Servant recommendations for new servants

Hello, I am looking for some advice (I think). I have been playing FGO for 50 days now and I still feel like my servant roster is a bit underdeveloped. Can you please give me some advice one what banners to save up for in the future, thanks!

Seem to be doing great for 50 days played, in my estimation. Just take a gander at any of the myriad “who should I level” posts to plan your material checklist, then pour over the future banners over the next year and pick no more than four SSRs you really like to roll for. You should be good to go.

Solid roster already, make sure you don’t neglect other 1-3* Servants though. Keep leveling who you’re already making progress on, and you’ll do great. As for future banners, take a look ahead and find anyone you might like that you’d be willing to roll for. You can also aim for dupes of your current SRs/SSRs if you really want to.
Oh, and you may want to lock your Servants so you don’t accidentally feed/burn them.

If you want more servant… I recommend waver

Other servant that can help you a lot is Berserker Lancelot

For leveling up, Arash, Euryale, ushiwakamaru is good budget unit that need not neglect