Servant Redesign Thread

This is a bit of a spinoff of the Servant Design Thread:

The main difference is that in the Servant Design Thread you make servant designs for characters that aren’t servants yet or are alternate forms of servants in other classes or with different concepts, whereas this thread is for redesigning existing servants on a larger scale than can be accomplished with skill/NP buffs.

The sorts of changes would be: changing the NP type and abilities or even swapping NPs, changing their cards, adding/changing passive skills, or changing/replacing active skills

Here’s an example to show you what I mean:

Shakespeare Redesign


NP: First Folio
InflIct Confusion and Terror and Despair (mental debuff with chance to inflict NP seal each turn) on a single enemy for 5 turns
Decrease defense of enemy for 5 turns (OC)

Skill 1: Enchant
Increase an ally’s attack (10% to 30%) for 3 turns
Increase an ally’s crit strength (30% to 50%) for 3 turns
Increase an ally’s crit star gather (500% to 1000%) for 3 turns

Skill 2: Self-Preservation
Apply Invincibility to self for 1 turn
Apply Target Focus to an ally for 1 turn
Increase own NP gauge (10% to 30% by level)

Skill 3: The King’s Men
Inflict Confusion on one enemy for 3 turns
Decrease one enemy’s attack (10% to 30%) for 3 turns
Decrease one enemy’s crit rate (10% to 30%) for 3 turns

New Passive: Crafty Playwright
Increase own mental debuff success rate

The rest I’ll leave the same, the main thing was swapping the skills/NP effects to better fit their concept, buffing his skill 2 and giving him a passive

Here’s the templates from the Servant Design Thread just to make it easier:


Reddit template:

Dapper template:


Rarity: ★★★★★


Card Spread:

Noble Phantasm Name:
Card Type:
Damage Type: ST/AOE/Support

Skill 1:

Skill 2:

Skill 3:

Passives: (optional)

First Saint Graph

Second Saint Graph

Third Saint Graph

Final Saint Graph

Costume Dress (if any)


Attack, health, star gen, np gen, gather all the same.

Cards would be given 1 extra hit each.

NP would just be given 3 hits but otherwise remain the same.

Bloody Devil B:
Increase Buster Card Effectiveness for an ally(30-50)(1 turn)
Increase C. Star Gather Rate for an ally(1,000-3,000)(1 turn)
Change NP type to Buster for an ally(1 turn)
Decrease own Debuff Resistance(100%)[Permanent][Demerit]

Shamanism B:
Increase Arts Card Effectiveness for an ally(30-50)(1 turn)
Increase NP Gain for an ally(30-50)(1 turn)
Change NP type to Arts for an ally(1 turn)
Decrease own Defense(20%)[Permanent][Demerit]

Guardian Beast B:
Increase Quick Card Effectiveness for an ally(30-50)(1 turn)
Increase C. Star Drop Rate for an ally(50-100)(1 turn)
Change NP type to Quick for an ally(1 turn)
Apply Target Focus to an ally[Permanent][Demerit]

Basically makes him a poor man’s Support for anyone but with drawbacks. Lore wise Native American magecraft is very strong but comes with significant strings attached.

Lancer Diarmuid

Diarmuid Ua Duibhne image
Rarity: ★★★


Hit Counts:
image 4
image 4
image 3

imageimage Gáe Dearg & Gáe Buidhe

Single Target
Hit Count: 6
Effect: Ignores DEF (Activates first) and deals damage, then inflicts heal rate down for 3 turns based on overcharge.
Damage: 1600-2400%
Heal Rate Down (Overcharge): 50-100%

Scion of the Tuatha De Danann B (CD:8-6)
Grant evasion to self for 1 turn.
Increase own defense for 3 turns (10-20%)
Apply Target Focus to Self (500%) for 1 turn.
Reduce all Female enemies’ attack for 3 turns. (20-30%)

Blessings of Aenghus Og B (CD:7-5)
Increase critical star absorption for 3 turns (500-1000%)
Gain critical stars every turn for 3 turns (5-15)

Tale of the Loathly Lady A+ (CD:7-5)
Increase attack for 3 turns (10-20%)
Apply Damage Cut for 3 attacks (500-1000)
Reduce Female enemies’ DEF for 3 turns (20-30%)

Reworked Diarmuid’s kit to better reflect his story and legend, making him a consistent but less powerful crit lancer equivalent of Saber Lancelot but with a defensive anti-female niche for himself.



