Servants immune to pigification?

Does anybody have a list of the servants immune to Circe’s noble phantasm (assuming that the number of those who aren’t immune are larger) ?

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isn’t it just Odysseus?


The only one that is inmune passively is Ody, just like King Hassan is inmune to instakill and Kama is inmune to charms


The only Servant inherently immune to Circe’s pig status is Odysseus.

Now, some bosses might have gimmicks that make them immune to it and other debuffs, but that would just be a gimmick limited to certain boss fights. I don’t know a full list of JP boss fights, so I can’t say which ones that would be, if there are any (I’m pretty sure there’s at least one boss fight somewhere where the boss has a gimmick of being immune to debuffs and would thus be immune to Circe’s pig status, although I’m not 100% sure).

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I actually used my Circe in JP a few times on the 30 AP Assassin training ground lately and it seems like Stheno is immune to it as well, since I never got to piggify her so far.

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Stheno has a 50% debuff resist, so that’s why you’re missing it so much.


Stheno has 50% debuff resist, 20 from magic resistance A and another 30 from core of the goddess EX.
circle only have 10% debuff chance up so its likely it missed


circe getting more misses on stheno
than i get misses when i play basketball


I know that Large Ivan is immune. I tried to stun him here and failed:

Didn’t test the servant version because, y’know, easy fight.

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