Servant that you don't like, summoned, but grew on you

For people who have played this for some time, I’m sure you’ve been spooked by unwanted servants or servants that you are not really looking forward to or even servants you hated… Are there any servant (SR or SSR) that you don’t want, or not looking to, but as you do their story (interludes/rank up) and their quotes, they grew on you?

For me it was Francis Drake. She spooked me while I was hoping for Okita Souji on last year’s Thanksgiving. I didn’t even need her at that time and didn’t really like her design (my first encounter with her was in PSP game Fate/Extra)

But after I did her interlude, boy, this pirate grew on me and I use her way more often now compared to before (I didn’t even level her up before because I hate how she spook my Okita pull lol, only giving her spare embers to level up)

Just like a quote from her:
“Shit happens. A lot. And often as not, there’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes, someone you thought was your friend turns out to be working against you, and sometimes, someone you hated enough to kill ends up being someone you respect more than anyone.”


Biggest one here would be Waver. Frankly, I didn’t care for him in Fate/Zero, and I happened to roll him randomly on the Caster Class banner when I was still fairly new, so all I really knew about him was that he was an amazing support servant, and thus I was pretty much going to have to use him. It wasn’t until I saw Case Files that I actually started to like him. I guess it helps having more screen time to develop his character.


Honestly despite my, uhh, preferences, I was actually rather whatever on Raikou at first. Not at the dislike level, but she was never a character i thought about going for (got her from a ticket early on when I was having really bad luck with all my rolls) But after using her for awhile, seeing her bond conversations, and her events, she’s now probably in my top 2 characters in the game

Really happy I have her, and I’m hoping I can get her summer version this year since I failed last year.


I’ve got a couple of those. First is Edison, got him on a caster banner hoping for waver or Tamamono. His design is beyond stupid and I don’t care for his characterization either. He spent a while in archives. Until someone pointed out he enables 500% Nitocris nicely… I still hate his design, but he’s grown on me enough I didn’t mind his np2 while chasing waver again.

Vlad lancer. I was trying to np2 Medusa lancer, so when the gold lancer card revealed one of the ugliest dudes in the game instead of my cutie pie, I was less than pleased. But, well he can hit some nice numbers in his niche. And that taunt works just as good as a per turn battery to 2T the atalante raid during Apocrypha. And since Medusa spooked me before he spooked me again, I’ve forgiven that original spook.

Fionn on the other hand, still hate him and his double spook on the og summer banner. His role as Aaron Goldie did NOT help his case. He’s still lucky I spared the bones to ascend him (even if I burned one of him for ML).


For me it would probably be Vlad. He angered me greatly for being a spook not once but twice when I was trying to summon for OG Saber. He sat at lvl 1 in the second archive for quite awhile. It probably took me about 2 years before I actually pulled him out and leveled him but still didn’t use him.
Once I got a tamamo I finally decided to try him for arts memes and now I pull him out whenever I feel like having a little arts fun.


Miyamoto Musashi has grown on me a bit.

It wasn’t until I got two copies of her berserker form on JP that it started, and it was more me growing to like her personality in Shimosa than anything, and then she decided to follow me over to NA during that banner (coincidentally, both times I was going for the archer on the banner: Osakabehime and Tomoe respectively.)

It’s not like, crazy attachment or anything, and I vastly prefer her summer outfit, as I find her standard Saber form outfit to be extremely bland, but I definitely like her more than when she was first introduced.


Heh, from what you posted, I would venture to guess that we have complete opposite tastes in servant aesthetics. But it’s great that Musashi comes in enough flavors to satisfy us both!

And yes, that word choice was intentional.


It’s probably Jack. I was aiming for Jeanne (Ruler) during the Apocrypha event but got her instead. Tbf, I never knew how amazing she was in crit star generating and her ST extra damage to females made her worthwhile in my team. Whenever I feel like crit star generating, I just add her with my Waver + Jalter for normal runs.


Arjuna. Everyone says this guy is bad. I finally started using him out of curiosity that and other than okitan he is the only 5 star that I have above NP 1, i think he is stalking me because Karna is my cornerstone servant. He is not bad. He just lives in a class where everyone over performs .

He may not loop but drop an MLB imaginary element on him and he can fire his NP first turn without assistance or needing to use your kscope, if your like me you only have one kscope so you got to be selective as to who gets it. Then you can order change him out if you don’t want him. That’s not my style though.

He is a hard hitting staller. Most stall servants have arts NPs so they aren’t the best damage. This guy has a buster np, but has an arts deck. With no assistance he can easily fire off his NP every couple of rounds.

