Servant Question for Upcoming Events

I have these servants
Would you recommend me to skill up ibaraki and Rama?
Or do you think my team is already good enough?
If they will make a huge impact I am willing to invest on them (I have never used them before) for sake of supporting friends.

Would Rama make huge different compared to Musashi 10/10/10?

Cu Alter Np2 6/10/10
Mama Np1 5/10/10
Ibaraki Np2 5/3/4

Ishtar Np2 10/10/10
Chloe lvl90 1/6/6

Musashi Np1 10/10/10
Rama Np1 1/1/1

Kintoki Rider lvl 90 8/6/6

Vlad Extra lvl90 10/4/8

well not really since rama is like a 4star nerfed version of musashi.
The same can be said about ibaraki when compared to cu alter.
I would suggest leveling other servants