Servant missing?

So i was looking for caster gil to put in my event party and cannot find him…is this bug or something?..i remember i never burn 4* servant

Change your filter to default, maybe he’s hidden.
And dont forget to lock your servants.

Second Archive maybe.
You should use Event servant filter

It is more easy than one can think to burn a servant for error.

Whenever i do burn things for exp or prisms, i always double check.

In fact in the past i was close to burning a SR for error.


Check filters and second archive, as mentioned.

Not if you consistently lock them.

I know, i learned from experience: as i said, i almost burned a few of them in the past.

But to be careful to always lock them, is something that should not be taken for obvious.

Most of players do that, but there are always the lazy ones or simply players who do not think about the possible consequences that “forget” to consistently lock their servants

True, I’ve seen some terrifying images from newer players with unlocked golds.

But most important: have you changed your image @Tetragoner ?

What happened to Jeanne?

Just had a chat with scathach and left with a spirit origin change and a swimsuit

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It’s still Jeanne! I changed in celebration of her not only coming home so early but also becoming NP3 (I made a post on it in the roll thread).

I see @Mysty , Summer affect everyone.
Even forum users change their spirit origins.

Oh, i get it now. It’s Dolphin Jeanne.

Well, congratulations! I truly envy you, you know? I would be content even with only a NP1.
Hope you’ll enjoy her in this summer event, NP3 must be really strong!

Good job


Thanks!! Yep, NP3 Summer Jeanne, NP2 Dantes, and more were the result of several hundred of saved SQ (and one SQ injection). A good roll session. :fgo_ereshlove:


Had i saved, maybe i would have been able to share your joy with a Summer Jeanne too.
But since i had poor judgement, i have to wait 1 year now.
Well, at least i got a banana oni, summer version. She’s a nice servant.

Violent attacks, loud shouts, flashy animations. I love it. Banana oni is a good troublemaker

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Have you checked the underworld?

At least you didn’t lose an Assassin, that Presence Concealment can make things difficult.

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Do you know if you have 1 more RP than you should have?

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‘Selected’ is a common cause for hidden servants

I might’ve accidentally used a stheno for exp, thinking she was her other “self”, but I’ve never once come close to doing this in over 3 years of playing

I’ve mailed fgo support and they mentioned that i burn him for summer nero…guess he is the price for getting umu