Serena/Delphox Question

Hey everyone, new player here. So, after reading up on some of the sync pairs, I decided to free pull Serena. I had heard a lot about how good her Hypnosis is, since it hits the entire enemy field, and how she’s one of the best tech characters in the game.

Except…she kinda seems awful? Like unbelievably bad. Every single fight I’ve brought her into has Lessen Sleep, usually Lessen Sleep 8, and they just snap awake in half a second. Even with the sync gauge recharge effect active from the grid, it’s just waiting until it inevitably doesn’t proc, and then the enemies just barrel down on you because they spent their naptime buffing, and blast through everyone. Even on the few times I felt like I was getting into a groove locking down the opponent, eventually I don’t get the sync gauge recharge and suddenly she’s stuck waiting too long to re-apply sleep. And these are in battles around the mid-80s that she’ll still lose. I boosted her level to 120, and she’s still having so much trouble handling fights that other teams completely stomp on at lower levels. Am I missing something? Why is Hypnosis considered useful when every enemy in the game seems borderline immune to it?


I also have Serena, but I didn’t really raised her and usually don’t use her that often lol

Idk if I’m alone on this, but I usually neglect having a tech sync pair at all on my teams, usually opting for a 2 support/1 strike team, like doing sygna suit elesa, skyla, and Archie or Blue

I think hypnosis is really popular for stalling hard fights? But I’m not entirely sure since I don’t ever use it


That’s fair. I’m still really new, so I’ve been mostly reliant on my first 5* (Caitlin), Rosa, and whoever else can fill in for a map (usually Roxanne if I’m being honest). It seems a lot easier to just bulk up and fire off attacks than it does to try and constantly monitor Hypnosis timing and hoping nothing goes wrong.

I have been playing around with Serena regardless, and I’m starting to get a better feel for the timing, but really it seems more like she just needs an ally who quickly punishes opponents while they’re asleep. She can’t wait around for buffs with the pure support. Which is tricky. I know she can be an effective Overheat nuke, and that’s what I’d like to build toward when I get her to 3/5, but until then all she can do is support and it seems a lot more limited than people made her out to be.

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Sleep is generally more powerful after enemy sync because they likely won’t buff after that. That being said I believe Serena is better with 2 supports, gauge issues are never a thing with that. You are right that sleep chaining is pretty hard, and enemy will most likely get in 1-2 moves before you sleep them again. A healer like Swanna pretty much mitigates this issue though.
Quick question though what stages are you playing against?

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To clarify before answering that, my highest levels are just under 120, and Serena was able to get the level cap unlock to that point as well. She was sitting at 119 at the time.

Initially I was testing out matches everyone was having trouble with, under the assumption she could handle it because I heard a lot of “Best unit in the game.” She did not. I chalked that up to over-reaching, and not having all the necessary tools, so I went to things my teams could clear already: lv 100 Star of the Contest, Lv 120 Solgaleo, and the sync orb and cap lock areas up through lv 120. She still could not beat them. So I kept backing down, and just could not get her to work; even when we won the difficulty of applying status would result in someone being KOd. It was just a disaster.

I’m still practicing with her, and getting better at the timing has resulted in getting her to perform on par with the others, but so far she hasn’t really outperformed what I was already doing.

I see, Delphox just doesn’t really shine in 3v3 stages where the meta is just to turbo-AOE everything with stuff like Charizard and the weather duo. Her best applications are BV because of all the sleep and trap multipliers and Legendary Arena where lack of MP moves on the opponent means landing a sleep immobilizes the entire enemy team.

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That would make sense, then. I haven’t been able to go to Battle Villa yet, still waiting for it to open, but I’ll keep testing her out and once that opens I’ll give her a shot there.