His skills are by in large awesome. his 1st skill breaks CQs that rely on debuff gimmicks. Hero of the Endowed’s cool down is the only thing that keeps it from being one of the best skills in the game flat out, it has great healing, large multi turn star burst to him, and a battery. His steroid gives both buster and np damage up.

I live for the day when I get a black grail (You will be mine, oh yes you will be mine). This guy would be a monster with black grail, and the proper support team.

Is he the best archer no he is not Gil who is flat out broken, but everyone who afraid to draw him are missing out on a good servant if your willing to work in his niche. However, to each their own, i recognize that a lot of ppl enjoy playing peak efficiency but me I like experimenting and I don’t mind playing stall. So he is a fun experiment I look forward to continuing once I get the team I want to try him out with and a black grail.


Truly, almost no one actually claims that Arjuna is bad; he just gets a lot of flak for not being as ridiculous as most of his SSR Archer peers.

He was one of my first NP5 SSRs, entirely from spooks. When I got around to raising him, I enjoyed him for basic farming and such. Will have to find more excuses to take him for a walk when his animation update hits.

As for Black Grail, it obviously is a huge damage increase. His NP gain is average at best, but his self-sustain makes it easier to hold the CE for longer fights if desired.


I kinda sympathise with Arjuna fans even though I’m not a fan since he’s a very early ssr. I think he was the 2nd ssr aoe archer after Gil who is widely considered as op. It kinda feels like they realised they made Gil too good and as a result they didn’t want to make Arjuna too good. After that they realised their mistake and kinda gave up on balancing ssr Archers.

Fran has to be my pick. especially as a very early player. I saw demerits everywhere(stun + burn on np) and subpar skills galvanism, an rng stun etc. I thought what’s the point, I have tamacat who does the exact same thing but at least heals herself on np. Then the 1st Da Vinci lotto came out. I saw her true value, she was clearing waves including bosses that most servants could only dream of at np1. basically 2x what Tamacat and Lancelot put out. TL:DR 7 grails, almost max gold fou’s, bond 10. will be the 1st servant to get bond 11 when it comes out

Others I really like but thought meh when I got them
Summer Anne & Mary
Rider Anne and Mary.
Kinda meh without the gimmick but they’re enjoyable to use if you’re prepared to take risks

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Ozy spooked me on Jalter’s banner and I initially despised him, but throughout using him and going through his interludes he’s grown on me a good bit to where I even like him a bit.

Casgil spooked me too, and I pretty much hate everything Gilgamesh but he’s grown on me a bit to where he’s neutral at worst.

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Quetzalcoatl. Summoned her to NP2 on accident while trying to get Caster Gilgamesh and was kinda salty. I never played Babylonia at that time, but after the story mode I’m glad I got her because she really grew on me! Her voice, animations, personality, all good stuff.

Can’t wait for her Christmas event coming later this year, for double the Samba in my Chaldea!


Okita, Musashi, Nero (OG and Bride), Bryn and Fionn

Nero’s and Bryn: so i get my Nero’s on the Nerofest when i was rolling for the 5 star ce, and Brynhild came too, i wasn’t interested in non of them but with the time, and there quotes(and extella in the case of Nero) those two(three but you know two Nero’s still Nero)

Musashi: i get her in the last days of the shimousa banner, i roll in that banner because Tomoe, i get Tomoe and i still rolling because i wanted to try to get Musashi (because was her last rate up till that date) or another copy of Tomoe, i kinda hate her for some reason, un the past i didn’t knew how to use her so for me she was a pretty meh servant before knowing how to use her, but thanks for her for gameplay and her quotes she grow on me

Fionn: i think he came on Nerofest (even if i don’t remember that the date say that was in that time) i was like “oh is the legendary trash Fionn, i probably are going to burn him” i look at his skills and things in GP and i find in the community section a discussion about burning Fionn, someone say that he have at lest one copy of every servant for the collection of lore or something like that, thanks to that person i didn’t burn my first Fionn, then i level him for setsubon as a joke but in the end i ended up liking using Fionn, was really fun for me, and i even begin to like a little bit his character. And i mention first Fionn because i burn the second on because he came with a golden ring in a roll in the story banner during halloween Lily rerun, i was pretty mad for the things that could have i get but was Fionn, a servant that in that moment i didn’t even have give it a chance

Okita: i didn’t reall care a lot for her, i get her in her last rate up, i was rolling because i wanted to get my oun poster girl to make setups, i get Okita with the first ticket, she kinda grow in me because her quotes are cute that’s all


Definitely Gorgon.