I’m curious what team comps you’d advise for this new Shakespeare design.


I’ll actually take this opportunity to explain the design then.


Shakespeare’s original NP I felt was off-concept in nearly every way. AoE, Buster, shadows dealing damage by Naruto-running into enemies. Only thing that somewhat made sense was the Stun, but even that falls short of what his NP is all about.
Shakespeare’s NP is an anti-heart NP all about mentally breaking a specific target using illusions, and this NP does just that, including a mental debuff I made up specifically for him. The defense debuff is there to help your allies since a mentally broken opponent won’t have their defenses up.

Enchant is similarly way off-concept, being a 1 turn Buster AoE buff. Enchant is all about him using his writing to imbue concepts onto a weapon to make it stronger. Once again it’s more of a focused thing and it would last for longer, he uses this to power up Amakusa’s sword in Apocrypha and it remains buffed the entire time. Apparently typically Shakespeare has his master function like an Assassin servant, and while the likelihood of the master killing a servant is rather low, it has apparently happened at least once in the past.
In any case, this is really a general buff, so I swapped the Buster out for attack and gave more neutral buffs with the crit damage and crit star gather, playing off the concept of him taking the back seat while someone else is his chosen ‘protagonist’ of the story. Might actually increase the star gather further for Berserkers.
As a side note, his allies from Apocrypha already have Buster buffs in their kits anyway (Amakusa got his later on through buffs), so they would benefit more from other buffs that they don’t have access to.

Self-Preservation is the one most on track, so I mostly just buffed it, aside from dropping the heal which I did because I didn’t think I could keep it with what I added.
This skill is all about Shakespeare not actually fighting (1 turn Invincibility), and I adjusted it a bit to display more of his character. The targetable taunt can be used for him to distract the enemy while he’s invincible, keeping the party safe (like he does in the Fran vs Amakusa situation and with Jeanne), or he can target an ally while he stays safe (like when he incited Spartacus to go charging into battle at the beginning of Apocrypha). This skill allows him to act entirely from his own interests, as he sometimes betrays his own master (hence why Amakusa used a command seal on him to not write a tragedy). The NP charge represents the observations he makes while he’s not fighting, which he can then use to better know how to break his opponent mentally.

The King’s Men, or The Globe, is the group he was a part of, and allows him to summon shadows that are perfect actors, they can mimic their target’s voice and appearance perfectly. This is functionally a weaker variation of his NP and is mostly a distraction to enemies, so that explains the Confusion and offensive debuffs.

As for the role of this version of Shakespeare, he is fittingly a support that you bring to fights where you want to control your enemy via debuffs. Since he now has card-neutral buffs he can slot into any of the card teams.
While you have his third skill as a way to debuff more than one enemy at the same time, his targeted methods do fit better for taking on a boss, and you can play around with his second skill as needed for your strategies (need to protect the team from a single-target NP? He’s got you covered. Need to kill someone off to bring someone else in? He’s got you covered.).

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I thought this thread was about things like Ascensions and such so I was gonna say change all risky-ish FA’s for child-like servants


Personally I’d prefer to use the redesign to finally free him from the triple 50% card buff curse he’s been placed under.

Here’s my take on it:

Geronimo Redesign

Similar to Shakespeare I won’t change most of the minor details (though I agree with increasing the hit counts)

I will add one more passive though…
Martial Prowess A
Increase Buster card effectiveness by 8%
Increase Crit Strength by 8%

The NP I might leave as is, the only thing that makes me consider changing it is the mention that the coyote spirit ‘amplifies their powers’ along with protecting them.
But there’s only so many effects we can reasonably put on an NP. Think the only change I’ll make is that the NP changes the field to Sunlight for 3 turns for obvious reasons.

Skill 1: Shamanism
Increase own Arts card effectiveness for 3 turns (10% to 30%)
Increase NP overcharge by 1 (1 time, 3 turns)
Increase NP gauge (10% to 20%)

Skill 2: Guardian Beast
Lower an enemy’s crit rate for 3 turns (10 to 30%)
Gain stars per turn for 3 turns (5 to 15)
[Demerit] On a Sunlight field, chance to reduce defense by 20% for 3 turns

Skill 3: Bloody Devil
Increase own Buster card effectiveness for 3 turns (10% to 30%)
Increase own critical strength for 3 turns (30% to 50%)
Increase own crit star gather rate for 3 turns (400% to 800%)
Change class to Berserker (3 turns)
~cooldown 8 to 6 turns~

Design Explanation:
Geronimo has two main concepts with his design, and I tried to highlight both of them using the Arts/Buster duality and other features.

