Servant Design Contest

In honor of the Kara no Kyoukai collaboration event, I thought it would be fun to do the first Servant design contest, with the theme being other Kara no Kyoukai characters. You can get as detailed as you want (the more detail the better!). We can then have a poll to vote (single or multi choice) to see who has the best design.

Example entry:


Welfare SR Archer Ciel



Normal attack animations use her Black Keys. NP is her Seventh Sacrament.

NP - removes defensive buffs (activates first); bonus damage to Evil and Demonic enemies (increases with overcharge)

Skills 1: Exceptional Potential - Increase own Arts Card effectiveness (1 turn).
Increase own Quick Card effectiveness (1 turn).
Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (1 turn).

Skills 3: Insatiable Appetite (Curry): Recovers HP for one ally. Remove debuffs from one ally.

Skill 3: Seventeenth Incarnation - Apply Guts to self (3 times, 5 turns); Apply HP regen per turn (5 turns)

Base Ascension

Second/ Third Ascension (third adds the painted tattoos)

Final Ascension


Anyone interested? This thread is just to gauge interest. The actual contest thread would go up later.


You made it pretty well ,i always have wanted to have another member of the Holy chursh is Fate go


I like designing servants, but I’m not too familiar with KnK, so I’ll just see what other people come up with.


Arcued Assassin class ,or maybe Berserker like in extra
First or second ascention

Thirth ascention
Final ascention

I don’t know a lot about tsukihime so this is all i can do for her

As a member of the Holy chursh Ciel could have presence concealment as a pasive

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So how about if se desidn a skill set to Perseus? our Successful Shinji
First ascention the masked one

the thirth one ,the full armored one

I’ll take up the challenge!

I give you the list of his NP’s?

That’s okay. I’m already familiar with him. I’ll see what I come up with.

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Ok do your best :fgo_ereshlove:

I decided Perseus should be a boss killer, given his claim to fame being his fight against Medusa. He’d also well as a soloist. Based on his Noble Phantasms’ abilities and his function as boss killer, he ends up with a lot of hard defense and staying power through his skills while being able to quickly get off his Noble Phantasm with NPAA chains. With that in mind, here’s what I came up with:

Perseus - SSR Rider


Immortal Slaying Scythe, Harpe - Deals strong damage to a single enemy. Removes Guts (activates first); bonus damage to Divine enemies (increases with overcharge); inflicts HP effectiveness down for 5 turns (% down increases with overcharge)

Skill 1: Reflectance Shield - Apply Debuff Immune to self (3 turns) and Increase DEF (3 turns)

Skills 2: Underworld Mantle - Apply Target Focus to all other allies (1 turn). Gain Critical Stars.

Skills 3: Talaria Flight - Apply Evade (3 times) & Apply Sure Hit to yourself (3 turns)

Base Ascension/Second Ascension (second removes the mask)

Third Ascension

Alt Costume


Wow you are pretty good at this,the kit soungs great too

Thanks! :grin:

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Nice design! I haven’t tried designing him since we seem to have confirmation that he’ll show up in FGO in the future (Well, I designed a version of Proto Gil, but that was before I found out he’s in a similar situation as Perseus).

As for other Greek heroes, I’ve partially designed Theseus, I suppose I could sort out his skills to finish that one off. Though like Heracles he’s kind of an all-rounder, so he could qualify for several classes. Let me know if you’re interested in either of these and I’ll be fine with sharing them here.


Sure, I’d like to see anything you’ve got.