Servant Types Instead of Classes

Just for fun: what if instead of classes, our servants had types (ala Pokemon) instead? What would they be? I’ll start below:

Fighting: Summer Martha, Sanzang, Kojiro, Musashi, Scathach, Cu, Proto Cu, Okita, Okitan, Hijikata, Iskandar, Yagyu, Yan Qing

Fire: Ibaraki, Tomoe, Nobu, Arjuna, Karna, Nezha, Jeanne, Jalter, Nero, Chacha, Kiyohime, Quetz, Rama, Gawain

Ground: Enkidu, Avicebron

Water: Squirtoria, Surfdred, Summer Jeanne, Summer Ushi, Summer Nito, Summer Maid, Hokusai, Drake

Ice: Skadi, Sitonai, Anastasia, Tamamo, Brynhildr

Electric: Tesla, Edison, Raikou, Frankenstein, Parvati, Kintoki (Rider and Berserker), Ivan, Da Vinci

Grass: Robin Hood, Touta, Cu Caster, Nero Bride, Merlin

Psychic: Medea, Hans, Shakespeare, Nursery Rhyme, Stheno, Euryale, Scheherazade, Caster Gilgamesh, Sherlock, Mebd

Flying: Santa Altera, Lancelot, Achilles, Astolfo, Circe, Ishtar, Valkyrie, Helena (Caster and Archer), MHX, Medusa, Gilgamesh

Dark: Vlad, Dantes, Lalter, Salter, Santa Alter, Carmilla, Jack, Cu Alter, Gorgon, Amakusa, Abigail, Kiara, Atalante Alter

Poison: Serenity, Semiramis, Cleopatra, Shuten, Wu

Steel: Babbage, Mecha Liz, MHXX, Danzo, Emiya, Demiya, Melt, Passionlip, Napoleon, Caster Nero, Nightingale, Altera, Moriarty, Tristan

Fairy: BB, Illya, Medea Lily, Santa Alter Lily, Osakabehime

Ghost: Nitocris, Ereshkigal, First Hassan, Shiki (Assassin and Saber)

Dragon: Artoria, Proto Arthur, Mordred, Siegfried, Sieg, Sigurd, Rider Martha, Ryouma, Elisabeth (Regular, Halloween, and Brave)

Rock: Waver, Ozy, David

Note: this turned out way longer than I expected, and I definitely couldn’t get to everyone

Note2: I also didn’t account for any double-typing (like Morded being Electric/Dragon type) because I’d be here all day if I did that! :sob:

If you guys have suggestions for the ones I missed or think something is wrong, help me out and post!


Some of these actually make perfect sense :joy:

Some additional ones:

Spartacus fighting
Zerkerlot dark or steel

Robin Hood I’d actually consider poison because of his NP, but I guess poison and grass types often go together anyways.

Just curious, why is Lancelot flying? I thought he might be water because he’s “Knight of the Lake”.

Flying! Arash Airlines :tm: !


Omg totally :rofl:

It was purely because of that fighter jet he uses in his NP :laughing:

You’re right tho, he probably qualifies more as Dark or Steel (I was leaning more towards Steel) but I couldn’t resist the fighter jet joke :grin:

I did end up making Gilgamesh a Flying type also, because I just had no clue where to put him.


All Casters can be considered Psychic then. Some will have double typing though:

Sanzang - Psychic/Fighting
Merlin - Psychic/Grass
Skadi - Psychic/Ice

to name a few…

What about Mash? Normal type? What would be considered a Normal type?


Romulus-Quirinus, Fighting/Thunder


She’s like Fighting/Earth

(I don’t wanna remmember PkMn / ORAS Is the last great PkMn / I’ll be back)

I’m not really sure what to do about Normal type. Maybe servants who use martial arts should be Fighting type, while those with conventional weapons should be Normal type?

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Probably, if Fighting was limited to martial arts users or martial arts in their attacks then there would be less in that typing.

Normal could be all servants that are Heroic Spirits that’s in our historic timeline? Like Cu can be a Normal type, but Cu Alter can’t? Hmm hmmm…

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Gilles (Saber)

Arash (Self-Destruct Is Normal Type)


Altria will follow altaria and be a flying dragon type and after Mega evolving will be a fairy dragon type


Someone says Altaria

Me, an intellectual:

Don't judge me



Ara Ara Ma Ma



we all know its clearly based off their color scheme and not any actual lore gameplay


I think Mash would be Steel since that tends to be the best defensive typing in Pokemon.

KoR members would probably all have a Steel typing due to the few ‘knight like’ pokemon having the typing. Artoria servants would probably be Dragon/Steel (besides the summer variants). Same goes for Mordred.

Tamamo -> Psychic/Dark
Shuten Douji -> Poison
Raikou -> Electric
Hokusai -> Dark or Dark/Water (pure Water type before Ascension 3)
Nursery Rhyme -> Ghost
Osakabehime -> Ghost

Elizabeth -> Dragon
Elizabeth Halloween -> Dragon/Ghost
Elizabeth Brave -> Dragon/ Normal or Dragon/Fighting
Mecha Eli Chan -> Dragon/Steel

Altera -> ???
Altera Santa -> Ice

What is Altera? I can’t make my servants do a Pokemon RP if I don’t know what typing Altera is.


Has the sword of the war god, so fighting.

and by replying now I’ve doomed myself to categorization just for categorization’s sake once more


I think a good one would be Dark/Fairy for Suzuka because most people might not expect that, but she is part god part oni.


altera is normal/fairy

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