an ok but not great kit and the star demerit very much hurts her supportive capability. Her np isn’t particularly strong and her stat set isn’t really built for damage either. She get’s a mild leg up from Shuten who is her closest competitor with her np charge but loses out on pretty much everything else. Post buff i’d consider bumping her up to 3 but no more than that.

Yeah, but that’s besides the point, bc then ANY AoE servant becomes useful because “you can always use a Waver” to top them off.

The point of having NP charge for yourself is making it so you don’t need those other guys.


Oops you’re right it’s 30%. I mixed it with her other effect.
However it doesn’t change my overall opinion. In farming context with Kscope and Waver+Merlin/Shakespeare comps she has 2T garantueed NP shot regardless if she has 50% or 30% NP battery.

Yeah, but her AoE will hit harder for only 1 of those - the Buster Resist down is good, but won’t carry over from 1 wave to the next.

You don’t rly need max dmg on each wave tbh.

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No, you don’t, but with a low attack stat in a category with a negative atk modifier, it certainly helps to have every extra bit of damage you can. And again, this can be resisted even with her 1st skill (and her 1st skill can also be resisted).

She’s JP, so I can’t use her - does she make enough stars on her own NP to be able to NP w1 and then use her skill, without outside support, to lower buster resist on w2?

Lowkey doubt it, but 2030 CE is a viable workaround.

She’s not the most self-sufficient of farmers that’s evident, but it’s not like there aren’t ways to fix the problem

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Never used her before, because, you know… I don’t play jp.
If I can say my, based on the number I see I think she is no good.
She have little to no use in standard fight, her skill are not good enought (for me) to take the place of any of the other support, or even the other aoe assassin.
The only point I can see her having is her battery.
So, let’s talk about team comp for 3 turn farming.
First off, I would not use her as the main damage dealer for wave 3. Simply not.
What would I do.
Probably a double semiramis np+ Cleopatra np ( Cleo third skill give star you can use for demo third)
So mlb kscope semi first turn, then Merlin and waver buff plus her battery for the second. Third turn use the rest of the buff for Cleo.
Could work, you only need a merlin or a waver, a mlb kscope , both cleo and semi, both high np level (cause, let’s be onest, their np damage is so bad), and a situation where simply using a berserk aoe is not enought…

Yeah… I can’t see her above t4.
No… Meaby even lower on relase.
Personally I think sherazande have more potential ( I am playing around with her for looping. She is doing fine at np2 with Tama and bride. )

Yeah meaby even t5…
No can’t be t5, she have a battery…

And that’s why I think Tier 4 is the most likely. She isn’t bad, and there aren’t a lot of options in this space (AoE assassins at any rarity are hard to come by - they’re like ST Arts Riders (I think only 2 of them still?)) and with the proper setup she’ll NP 2x in a row and do slightly better than decent damage on the 2nd. But this requires a lot of things to happen and those things, by their nature, mean you’re slightly more limited.