September Community Day speculation

In July we got a teaser for Mega Evolutions and prior to and after the teaser we saw a number of events for Pokemon with Mega evolutions. June Community Day was Weedle, Pinsir had a raid day, August Community Day was Magikarp, Latios and Latias had a raid weekend, and July Community Day was Gastly. We also had Abra Community Day in April.

My guess is September Community Day will also be a Pokemon with a Mega evolution. So which Pokemon are left?

Excluding Pokemon who have already had a Community Day (even though Niantic has made repeats available, looking at you Aura Sphere Blastoise) and regional Pokemon there aren’t many.

Aerodactyl is unlikely as it is a one stage Pokemon and has been available in raids and Research tasks for a while.
Scizor - Obviously the 3 stage Pokemon requirement is no longer a requirement for Community Day. But I don’t expect to see one for Scyther as it was recently featured in the Bug Out event.
Houndoom - Although the shiny is already released we could see a Houndour Community Day. I would expect a Fire type move. Overheat or Niantic could add Inferno to Pokemon GO.
Mawile - Unlikely as it is a one stage Pokemon.
Aggron - My best guess for September Community Day. It is a 3 stage evolution. The shiny is already available but clearly that “requirement” has gone away recently. Aggron becomes a pure Steel type when it Mega evolves so I would suspect Iron Head or Flash Cannon.
Medicham - Unlikely as it was just available during GO Fest.
Banette - A potential candidate but more likely for October to coincide with the Halloween event.
Manectric - A potential candidate but it’s already got a decent moveset and it’s not really great at PvE or PvP.
Absol - Unlikely as it’s a one stage Pokemon
Garchomp - While we would all love a Gible Community Day we just had GO Fest and Dragon Week.
Lucario - A potential candidate despite being a 2 stage Pokemon. However it’s already got a great moveset.
Abomasnow - Unlikely as it recently received a moveset update and performs quite well in PvP as a result.
Pidgeot - Laugh now but honestly would you be mad at a Pidgey CD featuring Sky Attack!?
Slowbro - Unlikely as I suspect we’ll see an event for the release of Galarian Slowpoke
Steelix - A potential candidate and Earth Power or Bulldoze would be welcome additions to the movepool.
Sableye - A potential candidate but I suspect we’ll see spawns during the Halloween event. It also has a spotlight hour tomorrow.
Sharpedo - Unlikely.
Camerupt - Unlikely.
Altaria - A potential candidate given we just had Magikarp Community Day. Plus Altaria is another Pokemon whose Mega evolution changes it’s typing. Mega Altaria is the only Dragon/Fairy type Pokemon. Moonblast is a likely move.
Glalie - Unlikely
Lopunny - Unlikely, wait for the Easter event in 2021.
Audino - Unlikely
Diancie - Unreleased

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I’ll give an opinion that I just considered: at some point Meltan CD and they re-release the long unavailable shiny


The first stage is a baby, so unlikely.

I would love a Houndour CD!

Unlikely for September but could be a candidate for later in the year (or even early next year).

Remember back when every day was like a Pidgey CD?

The most likely candidate, in my opinion.

What is an Audino?

No Gible day until after the pandemic dies down.


No Gible day ever, gotta keep some stuff special. If there was a Gible CD no one would want it any more.

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Altaria is unlikely cause it spawned so often during dragon week. Funny, Audino I also thought yesterday , but why would it…

Types we haven’t had for a long time - electric, fairy, fighting, dark, ice. So I guess it will be a one-evolution type of these.

Would bite with the Brave Bird buff in my opinion, but I wouldn‘t say no, ngl

Still hoping for that porygon CD

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My thoughts:

Scizor with Bug Buzz maybe?

Houndoom already has a pretty optimized moveset. All it needs is the mega.

Aggron doesn’t really have any moves that would make it perform better in PvP. Metal Claw would improve it slightly as a Steel-attacker in PvE with performance comparable to * inspects notes * Durant!.. :expressionless: With Rock Slide it’s performance is similar to Golem. Barring a new move being made or some weird PVP-only move (Superpower), I think Aron day is unlikely.

Manectric with Thunder Fang has quite a bit of a performance boost and its mega is slated to be the tippy top electric-type. Not unlikely to be featured sometime.

Steelix seems fairly likely…Earth Power would be a big improvement.

Camerupt could get Mud Bomb or Earthpower, don’t rule that out! :rofl:

Altaria already has decent Dragon and Fairy moves. Unless Niantic makes a new Fairy fast-move, I think Swablu day is unlikely.

tl;dr most likely to improve from a CD is Manectric.

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It’s main move (tri-atk) was found in the code not so long ago.

I’m also throwing my vote in for Porygon. It feels long overdue, and with Tri-Attack added to the code, it feels like the timing is right.


Well i dont understand this Hype for Porygon :smiley:

I dont think any move would make him useful in PvE, and another CD with PvP move( i like PvP, but not all CD should focus on it) will be quite boring. And for sure bonus will be garbage exp, which wont help either.

It would probably be for PvP. Normal types have no place in PvE. Also the shiny is nice

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Are you familiar with the anime seizure incident?

I want a Porygon Community Day. I have a Shadow Porygon Z ready and waiting but with the recent trend of Pokemon with Mega evolutions I don’t see it happening soon.

My humpy boi already has Earth Power. Unfortunately Ember kills almost all his usefulness, and currently that’s the only Fire fast move he knows and is in the game. :unamused:

Gible CD? Im down. When the time comes in like 2021, though, im sure they’ll have a froakie CD or something like that cuz greninja is the most popular kalos starter.

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nope, i played cards and watched only early, when gen 1 was in play.

This is really well thought out…

I thing Aggron makes a lot of sense, plus it’s not in huge demand which might make it more appealing “in these unprecedented times”

I would really like Steelix or Houndoom though. I feel like they’re both so close to being really good in pvp but not quite