Serious team help needed

I’m still kinda new to FGO and I need some help.So I’m kinda stuck right now in terms of team strength. Currently I’m in the Camelot singularity(around part 12)and I’m having a really rough time dealing with the bosses and I’m wondering if my current lineup is good enough for the rest of Camelot and beyond and if not, who should I be looking at getting? Here’s what I’m working with

Any help would be appreciated.

For the purposes of purely clearing this Camelot solo compilation will give you all the help you need. For that all you need are a L1 George and Leo, and to take a bit of time to patiently learn the gimmicks of the boss fights.

Otherwise, give priority investment to Robin and Euryale for various Sabers, Caesar for the Lancer fights (and a weird Archer fight), David for anti-Saber and team support in Charisma and Harp of Healing, as well as rounding off your EMIYA. Fujino would not be a bad idea either but her mats are markedly prohibitive on top of not even being fully accessible to you right now. For the Caster/Rider fights you can borrow Ridertoki, if not simply train up your own Ushi and Cursed Arm Hassan, those are actually some of the easier fights in this Singularity.

Counter-classing is king and your best friend.


use this

level ur servant first, i recommend to level them upto 3rd - 4th ascension, especially robin and euryale since they will help you clear gawain later and use your command spell if necessary. otherwise borrow a grailed herc with bond ce to bash through it.

tamamo cat
since alot of knight are mixed class a good aoe berserker can help you clear them easier.

max this guy. his skills after straightening quest is so good. use this when fighting saber, berserker and archer knights to maximize his np brave chain then crit the remaining knight the next turn.

kid gil.
his np really save my ass with mash. NP damage debuff really do wonders against mordred.

this dude nukes down saber that have poison debuff. really good against saber spriggans

charm-locking gawain is a pleasure I have missed. she can easily shut down that gorilla with the right team.

fat ceasar
a single target np can help you clear lancer knights.

her single target NP will help you against ifreeta.

I really wonder how do i even get pass camelot before?:fgo_alterasanta:

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If u want to finish it as soon as possible, I’d suggest solo videos on YouTube as i myself soloed whole camelot as i was in need of quartz. I basically used friend’s cu alter and grailed euryale (cause i don’t have her). The hardest fight was with that demon pillar amun ra for which i used sanzang which is a recommended support and their is command spell to always help u. Aside for that u can basically solo whole camelot, and i also used leonides and george for the enemy target skill which is quite useful.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. Sorry for the late response, but I got busy with some work. I will definitely work on euralye, Robin, and ceaser. Also, I’ll keep a look out for the servants you guys mentioned. As for emiya, I will continue to work on level him as well. Follow up question: how good is tamamo cat in the later game? She’s been my best servant throughout the game(mainly because my luck with summons is terrible) and I was just curious.

Late game wise, she’s mostly relegated to farming mats in event nodes. But that demerit which stuns her after her NP is a minus points to most. Her upcoming skill buff fixes this however as it applies debuff immunity on her. Basically immunity debuff then NP = no stun.

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Cat isn’t terribly exciting and long-term isn’t terribly terrific either. There’re multiple reasons for this.

For starters, she’s meant to be played as a weirdly bulky offensive DPS. You know, Morph, 3-7K HP/regen for 3T. Unfortunately she is a Berserker, and one with only soft defense and not any hard defense (e.g. Protection from Arrows, Battle Continuation, Invuls), meaning she has no hard protection from enemy NPs and a sufficiently buffed up boss of any class can yeet her dead. Making matters worse, she’s (currently, that gets fixed this Anni) punished for using her NP. The hard defense also gets fixed, specifically this NY, by way of giving her an invul attached to her Curse (which is currently something that matches the ~lore~ with Tamamo (Caster) but does not at all mesh with her kit). To boot, right now her damage is rather mediocre, although support Caster Scathach-Skadi dropping this Anni will amp her up with Quick steroids and a 50 charger, a wonderful companion for her.

