Servants that need Animation Updates the most

I decided to use tiermaker to rank servants based on how much they need animation updates, since it’s a neat way to put all of them in the same place.

The tiers are pretty straightforward, while the ranking within the tiers is based on a mix of preference and the animation potential that I can think of. I’ll explain in a more detailed manner below.

  • Magic Blasts take first because they’re extremely lazy and have the least character movement. Mata Hari is at the end because I’m not too sure what the improvements would be, whereas the others are easier to think of.

  • Projectiles take second for similar reasons as first, just have slightly more character movement.

  • Melee is third because it has more movement, but because so many fall under that group it gets very noticeable that animations are being recycled. There are some slight differences based on the weapon, but mostly they’re the same. As for the ranking there are some sub-groups:

  1. Has much more to offer: Benkei only uses one weapon despite being literally loaded with other weapons that are part of his legend, Phantom actually uses a lot of traps in the original story rather than attacking directly, and George can use a variety of weapons.
  2. Special weapons: Romulus can control plants/trees with his weapon, Mephy uses scissors and bombs, Babbage is a steam-powered mech, Fergus uses a drill sword, Sanson uses a guillotine blade sword. Several of these don’t make sense with current animations or could have long-range attacks or both.
    The others are less organized, Diarmuid jumps ahead out of being so tragically under-animated compared to Zero, then David to Leonidas all could have armies/underlings fight in animations, and then the others I’m less sure on (Anne&Mary could have teamwork in their attacks, but I don’t think the summer form does, so that’s why I assumed the same for rider).
  • Punching Melee takes another tier because how few are in that group makes it less noticeably repeated, even if they are plain animations.

  • Then there’s the final tier. Lancer Alter is pretty much only different because of the horse, so she’s first there, and then there’s the Apocrypha servants that aren’t as bad as the ones earlier in the list but are still rather plain, then Li Shuwen, who has a noticeable fighting style but is still a bit plain, and then Nursery Rhyme, where they combined crystal and elemental effects for the attacks rather than basing them on the stories, and finally Paracelsus who has elemental attacks, but I expect more from an alchemist that creates elementals, his are still a bit plain.

Anyway, let me know what you think of my rankings, if you agree/disagree and if I missed anyone. Also feel free to make your own, this was pretty fun to do.


Low-key would sooner put Fran into the generic melee weapon group. Similarly for Fionn; they don’t feel thatdifferent from ProCu’s stabbing, just with the slightest bit of glittering and mildly more swinging but still… like a half-step up, which is whatever if that makes sense even if I get why he’s put there? To me anyway. Also screw you Fionn.

Would slot KoGil into the last group outside of his NP. Inclined to put Waver into the last group as well, seems like a real Jeanne situation where yeah he’s a marked step up from the rest, and it’s clear he had some measure of thought put in… but he still shows his age. Would put CasLiz in Decent, strongly reminds me of NR and Para.

God when will my boys and girls get their animations updates. Also those I happen to not give two craps about just on principle.


Fair enough, those could both fit into the special weapons group. I just separated them because there was a little bit of difference, even if it’s just a spark or tiny burst of water and very slight differences from the usual bludgeon/stab animations of that group. I was considering Kid Gil as well, just figured he was fine as is since if they improved his then they might upstage adult Gil’s animations and then we’d have another update wasted on making Gil’s attacks more shiny (mostly kidding, his more recent NP update was nice, but the regular attack update wasn’t needed).

Not sure on Waver, as while he does have a variety of animations, some of them are your typical elemental attacks that FGO thinks every caster needs if they don’t melee or have caster balls. It’s really weird to me that Witch Liz has elemental attacks merged with the pumpkin attacks, why not just have some halloween-like effect upon explosion instead of doing elemental stuff again? Makes elemental-themed characters like Paracelsus underwhelming if every caster can do it. Medea makes sense though, considering her magic prowess.

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Why Jeanne?

