Servants who desperately need strengthening

FGO is great in that powercreep is barely noticeable. It’s still happening, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay to a huge extent. That said, where it is most noticeable is with some of the older generation servants. Anyone got any old favorites that you really want to receive a decent buff?

In my case, Arjuna. Dude’s been with me since I first started and I love his design and lore. But seriously, what were they thinking when they designed his mechanics? Putting clairvoyance on a dude with 3 arts cards and base 8% stargen is just cruel. His second skill would be okay if it weren’t massively hamstrung by that ridiculous cooldown, and the only better-than-decent thing about his kit is mana burst flame, which honestly is still kinda far from impressive. Then they buff him by increasing his clairvoyance level and giving him 5/6 turns of debuff immunity which is nice I guess, though no one asked for that.

All they would really need to do to make him not suck is reduce the cooldown on fortunate hero. 6 turns. With passives at 3 turns instead of 5. Maybe increase the battery from 25 to 30% for the sake of it since even with that he wouldn’t necessarily be as good as any of his competitors. Boom. He’s now infinitely more usable while not quite reaching the levels of Gil, Ishtar and Tesla, and he’d have a genuine niche as a kinda NP spammer with decent durability and strong resistance to debuffs. If they wanted to be extra generous, give him a decent damage niche like his half-brother and replace instant death with increased damage to divine enemies, though I doubt they’d ever go that far. I can dream though.

It’s so easy to fix him and it’s a shame DW doesn’t seem to have any plans to do it (at least for the foreseeable future) - especially since they’ve recently given some very nice buffs to formerly mediocre servants like Vlad to truly fit his niche.

Katou Danzou NP interlude. PLEASE.


Yeah… When I need an archer with a battery, I usually find arash better suited than arjuna…


A few wishlist items that come to mind:

Arjuna - I like the idea of reworking his battery. I also like them to get creative and give him something similar to the Space Ishtar treatment:: rework his Mana Burst to allow him to choose his NP damage type between Buster and Arts with a corresponding Burst buff.

Ereshkigal: NP interlude.

Scheherazade: Something to offset her shit ATK or a big NP battery.

Anastasia: NP interlude (all Casters with damaging NPs deserve an interlude to the point that they really should launch with interlude values…)

Jeanne: Rank-Ups to improve all 3 of her skills, but especially 2.

Vlad: The recent strengthening on JP was interesting, but give him a god damn Arts buff.


Then summer Nero also need one
And summer Nobu


Give Boudicca a way to decrease her star weight, seriously, pure support rider is a glaring mistake in servant design :fgo_badciv: And while I am at it - give new animations with higher hit-counts to Ushi - they are just pathetic for quick servant. Also buff Monstrous Strength for Medusa - aside from her niche Mystic Eyes she fills too vanilla. Hm, all proposals are for Rider class :fgo_judge:

Seems about right :fgo_ishtarsmug:


Arash: Buster up or Guts


Im.not gonna pick out any specific servant who needs strengthening, but any skill that only gives guts should get the intuition purge treatment. Vanilla guts skills are really weak, and every one of them should have an added effect


Guess I’ll hop in on the Arjuna train.

I just can’t be happy knowing 25% charge is a thing


I’m mostly happy with Arujuna’s kit but I agree that his second skill could use a tune up.
A slightly shorter CD and 5% more Np gauge would be more than enough though the idea that was mentioned to reduce his durations for a far shorter CD is also appealing.

I agree on that with Boudica but there is one rider that star weight is a boon.
Sima Yi provides far more benefits than demerits in hogging the stars so you want that NP to be used often.

I’d like something for Kerry.
He’s recieved an NP interlude but he could use something to improve his NP gain.


Buster up, sure. But why would you want Guts? His whole specialty is being able to die on command.


Plsss and Arthur too :fgo_buster:


He isn’t terrible by any stretch but old Li Shuwen has not been competitive for a while, because DW are really trying their damnedest to undermine him one way or another.

Where do I start? Shiki’s NP buff, with it at NP1 Li does not deal damage significantly better at her, and Li has always been missing out on that useful battery.

Then they release this beast of a servant called Kama, where her every skill is bloated af/blatant powercreep. It really irritates me to think there is such a wide gap in the power of their kits when they were released within only a few months’ gap.

But DW is not done yet, they decided to Wu Zetian a NP buff because she totally needed it. Now when Wu lands her IP her NP basically hits equal damage to Li AT EQUAL NP LEVEL, a normal SR should have no business hitting damage equal to a SSR and yet they let it happen. As if that’s not enough they even let her NP remove enemy buffs now.

And there’s two back-to-back strengthening on MHX, suddenly she’s has the hardest hitting neutral NP among Assassins and unlike Li’s skill 3 MHX’s NP steroids stay constant throughout the 3T duration.

When the Enmatei event rerun I felt it would have been a good opportunity to strengthen old Li, but lol no. Instead they buffed King Hassan later giving him a permanent 30% Buster buff on top of all the other funny things going on in his new guts skill.

Li Shuwen’s signature crit buff also got powercreeped mercilessly, just look at Super Orion’s crit skill and compare it to Li’s.

It also doesn’t help matters DW decides to leave Arts supports to be so weaksauce at the same time.

As a huge fan of Li seeing these events unfold over the year and 4 month period after his JP release have been upsetting, it feels like an attempt to spite with a concerted effort to upstage the man by handing out unneeded buffs to his competitors and releasing a new overpowered rival. The decisions of DW regarding balancing really never fail to boggle and frustrate me.

Of course, he can be saved with buffs as well. If I have my way I would give him a GOOD NP buff and a battery, but bloody hell knowing DW the man is going to arrive on NA before a single strengthening is in sight for JP. If they leave Chiyome to rot even till today they can easily do the same to Li.


wondering why you keep comparing a lancer to assassins…looks up in GP

Oh, old man Li is an assassin not yet in NA. Sounds like a good pairing with sitting EX. Maybe we need a fgo R.E.D. squad (retired extremely dangerous)

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Yeah, I struggle to understand why DW decides to continually buff Servants that don’t need it and ignore Servants that desperately do.


Indeed, FGO is good at making cool old man.


And how DW has a hate boner for Arts in general. “Oh, are you the NP management card type? Let’s make your optimal team comps more restrictive and expensive than anyone else’s and pair you with the only premier SSR support who lacks NP charge on a skill.”


They buff Caesar to an absurd level, i’m fine with that, he’s cool.

How about making Okita worth Dauhouring again? She’s one of the two NP2 5s on my Chaldea and she is outperformed by 3 dude because she has never seen an Interlude of any kind. I just find it a little bizarre.

She’s not really in a bad spot though, it’s just the fact that Caesar is so ridiculous now.

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If you want to counterbalance Caesar’s absurd NP buff then all existing ST Sabers should get a NP buff (except those who got upgraded already), not just Okita. Caesar isn’t just threatening Okita, the man is threatening every ST Saber.


I’ve said it before on different threads that asks for this but my Sanson needs a buff. And as for what buff I went a different route in buffing his S1 instead or giving his S3 an additional buff. For the S1 idea I had in mind was to further increase the dmg by a bit as well as giving him special defense against evil traits. That way he put his decent HP pool to good enough use. As for the S3 idea my idea was to give him a star Gen buff or NP gain buff and a big one at that! Being a bronze servant asking for something major is a bit too much so something simple like fixing his internals would be nice. Granted we got someone like Chen running around so I wouldn’t know what’s too much for DW but oh well.

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