SERAPH Yakudo on the 20th

More dead weeks for us.

This pretty much confirms that Ooku is gonna be post Anniv like what alot of people have been saying.

For those Kama lovers, is it good news or bad news?


Idk about Kana, but its bad news for Melt lovers


Yeah not sure why people were so desperate for Ooku to happen before 5th anni. I mean people lose their minds over a dead week. I don’t want to know what a dead month would do to them.


I wanted the quartz, Ooku gives like 50.


If you looked at the 5th anniv topic, the debate was pretty heated regarding Ooku schedule.

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I think to some extent people assumed they’d force Ooku before the anniversary to block NA from having Castoria for it, which no other server has had. However, Castoria isn’t even the biggest game balance change NA gets before the Ooku rerun thanks to the surprise coins and thus 120 and appends. I’d expect to see some NA exclusive runs of Beast III/L and the Challenge quest next month.

I can’t really see a reason for them to want to put Ooku first on a more casual level other than I guess using Kama as bait to get people to buy more quartz, but Summer 4 and SERAPH are perfectly fine at that job I’d wager.


Oh I saw it was crazy there

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That sounds like fun :fgo_insane:


Good news for me, if I have quartz left after Castoria then I’ll try to get Kama NP2.


Already have Kama NP5, just means I don’t get to do Summer Kiara rolls before going above NP2 on Castoria.

No plans to grab NP6 on Kama for appends, she’s ready coin wise for 120+2 appends. There’s no big battery ST Saber sure, but I’d rather wait and see what kind of alternative coin source comes.

Good luck and go easy this time.

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Thanks, yeah I know. I’ll just spend whatever’s left after anniversary, since I already have her. :fgo_kamaseriously:

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I’m glad Ooku comes after as I’m likely to go with the GSSR pot containing Kama and I only really want one more copy of her.


I lean to preferring Ooku before anniversary
but that’s just because life might get very hectic for me after anniv, so it’s a timing problem


Thanks, God, now I would be able to roll for Kama after Castoria, like I was planning more than a year ago!

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Not really news, unlike Ooku we knew the main interlude was going to be before anniversary

That’s great news, hopefully I get an early Kama from the GSSR.


there was always the hope for 2 dead weeks

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I need more dead weeks!


Yo full bar Kama is about to get walled like hell now. Hardest fight, so far, is about to become a joke :fgo_seibagun: