5 million qp, to just to play a chapter? At least Vegas had the decency to pay back your wager. Thank god I did this event back in the day, cause 4 star BB ain’t worth that, I got too many servants to skill max to throw money at this shit.


5mil is that hard of a barrier?


It’s no more than an incredibly minor inconvenience. I’m down to 200 mil thanks to Appends, but this is still nothing.


That’s two runs of Rakuichi Millionaire right there.

Sorry for being poor, didn’t have the time to farm vegas much, and I tapped out almost my whole bank on Append Skills.


Apology not accepted, Zasshu!



There’s lores, tickets and 18 sq (besides some mats and exp CEs) you’re missing by not doing the MI. 5mil qp isn’t that big of a price for that stuff


Yup. 3-4 door runs if all else fails.


Normally I’d Agree, but after append skills came out my QP wallet dropped to… let me just check here… 23, 00,000. So i could spend almost a 1/3 of what I have left to play a story i’ve already done (twice) or I can save it, run doors everyday till castoria, and actually skill her up if I get her.

The lores alone though… Qp can be farmed any time… And with appends increasing the ways to need lores… Why not sacrifice a little bit of qp?


eh, I have plenty of rare prisms left over from the Great Scheherazade Catastrophe back in Agartha, I can make up 3 lores easy enough.

… And now I’ve had to remember the Great Scheherazade Catastrophe and triggered my ptsd… thanks for that… :fgo_badciv:

With all the door runs they’re going to buy lores from the lore store.


I’m of two minds on this. On the one hand 7.7M QP to buy out the shop isn’t that much, run doors for 2 full AP bars and you’ll get that. On the other hand requiring it in the first place is a puzzling design decision since it’s either nothing or enough to send someone out to farm QP in dailies in order to do the event which makes it not just a confusing design choice but a poor one as well.


Probably thought it was safe to assume masters would have qp on the heels of summer 4… Only jp didn’t have an enormous qp sink released with summer 4


My question is why charge for it at all? Why not just make them a quest completion reward just like the KP? The entire point of Main Interludes is to do just the story bits from the important events without the grinding and without the bonus rewards of the shop. So why add a potential QP grind no matter how minimal?


Its only 7.7 millions of qp right? I got like 500+ M of qp from las vegas event without using a single qp bonus CE like bella lisa or mona lisa. Even if you spend all your gains it’s only a matter of doing few runs of door and you’re good to go. 7.7 Mil qp for lores, tickets, saint quartz and mats is a very good deal.


Charging for it kind of sucks, but it’s such a piddly cost.

Aa for buying lores, I buy one every month and will always need more. Passing up three lores because of an ankle-high QP gate would be nuts.


Pretty much my point. From a game design perspective it’s baffling. Like having a curb in the middle of Olympic hurdles, the only people it’s going to trip up are the ones not paying attention, everyone else it just annoys.

Like much as every player hates artificial gates they do serve a purpose in game design whether that is to accustom players to a game mechanic through repetition, make the player sit on a plot beat to mull it over and perhaps discover additional meaning, or just give players with obsessive tendencies natural break points. But this doesn’t do any of that. The amount is paltry if you have literally any reserves and too small to provide a significant hurdle even if you have none. So it accomplished nothing save annoying the player base.


Just wow on complaining for QP.

Lores +SQ > 7M QP.

QP that can be easily earned back.


4 star bb is worth at least 10x that