Servants the stalk you


Mine is Kojirou, I have him at NP5 with other bronze servants that would apreciate the NP Lvls, yet I always seem to have a couple showing up, with Spartacus and Asterios as close 2nd’s.


Hilariously enough mata hari seems to stalk me… I’m not complaining :smile:


For whatever reason, Liz seems to come home a lot, not quite enough for NP5 but I find it amusing since she’s my favorite Servant.


That’s probably because there are only 6 1* servents in the game, and with a 10% chance of a 1*, 5% of a 2*, and 1% of a 3* coming out of the FP gacha, those 1*'s show up a lot. Those 6 are Mozart, Arash, Mata Hari, Kojirou, Spartacus, and Asterios, and I can’t say I see more of one than the other. I count 11 2*'s, so given that they show up about half the time as a 1*, and that there are close to twice as many, mean that repeats show up much less frequently.


Except for 1*-2* servants, mine were Nito and Saberlot. NP3d them both in less than 2 months spending a little SQ for different banners. Only my first Nito was kinda planned (at least I got her on Camelot banner with the Singularity release). But I actually wouldn’t mind if they decided to stalk me to NP5 both :D


Discounting FP Summons…

Tamamo Cat. From the time I got her, she reached NP4 within the next 3 or 4 months. Cas Gil and Saberlot also reached NP2 within a month of acquisition.


If were talking about banner rolls, then i get Gilles de rais saber way too much.


Lancelot both forms. I wasn’t even trying to get him, but he spooked me in both forms around the Camelot banner. Zerkerlot just before, and Saberlot soon after. Which is kinda funny cause I actually rolled on the Camelot banner and got no servants, but Lancelot just pops up after the banner ended.
Now, I got Saberlot NP2 and Zerkerlot NP3, all when I was rolling random 10x rolls. I don’t regret it.


Astoflo, already have him at NP5, but he keeps coming back for me to burn him.


Servants stalking me tends to be cyclical. One servant will stalk me aggressively for three weeks to a month and then stop. Then a month or two later another will do it for a short period of time. From who I remember were: Cu Chuliann Proto, Medusa Rider, Medea, Billy the Kid, Cursed Arm Hassan, and Babbage. As of now Hundred Persona Hassan is stalking me, but I think she cooled off. Euryale and Kiyohime tend to be low key constant stalkers.


For some reason Eli stalks me as she has come to my chaldea 4 times already lmao


Phantom of the Opera. I mean… I’m not complaining, he’s one of my favorite characters and also pretty cute in my not-so-humble opinion.