Servant analysis Achilles vs Odysseus

Between Achilles and Odysseus, who is the better overall rider?

Odysseus, possibly until Quick gets its new support, then we may need to reevaluate.


My vote goes to Achilles. I don’t have the gundam guy.

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I prefer Odysseus, both have below avg np gain but he can remove buffs and buff everyone while making other supports go away. Though my Odysseus is maxed out np and skillwise, so I am biased but I can 3 turn and solo with by boi so I like him more:) Achilles was one of my first SSR’s when I started actually spending money on this game, but nowadays if i’m using a quick rider it’ll be Antoinette, and it’ll probably be douman in the future(not a rider but he’s a better option anyway). If he’s your guy don’t even roll for the other servants so my opinion won’t even matter.



I assume you are referring only to direct NP refund, because Odysseus’ cards are incredible. His NP refund is merely okay. Far from bad, but not good enough for easy universal refund.