Servants that you usually forget that exist

So we some times forget some servants but we all forget some more then others si, who is the servant that usually you forget that exist?
In my case is Mordred, i don’t hate Mordred not consider her forgetable but for some reason i alway forget that she exist

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Way back when it used to be Rama for me, now I’m not so sure

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Eric Bloodaxe. Not even the FP rolls make him appear at all. Never seen him in any support lineup, grailed or not. Never seen him in any guide.
But only when I check the Noble Phantasm List and filter by Berserker do I see his face. Decent AoE NP damage, I guess? Can’t say I’ve ever done anything to him other than NP5 him and archive him for organizational purposes.
I don’t even know if he’s a speaking berserker or if he makes noises.

I would mention Angry Mango, but people grail him for memes and he came to me not once or twice but thrice. He’s trying to tell me to at least read Hollow Ataraxia somewhere… :fgo_judge:


There’s probably a ton of servants that I don’t have and just never think about, so I’m going to limit it to just 4*+ servants that I have, and have put max levels into. Furthermore, rather than entirely forgetting that they exist, this is going to be more along the lines of ‘it never even occurs to me that I could use them’.

Scheherazade - I have actually used her a decent amount recently while trying to bond for SQ, but it was pretty painful. She just sucks really badly. She definitely should have been a 5* Medea-Lily to focus more on her not-dying thing, at least she would have had some use.

Nobu Archer - between Arjuna, Atalante, and now Jeanne, I just have better options. Nobu never gets used.

All forms of Liz except Mecha - again, I just have way better options, especially in the form of AoE lancers. I did also actually forget that caster Liz exists until I was looking through just now.

Yan Qing - Honestly, I didn’t even know what he did, other than all of his skills were really mediocre star based effects. Why do DW always completely shaft assassins? There are some good ones like Shiki, Jack, and Cleo, but most of them just suck.

Chevalier d’Eon - I really want d’Eon to be good, they have so much potential. Unfortunately they’re just plagued by a horribly weak early game kit, and arguably the worst NP in the game, even after rank-up. George is just better, and that is sad.

Santa Alter - I have no reason to use a servant with such crap NP gain that isn’t even particularly strong when I have Astolfo and Rishtar.

Anne & Mary (Rider) - These two just seem kind of hard to use. They want to be low HP, but they have no way to do it safely. I’ll stick with Ozy and Kintoki.

Beowulf, Mochizuki Chiyome, Paracelsus von Hohenheim


snake ninja girl. She’s supposed to be useful due to being an st assassin with battery and dot effect but almost never used her.
Also Rama. If i need crit damage i bring lancelot and if i want 1 turn big damage bedivere and saberliz works better


Caligula. Never see him in support lists, and hardly shows up in story or events, from my recollection. I can’t recall now, did he show up in Septem’s story at all?

Yes he did

Indeed he did. And don’t worry, if it were not for the one guy with a grailed Caligula in my friend list I would be forgetting about him as well.



She’s a babe and I loved her in the story but I’ve only seen her in someone’s support once



Caster Irisviel. Never seen on the list of supports


Wow you are right…

So forgotten I couldn’t even put her on a list a forgotten servant thread


I feel that something bad will happen if i answer to the OP question :thinking:

So, let’s give a neutral answer: Babbage. Who needs Babbage.


Caster Liz and the Gilles.

There’s nothing wrong with forget that a servant exist, but in my case is kinda sad because i have Mordred and i usually forget that she exist

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In my case it’s not simply one, it is many. Like…ok, i’ll say it.

Bronze servants. All of them.

I realized they existed only last months, because i needed to clear as much rank up quests as possible

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That’s not something you should be ashamed of. To be fair, unless someone has their bronze servant on a video setup or on Support lineup, I don’t even recognise their Final Ascension Art. Notable exceptions are the usual farming servants: Arash, Spartacus or even Shakespeare.
One time I saw a Benkei, and boi did I not recognise the man.

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Oh, i’m relieved then.
Indeed, Arash is the only Bronze i use. Him and i will never forget Georgious, the rider who saved my hide a lot of times in the beginning of my account.

I also will never forget Georgious because not only he hits like a wet noodle, but he kept eating all the stars. :roll_eyes:

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@Argon will have the queen at 100 & 10/10/10 soon :relieved:


Holiday-obsessed Liz, delusional Liz, Gundam Liz, Gundam Liz 2, squatter who lives under an opera house, child King of Heroes, young western outlaw, Fionn’s underling, ROMA!, Troy’s greatest defender, prototype Child of Light, Queen $lut, Caster of “I don’t want to die,” kykeon lover, Apache warrior.

Among others.

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