Servant Class that Love & Avoid You

Looking through your roster of servants, which class of gold servants tends to come to you more frequently and which class avoids you like the plague? For me, Casters are the ones that filled up the most of my banner. Most of the gold caster I didn’t try to get yet they spook me on other rate up banners.

Assassins is the class I have the least with Shuten being my only SSR. Couldn’t never get Jack, Hassan, Cleopatra, and Semiramis on their rate up banners.


For 5 stars it’s definitely assassins for the most (4, technically 5 due to NP2) and berserkers the least (1). In general, gold berserkers avoided me for a long time, but more recently they’ve gotten up to more reasonable numbers to match the rest (still want to get Fran though). Don’t have too many gold archers either, hope to get some more of those like Tomoe and Chiron in the future.

Saber frequently me… i have 5 SSR saber and 3 is NP2.

Avengers and Foreigners hate me…

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I have every SR Assassin in the game.

My SSR Casters are weak(Only Tamamo) Despite rolling for almost of them, even then Tamamo came along while I was rolling for Cu Alter.

lancers try their best to avoid me while casters surround me

I rolled hard and hardest for both foreigners. Got broke aiming for AOE NP2 and no foreigner. Will wait for welfare foreigners and try my luck again on next banner.

Three Caster , three archer, one saber one assassin, two berserker, one rider, one foreigner, one avenger, no lancer…

Lancers love me. Not only in NA, but in JP. I have 3 SSR Lancers, one of them np2, and a bunch of SR Lancers that just keep coming my way. I only actually rolled for Enkidu, so the rest, GSSR and spooks. In JP I have 2 SSR Lancers, and all SR Lancers except for like three of them. I just never had a problem with fielding Lancers.
I guess Sabers love me quite a lot too, but I only have Mordred as SSR, and then just almost every SR Saber. All of them were spooks, even Mordred. I never rolled for a Saber except Nero, who I failed.

The class that most avoids me is, to this day, Riders. No SSR Rider, and 3/5 SR Riders I own are welfares. Good ones, but welfares. I wonder if rolling for Achilles will break my bad luck with getting ssr riders… I tried rolling for Ozy and Medb but failed.

Let’s see… I have to take out of consideration those I actually whaled for… Ok

I have 5 5* saber, all spook, and musashi np2 came with 15 sq.

I have a few lancer , 3 Bryn in 2 account, enkidu, karma, np2 eresh…
I have 6 ssr Archer, 6 ssr rider, 2 ssr assassin
8 ssr caster and many Sr at np5 or close (caster Gil, nursery time, nito, Helena Sheba caster Marie …)

Yep, caster love me.

Berserk less, I only have 2, and few sr.
But you know, they must be intimidated by the mad dog king himself

It seems Casters are overly affectionate to most players.
I’m no exception: out of six SSR I summoned (seven counting a NP2) three were Casters.
SR are a bit different: I’m an Archer magnet. I actually considered changing my IGN to Artemis because I’ve summoned enough Archers to reform the freaking Hunt.

As for who avoids me: Lancers.
It’s not even a contest. They treat me like the plague.
In over two and a half year I summoned two SR Lancers… and one of them was on the Lancer Class banner. Which is quite sad considering Lancer is my favourite Class. :fgo_nitocry:

EDIT: Actually, I forgot I also summoned Ana… thrice… but screw her, I burned her instantly. :fgo_jaltersmug:

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Predictably, SSR Casters are overrepresented in my Chaldea. I say “predictably” because Merlin, Waver, and Tamamo were a given; then there’s Ilya, Da Vinci, Sanzang, and Scheherazade hanging around, the latter two I keep getting spooked by.

I do have a surprising number of SSR Sabers considering that it’s my least favored class and that I rarely roll on any kind of Saber banner (the Shiki event banner being an exception).

Lancers love me, I think. I have 2 SSRs lancers and a bunch of SRs, that is the reason I dont have Lancer gems. >.>

I only have Gramps and Kiritsugu for Assassins class, not counting the welfare. :fgo_ereshdistress:

I still don’t have any SSR Lancers or Berserkers…

AFTER 671 DAYS. :fgo_insane:


Definitely Casters for me too, somehow they always seem to come to me with almost no effort and between spooks and rolls at this point the only two i lack are Sanzang and Marie Summer.

Hopefully this kind of “luck” with this class will stay until Skadi.

As for the class that avoids me i’m not sure, i guess Assassins? But then again most SSRs are limited and i never really rolled for them for lack of interest. Currently i only have Jack, Shuten and Semiramis.

Archers, Casters, and recently Berserkers love me. I used to only have 1 SSR at all for a long time (Hijikata) but now I have 3 SSR Berserkers (got lucky with summoning Raikou and Kintoki). I even have Zerkerlot and TamaCat now so I can finally field a full team of gold zerkers if I wanted to.

Most Casters except for the big supports (other than Tamamo now) like me. I’ve got Sanzang, Scheherazade, Tamamo, and some really good 4* like Helena, Circe, CasGil, and Nursery.

Archers as a class are just plentiful, which might be why I have a lot of them. I only have Gil and Moriarty for SSRs, but so many 4* like Emiya (my starter), Emiya Alter, Atalante, Helena Archer, Tristan, and Tomoe; not to mention my welfare Santa Altera.

The classes that tend to avoid me seem to be Rider and Assassin. I have no SSRs in either class. Until Shiki came along, I only had 4 gold Assassins, one of which was Stheno.

I still only have 4 gold Riders, but the two welfares (Rider Kintoki and Rider Ishtar) perform so well that together they’re almost a 5*. So performance-wise I have no issues with them.

For the longest time the class that felt like it was avoiding me like the plague was Saber. Thankfully that changed and now I have some good options in that class.

Unfortunately my rotten luck with them seems to have transferred to Casters. The only Caster I’ve rolled for and got was Da Vinci. All others I got were spookies or choices from the free ticket. Hopefully my luck with them will improve by the time the Waver banner comes back.

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In terms of gold units, Saber class units endless flock to my Chaldea. I have 16 gold sabers (including repeats), which is greater than all of my gold servants combined. Alter Egos and other extra class servants also love me, having all extra classes in my Chaldea.

Lancers hate me at gold levels, and I have gotten no gold lancers, but every non-gold lancer is NP5.


In my case, 3 sabers (Artoria NP2 , Altera and Nero Bride), 1 archer (Orion NP2), 3 lancers (Bryn, Enkidu and Karna), 2 riders (Ozy and Broskandar), 4 casters (Waver, Merlin, Nero and DaVinci), 2 assassins (King Hassan and Osakabehime), 2 berserkers (Cu and Vlad), 1 ruler (Amakusa) and 1 avenger (Dantes).
So yeah, I think casters have a stronger affinity with me. I can’t summon foreigners and alteregos to save my own life LOL. Not only that, I have been trying to summon Jeanne in every available banner since the game was released and still nada.


I tend to attract Assassins and Sabers while Riders tends to avoid me (Drake being the only SSR rider I got and that was in the gssr lol).

Not to me. To sum up my current situation:

I’m drowning in an ocean of Saber class and Lancers/Cavalry/Extra hate me with a burning passion and will continue to avoid me until the end of time