Servants rarities according to their power in the story

Hello all, I made a list of all Servants with their rarities corresponding to their power in the story (power = attack potency). That means that if a Servant is focused on support and is weak themselves, they can’t be an SSR. There are a lot of Servants whose power I couldn’t gauge (either because there is little material on them or I didn’t read the stories they appear in), so it would be great if you could fill in those shortcomings.

I put “high” and “low” categories for SSR and SR because I felt there was still room for further distinction.

I didn’t count the fame boosts, but every Servant would go up one rank if they had one. (Cu becomes high SSR in Ireland, Nobu low SSR in Japan, etc.)

For those interested, I also have some explanations for the choices I made:

• Diarmuid: Saint Graph’s ability higher compared to his Lancer form, according to the wiki
• Gawain: high SSR when sun-buffed
• Muramasa: boosted by the Alien God?
• Suzuka: SSR with third NP?
• D’Eon: despite A-ranked strength, I never pictured him as a powerful Servant
• Hektor: low SSR due to standing up to Achilles
• Jeanne Santa Lily: Karna Santa is said to be much stronger than her
• Caenis: low SSR in Atlantis but fame-boosted, so high SR?
• David: low SSR due to Ark and his general fame
• Chiron: as a centaur, otherwise high SR
• Altera the Santa: would have been “dangerous” to Karna Santa had she been in perfect condition
• Ashvatthaman: high SSR in India so low SSR normally
• Super Orion: hard to say because fame-boosted in Atlantis AND a Grand Servant
• Napoleon : Lostbelt version has more power than he normally would
• Tesla: hesitated between SSR and SR due to him holding his own against multiple Servants in London, but “recent” Heroic Spirits are usually less powerful than others
• Arash: didn’t count Stella since it kills him, but SSR if you count it
• Osakabehime: she stated to be as strong as Li Shuwen during his prime
• Paris: he’s portrayed as weak but I don’t know how weak
• Artoria Santa Alter: Karna Santa’s fight against her was very close
• Europa: maybe high SSR because of Talos?
• Odysseus: fame-boosted in Atlantis, so low SSR normally?
• Ryouma: Nobu says he’s a weak Heroic Spirit, but Oryou is the one with the firepower
• Mandricardo: wiki states he’s a “C rank Servant”
• Castoria: once pilgrimage is complete, has power similar to a Lostbelt King
• Avicebron: low SSR due to his Adam
• Gilles: low SSR due to his Gigantic Horror
• Nursery Rhyme: low SSR due to Jabberwocky
• Helena: could be high SR but I feel like she’s weaker due to being a recent Heroic Spirit
• First Hassan: Grand Servant version, so I have no idea what his rank would be normally
• Mysterious Heroine X: possibly as strong as Artoria, and she destroyed the core of the Dark Maanna, something normal Servants’ NP can’t even scratch
• Semiramis: wondering if not high SSR because of those EX-rank magic cannons
• Arjuna Alter: as a Servant, not the Lostbelt King
• Cu Alter: as a Servant, otherwise even more powerful than even Karna in the American Singularity
• Vlad III: with Dracula, otherwise high SR as a Lancer if not fame-boosted
• Raikou: hesitating between low or high SSR
• Xiang Yu: high SSR in Lostbelt, but fame-boosted due to China, so low SSR in normal settings?
• Penthesilea: goes up to high SSR if fighting people who remind her of Achilles
• Spartacus: goes up in rank as he takes damage
• Jeanne: high SSR due to La Pucelle
• Ashtart = evil half of Ashtart Origin ; Space Ishtar = good half of Ashtart Origin

“Couldn’t gauge” section:

• Yagyu: Musashi says he could defeat her, but wasn’t she a human when she said that?
• Musashi: she’s a human in Shimousa, so I don’t know how she compares to her Servant self

NB: Comparison of strengths made by Geronimo in the Turas Realta manga: Cu Alter > Karna, Rama > Celtic army Servants > Nero Bride, Elizabeth > Gero, Billy, Robin


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Tesla is a Pioneer of the Stars and he brought down the lightning to the realm of humans, he is very much a powerhouse.

Yes but so was he

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I’m probably biased but I don’t think Da Vinci should be a SR power-wise. Low SSR would be better.

She’s a “modern” servant yes, but Pioneer of the Stars makes her a lot stronger compared to any other modern servant (same deal for Tesla and Drake)

Also her NP is really powerful, the one she uses in FGO is a nerfed version because she uses half of her power to aid Chaldea

Even Koyanskaya complimented her combat ability and according to her the main reason she couldn’t defeat Anastasia during the Lostbelt Prologue was because Lostbelt servants are much stronger than PHH ones

But again, I’m biased

A few points to note:

  • Lostbelt Kings/Grand Servants really should be in a tier of their own, Lore wise their feats hillariously outdo every ‘regular’ servant .

  • spishtar and MHXX have quite literally galaxy busting NP’s (MHXX for some reason wont use hers).

  • KP is apparently around the ballpark of beast Kiara power wise.

  • Yu is immortal even as a servant. Outside of Macguffin specifically designed to kill immortals on her own event we have yet to encounter anything that can harm her, let alone defeat/kill her.

  • Vampire Vlad easily matched several servants empowered by CS orders, including some from his own tier.


That’s very interesting. Do you have more info on what Pioneer of the Stars actually does? I’ve never been able to find much about it, but maybe there’s a story I didn’t read that explains it?

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Could Lostbelt Kings beat Gilgamesh? Arjuna Alter, definitely, but I’m not sure about the others. Gilgamesh is already pretty much a Lostbelt King on his own.

Do Space Ishtar and MHXX still have galaxy busting NPs when they are Servants summoned by Fujimaru?


All the info we have about Pioneer of the Stars are from the Materials.

Pioneer of the Stars is the unique Skill given to heroes that became turning points in human history. All difficult voyages and challenges which are considered "impossible " turn into "events that can be realized ".

Tesla brought an existence that belonged only to beings from the Age of Gods down to Earth and raised the level of civilization on the entire world, thus having this Skill at a high rank.

Leonardo da Vinci, who gave many stimuli in many fields to human civilization, possesses this Skill at a high rank

We don’t have more info about Drake’s Pioneer of the Stars

Wiki link if you’re interested

Lore-wise it seems to be very strong. Let’s not forget that Drake defeated/injured Poseidon twice, which would probably be impossible for most modern servants

Gameplay-wise it translates to Ignore Invincibility, which makes sense if you think about it. Even if an opponent is invincible, they can still defeat/hurt them. They make possible something impossible


Gilgamesh simply appeared too early in the story, powercreep left behind most of the original cast. That said Lostbelt Kings and Grands outside of their lostbelt dont have many feats if at all, First Hassan is the only exception. And if you dont count Lostbeslt feats then Castoria shouldnt have equivalent power to them(third Ascension sword is apparently stronger then Excalibur though)

Depends how you interpret “doesnt really get used in FGO”

As for Spishtar

I guess it depends on how much energy she in the mood for will release.