Servant recommendation for JP (Arts if possible)

Hi, I’m new on JP and I have the fortune of having Castoria.
But for those that have more expertise on JP I want your advice about on which servant I should focus on enhanced.
As long as I have Caster Artoria I think is better to focus on Arts teams.
NOTES: I finished till Solomon with no problems. I have limited resourses because is nearly new account so the skill level will be a problem and I will try to focus on Caster Artoria Skills.

My leveled servants.
Caster Artoria (lvl 80) (work in progress)
Ruler Artoria (AoE) (lvl 90)
Mash (lvl 80)
Arash (archer - ST) (lvl 60)
Hokusai (saber - ST)(lvl 80)
Jason (saber - AoE)(lvl 60)
Lanling Wang (saber)(lvl 70) (work in progress)
Consort Yu (Lancer - ST) (lvl 80)
Meltlilith (lancer - AoE)(lvl 80)
Okita (assassin - AoE)(lvl 80)
David (archer - ST) (lvl 70)
Bryn (Zeker - AoE) (lvl 70) (work in progress)
Mandricardo (rider - ST) (lvl 70)

Gold lvl 1 servants
Siegfried (Saber) - I have Jason
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (Saber) - I have Hokusai
Munenori (Saber) - I have Hokusai
Sazuka (Saber) - I have Jason
D’Eon (Saber) - This could be useful for the taunt
Nezha (lancer) - I have Meltlilith
Vlad (lancer) - I have Consort Yu
Ibaraki (zeker) - I could use Salome that would be cheaper and have more sinergy with castertoria
Passionlip (alter ego) - This could be useful for the taunt

Some 3*, 2* and 1* servants (all lvl 1)
William Tell (ST Arts archer)
Robin hood (ST Arts archer)
Euryale (ST Arts archer)
Medusa (AoE Rider)
Paracelsus (AoE Arts caster)
Medea (ST Arts caster)
Chen Gong (AoE Arts caster)
H Serenity (ST Arts assassin)
HFH (ST Arts assassin)
Charlotte Corday (ST Arts assassin)
Salome (ST Arts Zeker)

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Any Art can problably do very well. Typically Hokusai Saber is good to go I think.

Probably Robin Hood for more damage out of Archer. You will presumably be using a lot of Lanling, Hokusai, and Meltilith. So I guess I would prioritize their skills. Paracelsus might help with some of the other arts servants that cannot naturally loop. Those are the only real standouts that might help a bit, imo.

I guess a lot of people recommend leveling Eurayale for the Lostbelt. So maybe her over Robin if David is more or less doing his job.

This is my problem I really dont know who s better betwen Tell, Robin and Euryale as ST archer.

Other example is Salome I have never used her so I realy dont know how she will work with Caster Artoria compare with Ibaraki. (of course is unfair comparation 4* VS 2*) but I’m looking a budget team because I have limited resourses and low time to farm because I prioritise the NA server.

for the assassin I think I will go with HFH because I know how she works

From what I see you should be good to go in terms of Arts Servants.
I would definitely prioritize the skills of Hokusai and Meltryllis after Arturia. Also maybe focus on leveling Munenori next, as a second ST Arts Saber option. He is one of the very best 4* Sabers after all.

Of a gameplay perspective, Hundred Face Hassan would be the best choice for Assassin to raise, seeing how you don’t have a raised ST option against Riders yet.
And obligatory Robin and Euryale recommandation. Both are top R Servants.

And, out of experience, Salome is quite hard to enable, even with Arturia. With her 2* Stats and her third skill that removes all her defensive buffs… as a Berserker!
Personally, if I’m concerned about gameplay, I’d probably prioritize Ibaraki.