I don’t feel like she needs one to be honest, maybe more effects on her NP but it’s still fine as it is. Her animations, while plain, are how she’s supposed to fight. The only thing they could add are some light pillars in the extra attack inspired by her Extella version maybe.

I personally would like jack to get one next. as annoying as the caster balls are I end up seeing jack attack way more since she is a great ST assassin.


Same reason herc needed one. Smash BETTER

Did martha got animation update on JP?

Yes, Yes she did.

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Jeanne’s animation seems fine to me while Fran deserve an update, maybe add a rotation move for different card type which remember some SMASH situation but remove those lunge …

Jeanne, Fran, Shakespeare, and Jack will probably come with the Apoc rerun. JP should get that soon.


Jeanne Ruler badly needs a real update. I’d say she’s Mash-tier boring with her animations, but Mash is actually more interesting to watch. Give the Holy Maiden some flash.

I’d like Jalter to get a big update as well, a la Gil’s summer 2019 update in JP. Add some more polish. She doesn’t need it as bad some of the Servants who still have launch-era magic balls, but it would please me.


Okay, so it’s super obvious who I’m gonna push for, the problem is “for a noncombatant, there’s no real weapon associate with her.” To that I’d propose a Stiletto dagger because, well, it’d sit aesthetically with her design at least, just do an art update so she’s got it strapped to her thigh, and you can bluff the rest.


Or alternatively, stop caring, say “Well, when you think of spys, you think cool gadgets and guns, so YOLO, give her a gun”


(I was waiting to be able to eat after taking some medicine, so I made these visual aids to pass the time)


Assassin Shiki should be in the last group,her animations are fine but could be better,and the only animation that don’t look old is her NP.

And ushiwakamaru deserve an animation update ,She is one of the most recurent servants on events in the game, and i mean Carmila get one and she almoust never apears in events ,so why the ■■■■ Ushi don’t have one yet?!


@Meta_Cat I get your reasoning, even if we come from different perspectives and ultimately disagree. Maybe I’m just a bit bitter from seeing them so much so the barely better’s get conflated in my eyes. Waver and my adored Cas Eli are two good examples.

@Torafuku I agree with you in terms of “how she’s supposed to fight,” but my wanting an animation update for her is primarily coming from the perspective of how overall basic they look in terms of quality. They feel not dissimilar, to me, to how Artoria was before her recent update. Personally I could do with more quality and flavor/equivalent of "SMASH BETTER"ing that Kamiyoda described. I would definitely put many others before her in terms of necessity, though.

@Toyos God yes, it’s like with Saberlot how certain chains just look the freaking same and it takes me out of it. Although Saberlot does have more overall creativity going on in terms of facecarding (I’d call them about equal in NP).



I know this isnt going to be a popular choice, but I feel like Raikou could really use an animation update. For a 5 star, her animations are super basic. All cards have pretty much the same animation, regardless of order in a combo. Other than that, Arash and Cu from lower tiers, and Atalante, but I think she is getting an animation update pretty soon.


Arash need that
And i supoust that you mean proto Cu

While I definitely think that it’s much more interesting when they have different animations depending on the order of the cards, several of the recent animations/animation updates don’t have these variations, so that’s why for this list I prioritized simply how good the animations are instead of taking variations into account since we don’t always get those (Hektor’s new animations, Europa, and Mandricardo only had one or two variations depending on card order).

@Torafuku I thought the same back when I heard someone suggest Jeanne get an animation update, but then I realized I was mainly thinking of the quality extra attack, so I looked up her animations and realized her card attacks are pretty plain still, even though her extra attack is good.

@Flower_Hermit Well, perhaps she could take a page out of Marie’s new book and attack with sparkles. Or maybe flowers or something.

“we have taken your feedback into account, Gilgamesh (Archer) will be receiving another animation update soon”




Hey Fionn now have a animation update, he can no longer be in that list