Originally, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about that weird Medusa alter that I had noticed in the servants list. I also tend to not care too much about what I don’t have summoned yet. Comes last/my first GSR ticket and among the recommendations is Gorgon, because she’s story locked. And being your average noob, I was still in the support-jalter-100 phase. So there was this Avenger cachet, with AoE flavour. And it was Medusa. Kind of.

So I got her with that ticket. And leveled her to 80, got strangled for mats and was forced to leave her skills at 3/3/3. Then comes that first time you take a servant out. And shoot that NP, unupgraded at that point. Boooooy, did it not kill anything. Tickling each enemy for a good 14k … on self steroids. Or those buster cards dealing less damage than Medea’s arts to assassins. That’s also when I really got my nose into those star gather rates thingies and weeped some more.

Not gonna lie, I was salty inside.

Did her rank-up, fou’d her to 1k/1k (and I think, skilled to 7/7/7 around that time).
Steroid NP was still struggling with RNG to clear a damn ember daily W1. Despair followed.
Still clinging to the neutral AoE, I went and grailed her to 90, refusing to use her until then, to really feel the 10 levels difference. Well finally, she could reliably kill off that first ember wave and at least find herself some use in 3T low level farming (yay ._.).
But then, I also went and got her an MLB Star of Camelot. It’s currently leveled to 75, by far my highest leveled CE.
I still can’t really make use of Gorgon for hard content like CQs but better support options have helped taking her damage a step higher. And just when you’re getting very used to that just-enough feeling, you get to throw her at Rulers or Berserkers. Or give her one of those event CEs with +100% ATK boni.
And you start mimicking her maniacal laugh when her numbers get to thirty times the values you’re so used to.

I grailed her some more before this event.
Currently 96, waiting on me for those two last grails.
Soon enough, she’ll be getting gold fous too.
And Gorgon will start to grow even stronger, waiting on her future rank-up quest.

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Buff my boy Arjuna please.

Never got the appeal of him when I saw Touta pre-Camelot, then I played and realized, wow, what a bro.
I was apathetic on Kintoki, judging a book by its cover too much… then came Rashomon and Onigashima, and now he’s one of my absolute favorites and a long-term target, on top of long-term grail project if I nab him. He’s such a good lad, damn.
… Blackbeard. For the longest time, I didn’t like him; honestly, he’s still nowhere even near my tops, but I’ve gone from frustration to positive if mixed. Heck, I’ll even readily defend the massive weirdo.
Edison. I still have some serious frustration with regards to his characterization, usage as a character, on top of not being the biggest fan of his design, in… any way whatsoever. I can however say that he’s reasonably fun when he works, and that makes up for the shortcomings everywhere else.
Wu. I went from not standing her, to tolerating her. Technically counts, right?
Spartacus I at first didn’t enjoy, being another looks situation, before seeing Apocrypha, reevaluating my feelings on him, and giving him another shot. Nowadays he’s actually one of my favorite low-rarities and Zerkers, and I’m not quite sure when that turn happened, but there he is.
Cat. She bored me, plain and simple, in every way. After CCC my apathy over her design didn’t go away, nor as concerns her still-boring kit (though I’ll raise my own in time), except I can say I’d call her a friend. I can get down with someone so straightforwardly and ardently supportive, kind, and kind of cute.


Why you mention him if you still totally hating him :fgo_shiki_confused:

I definitely remember a good amount of Arjuna bashing awhile back, which is part of why I didn’t use him for awhile after he spooked me on the CCC banner. But he’s been great to me since I started using him, and am overall glad he spooked me twice. Same with Mordred, I remember some people online bashing her, but in that case I didn’t let it deter me much, and she’s been one of my front line sabers since (she also spooked me twice which was a decent surprise)


Enkidu . Best clay spooked me while I rolled for ereshkigal .I was so angry at that time but after using him and seeing how cool he was in the anime (that noble phantasm scene :fire::fire: ) made him one of my favourite servants in the entire game


When I was new, I paid a lot more attention to the tiers and to other opinions (and I still like comparing opinions), but I enjoy the characters better now that I have the context to make my own analyses.

A number of my most”invested” (read: whaled NP) SSRs aren’t even top tier in the most popular lists. Many of them fall into GP Tiers 3-4, often for sound reasons based on their drawbacks, but they can still work impressively well in the right situations and with the best support.

I suppose my point is that I’m more careful these days not to let others’ negative opinions influence my liking of a character and my willingness to give them a shot. If you like the Servant, chances are you can make them work well even if they objectively aren’t often the best for a given role.