Servant sprites I keep at lower ascension

One of the best small features in Fgo is the ability to switch art to other stages
I’m sure many of us have some servants at lower sprite ascensions, I’m just gonna post here which I use like that

Because the later tiers look dumb

‘Dad’ and ‘son’ for the same reason: the fanservice just looks dumb. Especially Artoria Lancer Alter

Siegfried: The dragon parts look weird.

Musashi: I know some won’t agree, but I don’t like her later stages. Her outfit is just weird and chaotic to me. Too many bright colors and overal kinda a mess.
I prefer her simplest form, it’s closer to the void.
Martha: Just don’t like the leotard that much, this one has more grace

Amakusa Shiro: I just can’t like his japanese look. The rather simple priest+cloak one feels better to me.

Because I really like an earlier stage

Yagyu: One of the most populair ones to do this with. It feels right. His armor is nice, but it looks like it doesn’t fit his style and in general the simplistic refined outfit of this stage really brings out the samurai feel.

Saber Alter: Unlike her lancer version, or Mordred, Saber Alter’s last stage does accually look really good. But I still prefer plate armor over a dress for her

Emiya: The OG look still is best

Medusa Lily: Who’s a cute little reaper (who can’t kill for shit)? Yes you are, yes you are.
Without the cloak she’s a tad too loli bait for my taste.

Shakespeare: I’m a fan of down to earth designs and love his. The final one is a tad too dramatic… Gotta rein that part of him in somehow.

Chiyome: The darker, plainer outfit fits her more. The final one isn’t bad, but a tad too colorful.

Herc: Like Emiya, OG style. I like that stone club a lot more over that axe.

Other reasons

Karna: Because he transforms in his 3rd stage for his NP. Using that stage really lessens the impact. Also that lance is way too big

Nursery Rhyme: A floating book is funny


What about your waver (if you have 1 :P) do you prefer him older or younger if older glasses or no glasses if you don’t have him what would you put him on if you did have him? For me glasses look is the best

I prefer the older one.

Though I do not have Waver.

What about astolfo for me it’s the OG look although when costume gets released I’m getting that

Also yeah amakusa’s Japanese look is weird it doesn’t really fit him in my opinion

Another 1 is kojiro I prefer him with his full clothes although his heroic portrait looks really nice

King Hassan too with his shield and his hood look weird to me

And I don’t understand why so many people have Merlin with his hood up he looks much better with his hair showing

Ascension not tier, saying tier is confusing

Changed it for you ;p

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I also keep musashi at her first stage, her later stage sprites are a bit too much.
a few others, Emiya on 2nd because he looks like he’s ready to bust out an apron, spatula, and frying pan to cook something tasty with that no red coat and lowered hair look.
Raikou on 1st because I think she actually looks nice that way, as opposed to the later ascensions with the visible balloon boobs.
Assassin Nito on 1st because it’s hilarious and kinda cute too.
Medusa on 2nd bc the convenient holes on her clothing look stupid

Here are some of mine i like at lower ascensions


In case you want to see some opinion in similar thread before.


I dont have Jack, but if i had her i would use her with her early non-pedopornographic sprite.

Because seriously, i dont need to see the pantyes of little girls…


Jack is at first Ascension for me for multiple reasons…besides she looks much cooler with her tattered and torn cloak
Saber Lily is at first Ascension because I love the armor for her and SHE EVEN SAYS THAT THE LATER ASCENSIONS ARE A BIT MUCH.
Saber Mordred is at second ascension because I LOVE her Armor.
Rider Mordred I keep between first and second, I love the little sailor outfit for the second one though.
Saber Alter is at second ascension most of the time. Because I honestly can’t stand the dress of her third.
Annnnnd the Lancer Artorias. Lancer Alter stays at first or second. Lancer Artoria stays at second mostly. I wish we could mix and match…because it would be so cool to have her second ascension armor and her third ascension cloak, crown and spear.

I keep Kiyohime at second ascension because it matches her FA art.
I keep rider Mo at first ascension because she looks a bit silly with the heavy tan on top of the Jacket and/or sailor outfit.
I keep Archuria at first ascension because the Final Ascension is a bit much with the cape and crown, on top of her first ascension matching her FA art.
I keep Tamamo at her second ascension because the really big dress and everything seems a bit silly to me
I keep Artoria at second ascension because OG reasons
I keep Atalante at second ascension because it’s her Apoc outfit
I keep the summer pirates at first ascension because I have their rider form too, and their third stage resembles the rider third stage too much
Beowulf stays in second ascension because I feel like his third stage is just too much.
Eli stays in second ascension because the Hat and big dress looks silly on her
Cu stays in first ascension because its his UBW outfit
Hundred Personas and Serenity stay in second ascension for combat because I feel like Hassans should wear their masks while in the field.
Robin hood stays in his first stage because I like him wearing the hood
Diarmuid stays in first ascension because he just looks the coolest that way
Medea stays in second ascension because the hood looks silly but I still like her little cloak
Leonidas stays in first ascension because the flaming plume looks silly and I want him to keep the helmet on
Saber Gilles stays in first ascension because the armor looks nice
Cursed Arm stays in second ascension because I like the arm wrapped up
I also keep Emiya, Salter, Karna, and Siegfried in earlier ascensions for the reasons you mentioned

There are too many for me to remember… This is just my 5 stars and tomobae…

And there are countless more 4 stars and 3 stars and lower that are like that.

Also, if they have a hood in any of their ascensions, the keep the good cuz the hoods are badass.


Always loved immaterial swords

Carrying a sword in one hand and a bow in the other seems strange

No comment but it happens that I switch with her 3rd sprite. Her kimono is simply a work of art

I love feminine look

I love simplicity

I prefer seeing her face


I prefer this hairstyle

Simple is best

The kind of clothes I wear

Not too fond of Dark Souls

Hot Pants!


