Servant that deserve lower star?

We always talk about how an existing servant could have sr/ssr version or a low rarity servant should’ve been higher. What about the opposite? Which servant you think doesnt deserve their rarity (legacy/lore-wise) and why?

I’ve seen a few people mention how Drake doesn’t deserve to be a higher rarity than Blackbeard, simply because his name is far more “out there”. I don’t agree with it for multiple reasons, some of them actually because I feel she deserves the rarity due to who she’s based off of.

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I think it’s important to remember that stars have nothing to do with lore

They’re purely a gameplay/gacha mechanic


The summer servants, holiday servants, and the joke servants like MHX are obvious choices because they don’t make any sense at all.

As for regular servants:
Anne and Mary
Elisabeth (Carmilla deserves her rarity, but Liz is pretty much a joke character)
Marie Antoinette


Merlin. His plot armor is extraordinaire, but memes aside he’s not wrong in what he says. He’s not suited for combat, yet he’s stronger than all SR and many SSR servants in gameplay with over 11k ATK. An eyebrow-raising servant indeed.

A less controversial choice would be Tesla. Not a lot of complaints on his character or gameplay usage. I just thought it would be fair for Edison if they were both the same rarity.

Completely disagree Edison is not even a fracture of what Tesla is and did for humanity.
Edison doesn’t even deserve an SR version he sure as hell doesn’t deserve an ssr one.


Okita cause they even make the point that she’s a weak as hell servant in her lore. Kinda funny considering how good she is in fgo. I know rarity doesn’t translate to more but it’s still pretty silly at times



Basically, every time she appears we are reminded how she is weak and is barely even a Saber. How her tuberculosis still affects her and how she has shit stats.

Her being a 3 star like Izou or Mori would make way more sense. Sakamoto and Okitan have the excuse of being agents of the Counter Force but OG Okita doesn’t.


Euryale and Stheno, similarly, are pretty canonically super weak if we’re going by the “rarity = power” whatever stuff. Especially Eury in particular.

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Medea and Medusa Lily. It seems like their adult forms are stronger, more experienced and more famous.

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Yeah, Drake absolutely deserves to be an SSR, if you think otherwise you don’t know anything about him.

On the subject of Edison and Tesla, Edison is considered ‘weak’ and had to be combined with Potus’ or whatever his lore is due to being modern, yet Tesla, Jack, Sherlock, etc etc all exist. I get that some of these may have their reasons for being modern and ‘strong’ but :man_shrugging:


Tesla I understand being put in that list, but I nonetheless find him fair at the end of the day, to be strong as he is.

Although, Anastasia and Mata Hari are also modern… if, quite divergent in strength.

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I think my issue isn’t so much that modern Servants exist and I don’t much care who is what rarity. If Edison was just an SR I wouldn’t even question it. It’s just his lore tries to justify his rarity and it doesn’t stack up.

Mata hari does not have an ice spirit defending her.

Emiya (og) by all means should not be a 4 star, despite good performance in fate stay night. Even more so in comparison to the rest of the stay night cast.

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On the topic of Drake and Tesla, while it hadn’t anything to do with their rarity or so, in Drakes second Interlude they talk about how she and Tesla have one thing in common: they are both pioneers.
Both people who strived to achive something no one at that time thought to be possible. And with that achivement somehow changed the world or something like that. Would need to read it again to give more details.

As for who I would degrade: Astolfo Saber.
I don’t have anything against Astolfo as such… But giving an absolute joke character (cause that’s what his Saber version is) an SSR rank… When I think about who else is there, like Musashi, Sigurd, Arturia/Arthur or who isn’t there. Yagyu or Saberlot would deserve the SSR rank much more.
There you have my two cents on that topic.


All the SSRs summer servants should be SRs since if we want to put rarity in terms of lore and characters their summer versions are obviously weaker versions of themselves. (Except BB maybe?)

Also Prillya should be a SR and the reason should be obvious. It’s kinda funny to have Circe as a SR servant and Illya as a SSR, that alone proves how irrelevant is the rarity to the actual lore of the game.


Saber lily should’ve been a 3*. She’d be so much more appealing to use as she’d have one of the highest 3* atk stats instead of one of the worst 4* atk stats. The lower unit cost would of made her much more popular. When d’eon has 1k more atk than Lily there’s a massive problem.


I mean, rarety is just a thing of the gacha and not something that need to have sense.
I only can say one, Okita, she is supouse to be pretty weak and i’m not a super fan of her

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Was going to mention her, too.

They could at least have given her a lower custom team cost of 9 or 10, effectively making her a 3.5-star.

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I thought Okita is one of the best swordsman of Shinsengumi. Hijikata also acknowledges his/her swordplay being a not normal swordplay.

Sure, tuberculosis held him/her back, but if you look at it another way, even with the disease, he/she can still accomplish a mark in history in his/her 25-ish years of life that many without the disease couldn’t with their full life.

Also, Medea Lily and Medea star rating should be switched, in my opinion.