Servant you want to use, but

Did you guys have a Servant you have maxed, meaby even high np level, meaby even a very good and hyped servant, but you never find a node to actually use?
Meaby even whaled for him/her?

Here is mine

She is my highest np level 5 star, I rushed her 10/10/10, and I whaled a bit to get her second np (np 1 and 3 was f2p sq)
But even since, I have never had any reason to use her at all.
Pretty sad…


I doubt that you never face any sabers at all.


Well you decide if you want to use someone or not.
Just to say last CQ which feature a 2 breakbar taiga, i did use Archuria.
Also this coming CQ against saber.
I did also whale for her NP5 and do not regret since she’s my choice for every CQ or high HP saber.


Is this whole thread a flex, I feel like this whole thread is a flex.


I saw that

And That



No you didn’t :fgo_jeannu:


Last time it is showing off your 5 Kscopes, now this.

Weird flex but okay.

Regarding your actual topic, if you want to use a servant, just use them?? You don’t need an excuse or a reason to field a particular servant if you genuinely want to use them.


Probably Medb I love her personality and design and grailed 100 10/10/10 and NP2ed her but barely ever need a single target rider so she hasn’t seen much use. I have been trying to fix that though so hopefully I can get her to bond 10 within the next year-ish without just backline-ing her.


Your loss!

Archuria is my favorite archer and I use her frequently in my Arts np spam team!


Definitely my NP5 Shark; my F2P beautiful accident. I’m only really leveling her skills for my Support List. I just like using Summer Kiyo, my original target when the above happened, better. The only time I really ever use Shark is for CQ damage memes

I use Jalter, Bride and BB all the time on nodes where I have more efficient options so… :fgo_grampsnani:

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I can understand you.

She was my third NP5. I recognize her potential to loop her NP and her utility to spam her NP drain. A great unit to be honest.

She’s good for a stall team. That’s all. If your others options allow you to finish the battle fastly, use them instead of archuria.

Emiya and Suzuka Gozen.

I love characters with summon sword attacks.

magic flying sword rain is my A S T H E T I C

but… I also have Mordred and Tesla, and they are way more suited for quick repetitive farming events, so they don’t see much use except for when I’m feeling frisky doing story stuff, or have to do a challenge quest.


Ah I love vergil. I am waiting for DMC V special edition.

That’s a dick move from capcom. They know vergil is a tool for selling.


Archuria actually plays well with fastburn comps. Her absurd refund ability makes it easy to abuse spam hyper-buffed super BG NPs. She can chew through multi-bar ST fights this way.

Orion is the one locked into slow fights, his kinda bad NP gain makes it difficult to play aggressively.


Yes I remember arash’s CQ. I stalled him for 30-40 turns and succeded to kill him 2 times.

Even without a CE which improves her NP gain, once you do a NP brave chain, her NP charge is at 100%.

I don’t slot her since I set a team composed of superscopes and NP5 servants. Full DPS.

I am not bragging. I just tell a fact.

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Ahah, no I am not flexing.
How could I ? In this very forum there are several master with multiple np5.
There is a guy, name atem, in my secondary account support list, who’line is all 5* np5 , and he change them weekly.

No, it just, feel sad not be able to use such a unit in his specific situation, where she can shine.

Even more when you have several other servant

I could have used jaguar warrior for the same post…

She’s an archer. Use her against sabers.


what?? deja vu is real, i just closed dmc5 and and when I got here the first thing I saw was dmc pic.


Is that Guts from berserk or you installed a mod?