The first is the Shamanism side (or the Arts side), and while the actual Shamanism skill has the least information possible, the NP and Guardian Beast skill description help paint the picture. Geronimo has the guardian spirit of the Apache, the Coyote, and can also summon the sun spirit, but both of these spirits are at odds with each other, as the NP shows. The coyote is a prankster and steals the sun’s tobacco, and so the sun hunts the coyote down.

As I mentioned, the Shamanism skill isn’t very descriptive, so I gave effects centered around the NP.
In the Guardian Beast skill, the coyote steals stars from the enemy. However, if the sun is around and notices this then it’ll punish you, as long as the coyote’s protection from the NP doesn’t prevent it. This was probably the least damaging way I could work in a demerit from the coyote stealing things, especially due to the other main concept I had come up with already.

The other side is the Bloody Devil side (or the Buster side), as Geronimo is one of the most notable examples of being a Caster but also a warrior at the same time. This is why I added the new passive, as he’s proficient with a bow, a spear and a knife.
Bloody Devil is a skill based on his history and combat prowess, as the name Geronimo isn’t actually his real name and comes from what panicked enemy soldiers called him (Jeronimo aka St. Jerome, who fought like a lion), at one point he assassinated an enemy commander on his own, and then there’s where the skill name comes from, when he ran out of arrows and his spear broke he kept fighting with just his knife, covered in his own and his enemies’ blood.

‘However, nothing can be done once he is angered for real. He was not called a red demon, feared by all soldiers, just for show.’ -quote from his profile

And so this is where I got the idea to go all out and have him become a Berserker temporarily, as he would gain wider class advantage and better personify his story.
He also definitely has potential for Avenger class, but that’s more of a thing for an alternate form on the Servant Design Thread, maybe a Geronimo Alter.

So generally you’re going to want to balance these two sides of him as well as the two conflicting spirits in order to get the most out of him (or cheat and give him debuff immune I guess).

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Very nice! This version of Geronimo has much more flavor and some unique kit elements to play around with.

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I think we went different routes. Yours is more emblematic of his character overall whereas I was more focused on the idea of Geronimo as a Caster since he likely qualifies for most of not all of the Cavalry classes. Really don’t know why he got Caster as his main class in the game given he acts much more like an Assassin, but that’s where I was coming from and giving him a better version of his current kit because I still find the idea behind his kit interesting just poorly implemented to the point of uselessness.

If I’m going to make someone based off purely lore then I’m probably going with…


Base stats and hit counts all remain the same.

Dangerous Game:
As Jekyll:
Swap to Hyde, change class to Berserker.
Increase Max HP as Hyde(3-6k)
Increase Gather Rate as Hyde(1k)
Increase Buster Card Effectiveness as Hyde(40-80)
Increase Skill cooldown by 1 for any skills on cooldown[Demerit, treated as buff]

As Hyde:
Swap to Jekyll, change class to Assassin.
Increase NP Gain as Jekyll(30%)
Increase Arts Card Effectiveness as Jekyll(40-80)
Decrease Attack for yourself by 30% as Jekyll[Demerit, treated as buff]

Panicky Voice A:
As Jekyll:
Apply Target Focus to all allies except yourself(1 turn)
Apply Immobilization Immune to yourself(3 turns)
Increase Defense for all allies except yourself(10-30)(1 turn)
Decrease Defense for yourself(20%)(3 turns)[Demerit, treated as buff]

As Hyde:
Decrease Defense for all enemies(30-50)(1 turn)
Apply Target Focus to yourself(1 turn)[Demerit, treated as buff]

Self-transformation B+:
As Jekyll:
Increase Defense for self(10-20)(3 turns)
Apply HP Regen to self(500-1,000)(3 turns)

As Hyde:
Increase Critical Strength(30-50)(3 turns)
Gain Critical Star(5-10)
Apply Star Regens to self(1-10)(2 turns)

Monstrous Strength B(Jekyll & Hyde):
As Jekyll:
Increase NP Gauge(50-100%)

As Hyde:
Increase Attack for self(30-50%)(3 turns)

For the NP Jekyll wants to be Hyde, wants the freedom Hyde represents to just be a creature of pure I’d, but Hyde needs Jekyll to mask his activities. So when turning into Hyde you get a massive boost to Endurance and Strength, but if Hyde acts too soon it can hurt both his and Jekyll’s ability to act. When reverting back to Jekyll you recover from your activities as Hyde, but Jekyll is addicted to the feeling of being Hyde now meaning he acts worse in every way that isn’t finding a way to become Hyde again.

