Servants that never appeared in the Main Story

Before I go through every Singularity again, I thought we could make somewhat of a list here, of Servants that exist, are playable, but never really appeared in the main storyline.

To give you an example of what I’m talking about: Cleopatra
So far I think we’ve only seen her in the Halloween-Events.

Another one would be Cu Prototype. I can’t remember ever seeing this guy anywhere. No events, definitely not the main story, he only spoke to me once during his own interlude.
I guess the same actually goes for Proto Arthur, but at least he had his Trial Quest.
At least these two have the excuse of being from other Fate/-works, but still.

So what other Servants, FGO-originals or not, can you think of that never had a spot in the main story (but really would love to see there)?


OG Saber. She’s the face of the game, the mascot, the icon, the center of most posters but she has never appeared on story herself.

The closest thing is a flashback of Bedivere remembering her (“That was the first time i saw my king smiling”) and Shinjuku Salter which a different thing entirely.

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Osakabehime comes to mind. She only appeared during the Holloween events and her latest being the Amazoness event in JP.

I guess fujino counts. But they did say she will never appear in the story (which is a shame) . She was never part of the any event

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I would assume all the rerun Servants never appear so Fujino (as already mentioned), Kingprotea, Saber Diamuid, any others?

Cleo wasn’t present in Solomon anywhere? Were the Servants divided up by the Singularity they appeared or was it random?

Edit: Per

Cleopatra was in Solomon

Saber Diarmuid.

He appeared in the E Pluribus Unum trailer but never actually appeared in the singularity.

He then appeared in Accel Zero rerun CQ but AFAIK never appeared on any story content.

Cleopatra and a number of the Event Servants actually showed up in Section 9 of Solomon


Oh yeeaaahhh… She really did.
I remember seeing pretty much all the event Servants there, but somehow I thought Cleo wasn’t present.
I’m still extremely curious if and how they adapt this into the anime. Because getting all the Voice Actors together, saying one or two lines for each of their respective Servants. At least that’s what fans are expecting.

Though I’m still a bit discontent about this. I mean, yeah, Solomon is definitely main story. But this particular pillar… it was so fanservice-y. Raikou and Shuten are a good example here. They got a good spot in the main story during Shimousa. I really liked that. That’s what I’m hoping for most “regular” Servants aka historical figures like Cleopatra.

How about regular Lancer Cu? He appeared in a Guda Guda event, maybe a Summer event(?) but did he appear in any story? He isn’t listed as appearing in Solomon.

Oh… Miyu as well maybe?

Summer 1, yeah.

Yeah, Lancer Cu got shafted by his Caster version in Fuyuki. I think all of the cast of FSN get’s the Arturia-treatment. Maybe Emiya is an exception? I feel like seeing him pretty often, but not sure if that’s due to him being in a looot of events.
Other exception is Medea, who got a small spot in Salem, mostly due to Circe, but still. I really liked that as well.


I really hope not tbh

I’m not sure. When the news about Solomon Anime dropped, I feel like seeing a lot of comments from people wishing to see Servant XY to be animated.

I dont think Medusa was in the story either , aside from lolidusa.

I don’t mind some Servants in the background or whatever but every Servant saying a couple of lines will get tedious fast.

Although I do hope they focus on popular Servants from singularities we haven’t seen yet, Jalter comes to mind :fgo_disgusting: totally not biased

On topic: on further reflection, most Collab Servants - espesh post Solomon - have never made a story appearance.

Now that you mention it you are right he is nowhere, the only place i remember have seen him is in the trial quest of Arthur

He appears in the first interlude of Bryn

Well some appear in events, like Kingprotea in summer 4 and i think that Miyu appears in one event in some point, but non of them in the main story of course

She appears as one of the first shadow servants that you defeat in Fuyuki

Oh thats right… Mb

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everyone be forgetting suzuka doesnt even appear in the main story too
feels pepe man
and branda ASS

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I always thought ccc was somewhat part of the main story.