That all said, she’s still a bulky AOE Berserker and that’s not exactly a niche that’s very in-demand so-to-speak, because it’s always safer - if you care at all about the “most efficient play” or whatever the junk - to simply quickly delete enemies and she still has sub-par steroids and stiff competition as a bulky Zerker (Cu (Alter), Vlad in a sense in his optimal comps, Heracles), because she’s still going to get hit at x1.5 damage by everyone. That and, well, units like Herc and Culter are still outstanding at their jobs, able to handily and respectively clean up or solo in various hard content (e.g. Culter’s soloing various Gilfest CQs). She’s markedly better at what she does after no longer being punished for using her NP and getting some hard defense to stack up multiple sources of survival.

Making matters worse, as mentioned, her damage isn’t too hot due to minimal in-kit buffs. Offensively she’s outclassed by Fran for raw nuking at every possible level or point of comparison, and in terms of NP refunding/NPing multiple times post-Skadi (or even now for more fleshed out rosters), Zerkerlot is handily one of the best units and far superior to her with his NP Gen Up and powerful 3T crit amp and NP that hits a lot of times on top of not needing to work around a self-Stun. She’s just… not someone that excels in any particular niche, unless you include the one that kind of doesn’t matter at all.

That all said, if you like her or even love her, keep using her. Game, particularly the main story (especially as it is right now), is not that hard and is meant to tilt you towards playing with favorites. “Meta” and “efficiency” only matters if you at all care about it, otherwise it’s just a time-saving thing that exists and stuff. I’ve seen her used in CQs just fine, just gotta play to her strengths and minimize her weaknesses as anyone else after all.


Fixed that for you.


I just want to say that, your posting that highly detailed, well-reasoned, multi-paragraph response that essentially could be boiled down to, “Meh, she’s alright” makes me feel a strong kinship with you.

Solidarity my fellow long-winded friend!


Yeah, I’ve noticed from playing with her that she can struggle a lot against boss fights(which is where I have problems) and that stun on her np has certainty bit me in the butt a couple of times. Also, her lack of survivability has not been fun, but I can sometimes deal with that by using mash. It’s just unfortunate that she’s my best character in terms of dps.

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Btw, I appreciate the well thought out response tetragoner.

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Lol, whoops. Yes, thanks.

Haha, if someone’s new I especially think I might as well try to cover my bases and all. You know where I’m coming from, surely. Especially when competition is as stacked as with Cat, sadly.

Happy to help.

Also, in terms of “best character”: You at least have future Guaranteed SR campaigns to look to to help you pick a convenient unit, ideally one that’s both strong and got the character loyalty going on. Next one presumably this Nov, or thereabouts.


I’m looking forward to it and thank you to everyone else who gave me some tips. It’s good to know that there are people who are willing to help.

I will reiterate the point that your servants as a whole are under leveled for Camelot. Emiya and Euryale are good options to focus on. Also make sure your friends list has plenty of level 80-90 servants and a few Merlins. Given how new you are it isn’t unexpected that you will need strong supports to carry you through late game stories.

If you need/want help going through the story and are interested in soloing in any measure, drop me your FC and I’ll throw up whomever for whatever (e.g. Euryale/Archuria/Chloe for Gawain solo), long as you let me know.

What level would you recommend my servants be?

Will do

I would also be happy to add you to my list. I probably don’t have as stacked a roster as Tetragoner, but I have all 3 of the big support casters, as well as level 100 Musashi and Nero, the latter of which is a very capable soloist.

Generally speaking, you’d need a full roster of level 70+ servants and NP3+ at least for 3*s to be competitive, especially if you maxed out key servants like Mash, Euryale, and David. Camelot, Babylon, and Solomon are a big step up in terms of difficulty and boss gimmicks, so your roster power has to ramp up correspondingly as well.

That said, you can rush through as well either with powerful solo servants from your friend support list, or with taunt lines (Mash, Georgios, Leonidas, and/or D’Eon). I rushed two alt accounts through part 1 during 1/2 AP campaigns with just level 35 Mash, level 45 Georgios, and level 45 Leonidas. But you’ll need to consult a walkthrough to see the enemy lineups beforehand so you can counterpick with a powerful friends list DPS for every battle.

You can also exploit an anchor friend Heracles with his bond 10 craft essence for nearly every battle (aside from the recurring burning/poison/degen ones). Personally I don’t recommend this route since it gets a bit stale, though I did use it for Goetia on both alts :fgo_illya:

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Here’s my code if you’re willing: 847,356,864