First skill represents either a battlecry as Hyde or panicking and throwing suspicion on others as Jekyll. Jekyll needs to buy time for Hyde, but when the monster is loose he can’t help but draw attention to himself with his acts that disturb and frighten those around him.

Second skill represents the transformation itself. Jekyll has to recover so Hyde can pounce when the time is right.

Third skull represents the monstrous side of both. Hyde is a physical monster in the most direct way possible, but Jekyll is just as much of a monster for holding the leash and deciding when to let go of said leash.

Gist is that Jekyll is more than just a vehicle for Hyde. They need each other to survive.


Time for another one, this time less of a fix for poor design and more of an updating now that newer mechanics exist that can portray the lore better… plus some of my own added features of course.

Leonidas Redesign


Same card layout, though increase the Quick hit counts to 4, the Arts hits to 3, and the Buster hits to 2 or 3.

Once again adding a new passive skill:
Staunch Defender A
Increase defense by 5%
Extends the duration of offensive buffs on self to the end of the enemy’s turn (instead of the end of your own turn)

NP: Thermopylae Enomotia
Apply Target Focus to self (1 turn)
Apply [Thermopylae] Counter status to self (1 turn)
[Thermopylae]: When targeted by a normal attack or NP, the following occurs after the enemy’s action:

  • Deal heavy Buster damage to the enemy
  • Gain 10 crit stars
    same restrictions as Bazett, except will not activate when targeted by a debuff
    If [Guard] status is active, consume it and apply Invincibility to all allies except self (1 turn)
    Increase own defense (3 turns, Overcharge)

Skill 1: Rear Guard’s Pride A
Increase own crit strength (50% to 100%, 1 turn)
When facing a gold rarity enemy, apply [Guard] status to self (1 turn)
When you have 3 servants or less (no backline), increase own attack (50%, 1 turn)

Skill 2: Struggle of the 300
Apply stackable Guts to self (same value/duration)
Apply Target Focus to self (1 turn)
Increase NP Gain when getting attacked (50% to 100%, 3 turns)

Skill 3: Warrior’s War Cry
Increase all allies buster card effectiveness (15% to 30%, 3 turns)
Star burst (10 to 20 stars, 1 turn)

Mainly worked on this idea because now that we have proper Counter mechanics we can give counters to the OG counter servant, Leonidas.

The passive skill is mostly borrowed from Bazett to make the counters work, but swapped the minor effect to defense for the theme

The NP was kinda complicated to sort out, since it mixed together a bit with the first skill. Eventually I settled on the NP being mostly a Buster version of Bazett’s with a more defensive lean rather than an offensive one, plus I traded out the enemy debuff effect and ability to counter debuffs for the added first skill feature. He still gets to keep the 3 turn defense overcharge buff though.

Skill 1 is kinda vague, but increases in strength in more disadvantageous situations, and when paired with his NP it allows him to defend against anti-army NPs. So I used a trait to sort out the clear part of the description and then experimented with limitations while making this his offensive burst skill.

Skill 2 I decided to drop the added team support in favor of keeping his former skill 1 effects since they work here as well, just nerfed the NP gain to the defensive version for theming and balance.

Skill 3 I just buffed for this build, adding an extra 5% card buff to round it out and giving a star burst to tie into the crit buff, plus it still fits the skill concept.

So overall a Buster Bazett but slightly different and lots of Leonidas flair in the kit, allowing for both team-protecting and last-man-standing strategies.

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Having just gotten Enkidu, I can say how it’s a year 1 kit that could be improved upon… for starters, their 3rd skill is a 12 sec cooldown (!!!) self heal with debuff cleanse…



New card deck (from BQQQA)

imageimage imageimage image

NP: Enuma Elish

Deals damage to an enemy (1000% / 1200% / 1400% / 1600% 1800% ).
Deals 200% extra damage to Threat to Humanity enemy.
500% chance to Stun the enemy - bypasses Mental Immunity.
Reduces their Defense for 3 turns (activates first), Overcharge (30% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% )

NP mostly unchanged except it now always stuns no matter what.

