Servant Family?

So with the current event going on, we interact with the Goldie and Violet families that are represented with Servants as family members and have a really interesting dynamic with each other. So while I sit here on the toilet, contemplating what I ate and why it hates me…

Are there any servants that could be in a family together and represent the members of the family? And how would they interact?! What would their story be?!

Like for example:

Blonderson Family
Dad - Gil Caster
Mom - Arturia
Eldest Kid - Sakata Zerker
2nd Kid - Jeanne
3rd Kid - Billy

Blonderson Family

Gil always working too hard, not enough time for family being a CEO and all,
Arturia was married to Gil to bring together their company, tries to give time to kids and family but still busy,
Sakata, due to the lack of attention from parents, he’s become very rebellious but still very caring of his siblings to a fault even (using violence against those that mistreat them)
Jeanne understands her big bro so she does her best at school to lessen the burden of her family, she gets bullied due to her parents enemies
Billy is still very young and lonely, hence very mischevious and plays pranks to attract attention


I present you, the Dysleitourgikós family.

The dad is Achilles, who is a free spirited professional racer. Unfortunately, while he is successful, he spends so much time and money on his vehicle and gear that he is estranged from his family. His wife, Atalante, is a devoted housewife who dearly loves their children, but the way Achilles has drifted away from her makes her frustrated, and to deal with this, she lives a second life after dark, where she secretly works as a dominatrix in a club, where she is known as the Lioness. They have two children. Their older kid, Paris, is a nice boy, but because of troubles at home, he spends a lot of time at his Uncle Hector’s place. Their younger kid, Jack, is very attached to Atalante and behaves really well at home, but in school she is known as dangerous delinquent, and the way she steals other girls’ lunch money earned her the nickname “The Ripper”. To further complicate things, there are rumors of Achilles’ spurned college girlfriend, Penthesileia, coming back to town, and as a CEO of a powerful company, she has both the incentive and the means to pick a fight with the man.


Ahah, that’s quite an interesting cast of servants you got. Awesome family I have to say :rofl:

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