Serila copies availability


I got 1 copy of Serila from reputations after clearing the Dusty-whats-its-name stage 20 times. Now, the GP wiki event guide mentions that her other copies can be farmed from that same stage at varying drop rates.
Do we get any more copies later in the event from clearing other stages or is it the only place to get extra copies? I can only clear easy and normal difficulties, so kind of not sure if I should even bother with it.

Its the only stage that drops her. You need a total of 7 copies to fully imprint her to SSS, so you need to farm 6 more. Her drop rate is actually pretty decent, and you the stage is totally doable on harder difficulties if you just borrow a friend Luna.

Welp, after 30 runs on normal and easy, about 5 runs on hard and 2 on hell (hard and hell are easily double the CP requirement my best team currently has) got 2 copies of Serila. Too bad this stage doesn’t drop any event currency, so not sure if I should bother with the remaining 5 copies or leave her at B-rank and move on to farming currency.
In any case, thanks for clarification.