Skill 1: Transfiguration - Weapon of the Gods
7/6/5 turns cooldown

Increases Buster, Quick and Arts cards performance by 50% for 3 turns. (Changed from 1 turn and from randomly choosing Quick or Arts)

Removes class disavantage against all enemies. Apply class advantage against all enemies. 3 turns.

Skill up from Transfiguration. As a being able to transform into anything of the world in his myth and being an adaptive weapon of the gods, Enkidu can shrug off class mechanics! For 3 turns they basically becomes a Rulerzerker, which plays to them being one of the most powerful and also the most resilient.

Skill 2: One With the World
7/6/5 turn cooldown

Enemies are unable to land critical attacks for 3 turns - Up from being single target and chance from 30-50%.
Removes their defensive buffs (including taunt). - Up from just removing Evasion buffs.
Grants self Evasion for 1 turn. - Unchanged.

Upgraded from Presence Detection A++.
Enkidu’s perception when becoming one with Gaia. They can anticipate their enemies to a degree they become unable to reach them much less crit them no matter their numbers.
Their perception also helps his allies. No amount of defensive strategy can hope to anticipate or counter their movements as well.

Skill 3: Creation of Enki
6/5/4 turn cooldown - down from 12/11/10 (wtf…)

Heals between 5000-6000 HP - Nerfed due to much lower cooldown
Removes own debuffs - Unchanged
Apply 1 Guts, revives between 3000-5000 HP - New
Charges NP gauge by 20% - New
Loses 3000 maximum HP (Demerit, Unremovable)

Skill upgrade from Consumated Shape A.
Basically the currently version is just a full heal, but with an astounding 12-10 turn cooldown, which is ridiculously outdated in the current context and power level of the game…

The big change is applying Guts. In the myth, Enkidu is able to create objects and heal themselves using their own magical clay. Against Gilgamesh, they used 90% of it, unable to even make new clothes. but Gil was also nearly depleted of treasures.
So the Max HP demerit is an attempt to emulate this part of the story.
The healing is nerfed by nearly half, but so was the cooldown buffed by the same amount, so I think it evens out.

I thought about the possibility of changing NP card types thanks to their divine Transfiguration ability but didn’t use it.

Stunning even through Immunity puts a niche unused too, plus the ability to cheat on the class mechanics.

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that enkidu seems a bit overtuned :fgo_shutensip:
Buffed NP mod means clay is outdamaging NP4 Scathach at NP1 and guaranteed stun on NP kinda steps on her toes as well as bypassing most of the things balancing stuns for story fights
Universal Class Advantage and 50% Rainbow is already a lot for 60% uptime and that large of a heal + guts on a 4t CD feels like too much
Also 30-50% Crit chance down already stops most enemies from critting unless you’re fighting things like spriggans or werejaguars

Anyways, I did Mata Hari
I tried to make her more unique in a supportive debuff-centric role
Leaned a bit harder into her (somewhat limited) lore of being a spy and infiltrator, and her skills having the effect of others not perceiving her as an enemy

Mata Hari Rework

Name: Mata Hari

Rarity: ★


Card Spread:
Buff hitcounts lol
her internals would change how she plays pretty drastically just based on np gain so i’m not gonna attempt to balance this
Maybe change to BQQAA but I kinda want to keep that stargen stuff so I’ll let it be

Noble Phantasm Name: Mata Hari
Card Type:
Damage Type: Support

Decrease Debuff Resist of all enemies (20-40%) (Scales with NP level) (Activates after
50-70% Chance to apply [Infiltration] status to all enemies (1 turn) (Scales with NP level)

(Mental Debuff) (Treated as Charm)
After 1 turn, apply [Seduced] State and Atk Down and Def Down (20-40%), 1 turn, Scales with Overcharge
Seduced: Enemies will not target Mata Hari with attacks or skills and will preferentially target other allies over her (no effect if there are no other allies on the field to target)

{there’s probably a more concise way of describing the effect i want to express but I’m tired}

Skill 1: Where the Sun Falls on Vincennes
Increase Critical Star Drop Rate for all allies (3 turns). (50-100%)
Increase Critical Strength for all allies (3 turns). (30-50%)
Increase own Quick Performance. (3 turns). (10-20%)