Perhaps I am blind but there is something about her that looks like Nagato Yuki?

Nagato Yuki


His cape is definitely a lack of taste. The same can be said with his red… feathers?


How dare you insult my boy’s coat that he got from the thrift shop for 99 cents :catmad:



Just gonna post the 5 stars cause there’s a lot

Because maid outfit

I actually switch between first and second whenever I’m bored

Just personal preference

Also switch between 1 and 2

Og reasons
This just looks funny to me

Artoria with a ponytail is good civ

I don’t like the dress and her just floating there bothers me

I just like the look

Again sometimes switch between 1 and 2 cause lewd nun
the armor on 3 just seems like overkill (and raikou already has enough overkill going)


I made a post in that other thread waaay back when but I’ll add some notables:

I just like this one.

Can’t turn down the hood/racing swimsuit combo

Looks like he’s ready for a gentleman’s fight without his coat on. Let me get those sleeves rolled up for you bro.

The 3rd ascension is just bad. I get it. But it’s not for me.

I also get the nun thing. Sorta. Catholic schooling from 1st-12th grade…but have you seen that midriff?

If her first ascension was tan it might be more of a toss up.

I love Sakura as much as the next guy but just look at the slit on that dress. Don’t forget the tights on the ascension art. (It’s a third so idk if this qualifies, just assuming most people use the school uniform.)


Waver, 2nd. I prefer his older look, but I keep his SG on FA because he looks happy there
Gil, 2nd for his SG because his face looks off in his FA
Tamamo, 2nd. Her 3rd outfit is too busy. 3rd for her SG for the same reason as Gil
Jack, 1st. Don’t really need to explain this one, though I do like her FA art for her SG
Jalter, 1st. She looks better with the cape
Scath, 2nd. The head dressing feels random. 3rd for her SG for the same reason as Gil
Jeanne, 2nd. I like the blue outfit better
Maid Alter, 2nd. The maid outfit is my favorite of the 3, but I really like the 3rd outfit too, so her FG uses her 3rd art as a compromise
Arthur, 1st. I like the invisible sword and the hood looks good on him
Schez, 2nd. She must be uncomfortable in her 3rd art with the strings looking like they’re digging into her skin


Zerker Nobu, flip flops between 1st and 2nd. The Buster shirt is too good to not use, but it’s a shame that cape is only on her 2nd
Salter, 2nd. I like the mask in the 1st, and the outfit feels more appropriate for a Knight, but I’d prefer to see her face
Suzuka, 1st. She, like, totally doesn’t feel the same without the schoolgirl outfit, you know, right?
Carmilla, went from 1st/2nd to 3rd. I love her plague mask, but I don’t like how her face looks with it on post animation update.
Zerkerlot, 1st. Edgy smoke is edgy
Marie (Caster). 2nd for sprite; the sundress is adorable. 1st for her facecards; Vive la crab!
Nitocris (Assassin). Medjed. That is all
Marie, 2nd. 3rd is too monochromatic
Medusa (Lancer), 1st. Her hoodie is super adorable
Lalter, 2nd. Same reason as Salter


I mix and match ascensions and icons. I also switch them around seasonally or after one of the major story events. So my servants are constantly changing between their looks either once or a month or when a season changes (depending on the servant) and I use all of their ascensions. Even the ones I’m not thrilled with. Ex: I use Nursery Rhyme’s 2nd or 3rd sprite, but usually use the 1st sprite (the book form) for her command icon.

The ones usually or currently in lower ascensions are:

Elizabeth Lancer: Usually in her 2nd or 1st Ascension. I tend to not use her 3rd Ascension unless it’s the icon. Her 3rd Ascension has a little too much going on.

All low Rarity Hassans: 1st Ascension for their cloaks or mask. Command cards and status icons are 2nd or 3rd Ascensions. Sometimes I’ll reverse it.

Lancelot Saber: As of now 1st Ascension everything. He’s got to decapitate a major boss in story to earn his higher Ascensions by me.

Sasaki Kojirou: After Shimousa I changed him back to 2nd Ascension with the icons for the 3rd Ascension. He’ll be in this till next year.

Diarmuid: Usually in his 2nd Ascension (shirtless sprite) during summer months. I change between 1st and 3rd Ascensions during the other times of the year.

Paul Bunyan: Similar to Diarmuid. The 3rd Ascension for summer months, the 1st Ascension for winter months and the 2nd Ascension for spring and autumn. Not sure how I’ll coordinate the icons yet.

Jeanne Alter: Usually in her 1st Ascension. I like her fur cape. I use her 2nd Ascension sprite the least because it feels like it’s lacking something the others have. Ironically when it comes to the icons or art I usually keep it in her 2nd Ascension.


Waver/Zhuge Liang. More than how i want him to look, i like the way he sounds when he is older. His younger voice sounds terrible. I also like that red coat thing on his first ascension so i keep him on that.

Rider Mordred. I only like the sailor suit of her 3 outfits.

Tamamo no Mae. Full kimono looks too impractical for a fight even if you are only going to cast spells. I also prefered how she looks in Extra, but i want as many tails as possible.

King Hassan. The black knight look looks dumb on him. He just has to have his hood for a grim reaper feel.

On the jp side of things Arthoria Ruler. I constantly go back and forth between 1st ascension and 3rd ascension. I really can’t decide on that one. A simple bunny girl or a beautiful bunny girl dress. But the real issue is ponytail or ponytail+long hair combo. 2nd ascension looks boring though, and is never used.

Edit: Gilgamesh Archer. 2nd ascension. Gotta have a cape to make him look more regal.