Servant Indecision Paralysis?

Curious if anyone else feels this - recently I’ve been lucky enough to develop a pretty fleshed out roster, good SSR and SR luck, and I find myself stuck on who to actually play consistently. Outside of my farming comps, I feel like I lock myself in out of obligation for bond points sometimes, and like I have so many servants I wanna use but can’t pick between, or some just get forgotten about sadly.

Anyone else feel this? If so, please bond with me through shared misery haha😂


I create a few different permanent parties and screenshot them in case they get completely changed to maximize event bonuses.

That way I get to play with multiple lineups and class combinations instead of just the same DPS and 2 supports. Backslot servants for bond farming get rotated as they each hit a benchmark and give me SQ, Gapples, etc.


Whenever I look through my servants sorted by bond level, I’m usually pretty surprised by who has high and low bond. A lot of year one servants I haven’t used in ages are all like bond 8 because they were just about the only option to use as a newbie. Then a lot of newer servants I love using are often barely bond 6 because I have so many optimized choices that their specialty doesn’t come up enough to get higher bond more quickly.


A few servants require a surprising amount of bond points for each level, too.


Oh yeah, definitely noticed that too. Servant A, just hit bond 6, 250k points to 7. Servant B, 1/3 way through bond 6 and still needs 300k points to 7.


I organize by favoritism and bond needs, like many others here.

Getting everyone to bond 5 for profile and voice unlock is easy, so I do that first.

Lately I’ve been running a full bond party with my top eventual lvl 120 candidates featured so that they can work steadily towards bond 15. The beauty of having Arjuna Alter among them is that he can carry a superscope while everyone else carries bond gain CEs, and all FQs are easily doable even if they take 4-6 turns.

In most events I prioritize by any Servant drop bonuses, then by favorites.

In lottery I backline Arjuna Alter since he’s my top bond target and do whichever 3T comp is most convenient with the highest drop bonus.


It always comes down to what I value more at the time. If I have little time and I just want to burn through my AP or finish a node ASAP, I’ll use my meta-teams, which at the moment usually means DSS Dantes going Brrrrr!
However, when I have the time and actually want to play the game for a change, I often break out some of my old favorites, especially on really low-difficulty stuff like Ember dailies or door-knocking.

This is also the reason why, during events, I always use teams full of event servants, even if they only get a small damage boost. Events just give me so many opportunities to use all the servants I rarely get to play around with, and it’s probably a major part of the reason why I’ve yet to get burned out of FGO.


I generally choose the servants to use based on the event bonuses, then i build my teams around them and the backline is for bond points.

Outside of events i use my favorites.


If I understand correctly:
3SR servant is approximately 1,35M bond points from bond 1 to 10.
4SR = 1,5 M
5SR = 1,65 M

So it should balance in the end, even if lets say it take 400k from lv 6 to 7 for a specific servant.


But yeah to answer the topic, this is a whale curse. So many good (even great) servants left to rot because of … efficiency.


Probably does balance, but surprised there isn’t more balance even between level on a servant. Altera, for example, was <100k to reach bond 6 that I was able to harvest easily. Then level 7 jumped to >400k :confounded:. Why not ~250k each?


Also because of not having unlimited party slots or cost tbh. I counted over two dozen SSRs I barely ever use, and then there are all the SRs and other lower rarities.

Lots of Servants to like, but only so much natural AP in a day and only so many places to slot them.


I remember being shocked at Tesla’s 400k+ bp requirement back in 2018, I simply couldn’t process the huge bp requirement at that point of time.

As for the topic, I generally have 2 BBs on my team even during events except ones like summer 3 where servants give event bonus and hard CQs, summer BB is always on the frontline for almost all the time, she’s 300k away from bond 13… Basically for almost 2 whole years she’s been on my frontline :fgo_bbsmile:

Og BB generally has a hard time farming so she’s generally in the backline but she’s pretty useful when I go blind into interludes and such. Also I love her CQ utility very very much.

Due to all of those restrictions I’ve kept on myself, I generally pick a counter class option for any farming, and a friend support, usually matching the counter class servant. I’m thinking of changing that playstyle when I reach bond 14 on both of them but that’s still quite a while away.


Yep party cost means optimizing your bond refund. Most of my 2 stars servants are bond lv 7. Caesar and Benkai are lv 8, and I must have spammed their np twice in four years? :grimacing:


The ironic part is I’m not even a whale :joy: if anything small dolphin or minnow every now and again but mostly f2p (outside of NP levels for Jarcher, cuz Jeanne supremacy​:ok_hand:t2:)

Definitely understand that though, sucks feeling like you have a servant that would be SO GOOD if only you didn’t have this other one that is more efficient or effective at its job.


Ah, a fellow man of culture bringing BB (mine is grailed to 90) to battle :ok_hand:t2:


It’s a curve, and it can be concave up or concave down. If I understand correctly that all Servants of the same rarity end up with the same total, then think of it as the Servant’s feelings toward the Master: do they start out cold and later warm up to you, or are they fairly open to approach in the first place and just take time and experience to get meaningfully closer to?

I think the spread on this is simply a matter of artistic choice for the Servant; for instance, I believe I remember Salter and Gorgon being among the big numbers at first. Maybe I’ll poke at a few and see if there’s any consistency with things like alignment.


Poked at some data on the bond curves here.


My way is to just swing between two mentalities depending on my mood. One is to farm with whoever without worrying about bonds. Another is to focus on farming servants who have less than 90k, and look forward to the quartz.

That way, I either have something imminent to look forward to, or just completely numb.

Because I have no general rules, my rosters are a hot mess. But you can’t spell hot mess without hot.


I’m the same. If there a sufficiently important banner I will stuff my team will a full complement of 100k or less till sq level and replace with the next closest when level up occurs. What I farm is dependent on what enemies I can conceivably beat without being too long of a battle.

But after that frenzy I’ll deplete all 100k or less servants and I’ll completely ignore bond levels for a month or two and pick backline servants almost randomly.

I’m currently at the tail of a bond frenzy, just extracted sq from Hiji, Enkidu, Ash, Cesar, Asclepius and almost Atalante. Should give me just enough sq to reach a bonus roll on the Camelot banner tomorrow.