Skill 2: Pheromone B
Chance to Charm all [Male] enemies (1 turn). (30-60%)
Decrease DEF for all enemies (3 turns). (10-20%)
Decrease Critical Rate of all enemies (3 Turns) (10-20%)

Skill 3: Double-Cross B
Inflict Skill Seal to a single enemy (1 turn).
Inflict NP Seal to a single enemy (1 turn).
Decrease DEF for a single enemy (3 turns). (10-20%)
Gain Critical Stars (10-20)


I agree with ShinxDaSphinx, this Enkidu design is way overtuned.
They already covered the NP buff issues.
The first skill is way stronger than any other skill in the entire game.
The second skill is kinda unnecessarily overbuffed, since a set crit rate down will do the job without needing complete inability to crit, so you could even just make the crit down AoE if you were to buff it. And sure, perhaps no defensive strategy can counter Enkidu’s movements, but if Enkidu hits armor then Enkidu’s still hitting armor. So it’s not like defense would be entirely useless.
The third skill is quite controversial. On the one hand, those effects are too much on that cooldown if you don’t take into account the demerit, but then on the other hand the demerit is so negative it may actually be a nerf to former version of the skill because Enkidu will slowly run out of HP permanently until the Guts won’t even be able to function at max capacity because Enkidu won’t have enough HP for it to heal.

It is definitely harder to balance a character the stronger the character is in lore, and you picked one of the very strongest, but you have to find that balance between lore and the limits of gameplay as well as overall game balance. Sometimes the lore can’t quite translate over to this sort of game format.


Look at the good side, that means Shishou will needs buffs too :fgo_scathachlove:

I agree with everyone it’s overpowered :fgo_enkidusus:

Definitely an interesting take on Mata Hari, I think you handled the skills pretty well, and the NP is an interesting concept.
Personally I’d prefer her to get more uptime on her NP debuffs, since your version is still 1 turn, and now is chance-dependant (which sure, her debuff resist down will mean it’ll hit eventually, but would be nice if the solid attack/defense debuffs were guaranteed).
What if Infiltration worked like Sleep in that as long as she doesn’t attack that enemy, that enemy will not try to attack her as long as other allies are present?

I’ll try to toss a concept together here:
Mata Hari
decrease all enemies’ attack (20% to 40% by overcharge, 3 turns)
chance to inflict [Infiltration] mental debuff on enemies (50% to 70% by NP level, 3 turns)

  • [Infiltration]: Enemies will not attack Mata Hari if other allies are present; decrease the defense of the target by 20% turn 1, 40% turn 2, and 60% turn 3. Mental debuff is removed if the target gets attacked. If Mata Hari is the only servant on the field, it instead acts as a simple 1 turn Charm and 3 turn 20% defense down.

Might have gone overboard a bit there, let me know what you think, at the very least maybe it’ll give you an idea like how your concept gave me this idea.

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I do like that, yeah
I wanted to stay pretty close to the original NP and moreso add around it as a base, but your version describes the idea better.
Do kinda want to keep the AoE charm on NP which is why I tried making the whole delayed thing
The tweak on Infiltration also keeps it in check and more in line with how the skill functions in lore

Fou’d Enki hits 16k HP without counting Gold Fous, Grails, or CEs so that’s 2 free casts before it starts eating into the 10k total (4k from guts, 6k from presumed skill use after guts activates) you’ll usually be having
And then I don’t think most enemies can get through the equivalent of 20k hp without criticals, likely being stunned every 2 or 3 turns thanks to EE, 5CD evade, and an additional turn and effective 8k from the guts proc, all within 4 turns

In a lot of ways I do think the concept runs similar to kama in that it features a 1 time guts, heal, max hp down, disabling NP

I would like to see a concept of FGO where everyone is broken like this tho
a little bit like SF II Rainbow
It could be interesting


First attempt, I don’t want to revamp the iudea of his kit, or at least the idea of what it became long term, but I also want to make him more fitting of being not only Karna’s counterpart and canonically one of the most busted HS in existence.

Arjuna (Archer)

Rarity: ★★★★★

Class image

Deck: image image image image image

Hitcounts: Q(4)/A(3)/B(5)/E6

NP Gain: 0.69%

Noble Phantasm: Pashupata - Raised Hand of the Destruction God image AoE
Decreases Defense of all enemies for 3 turns {20 ~ 40%} (Activates first) [Scales with Overcharge]
Deals Heavy damage to all enemies {450 ~ 750%}
50% Chance to Instant Kill enemies
Further Chance to Instant Kill Divine enemies {150 ~ 250%} [Scales with NP level]

Hitcount: 3

Skill 1: Domain of Clairvoyance (Archery) B++
Increases own Star Generation for 3 turns {40 ~ 50%}
Grants self Debuff Immunity for 5 turns
Grants self Evasion 1 time, 5 turns
CD - 8/7/6

Skill 2: Hero of the Endowed A+
Charges own NP Gauge by 20%
Charges own NP Gauge by 10% at the end of every turn for 5 turns
Restores own HP at the end of every turn for 5 turns {1000 ~ 2000}
Gains Critical Stars at the end of every turn for 5 turns {5 ~ 10}
CD - 9/8/7

Skill 3: Agni Gandiva - Unleash A+
Increases own Arts Performance 3 times, 5 turns {10 ~ 20%}
Increases own Quick Performance 3 times, 5 turns {10 ~ 20%}
Increases own NP Damage for 5 turns {10 ~ 20%}
CD - 8/7/6


Skill 1: Magic Resistance C
Increases own Debuff Resistance by 15%

Skill 2: Independent Action A
Increases own Critical Damage by 10%

Skill 3: Divinity of the King of Devas B
Increases own Damage Dealt by 175
Increases own NP Gain of Noble Phantasm by 8.5%

I might do Karna as well but not now, I need to help my brother with a few things.

If I went overboard please tell me, I haven’t done as much math for his internals as I usually do.

EDIT: Nerfed cards slightly and buffed NP just enough to compensate


Seems like a good, coherent kit: powerful, but not too broken. Except the NP Gain: Arjuna’s Arts Cards, with his passive factored in, has 2,2578% NP Gain. That’s very high for QQAAB Arts AoE servants, especially considering his Quick are also very good.

Now, Odysseus has even better NP Gain, but he has only a 30% battery and 20% dual card bonus, plus due to lower base NP Gain (0,58% to Arjuna’s 0,71%) his NP refund is lower. Arjuna combines his superb Cards with a 20% immediate charge+50% charge over time. Plus the same 20% dual card boost, but for 5 turns instead of 3.

Still not too broken, but probably could be taken down a notch.

It is a very nice thread! Here is my attempt at redesigning a Servant.

Gilles de Rais (Saber)

Same base stats and deck, but his NP is an Arts AoE 4-hit NP.

Tactics of the Resurgent B
Increase NP Gain when getting damaged for all allies (30-50%, 3 turns)
Increase NP Strength for all allies based on HP left (3 turns,
NP Strength Formula = 5-15%+ [15% *(1 - Current HP/Max HP)]

Cooldown: 7/6/5

The King’s Debt A-

Increase NP Gauge for all allies except yourself (5-10%)
Absorb HP from all allies per turn (1000-2000 HP/turn, 3 turns, HP cannot fall below 1)
Apply Target Focus for yourself (3 turns)

Cooldown: 7/6/5

Inheritance Clause E
Increase your DEF (10-30%, 3 turns)
Increase your NP Gain (10-30%, 3 turns)
Apply [Inheritance] for yourself (3 turns)
Inheritance: On death, increase all allies DEF (10-30%, 3 turns) and NP Gain (10-30%, 3 turns)

Cooldown: 8/7/6

Noble Phantasm:
Mysteria of Orleans

Decrease HP by 3000 for yourself (HP cannot fall below 1)
Increase Overcharge by 2 for all allies except yourself (1 turn)
Deal damage to all enemies

Apply Damage Plus for all allies (1000-2000, 3 turns) [Activates first] Apply Damage Cut for all [Saberface] allies (1000-2000, 3 turns)

Gilles de Rais: an avid Jeanne supporter, and a person famous for his wealth. And the unreasonable ways he spent his wealth, such as giving out a massive loan to a King not known for showing due gratitude to allies. Or spending too much and takibg a loan from the church, which would inherit his lands if he would suddenly accused of horrible witchcraft and executed with the Church’s help.

Mechanically, I tried to keep Gilles interesting and capable of a lot if utilized right, but not very easy to use the regular way.


Thanks on the feedback, and I will do some touches on his internals before I twckle Karna

Just a correction, his is 3 times (5 turns) not 5 turns, so after 3 attacks it goes away.

Irrelevant for looping but for standard use it is basically a 1 turn arts buff.