Servants who desperately need strengthening

Aww, crap guys. All the stuff I farmed with the help of my Helena Archer just vanished in a puff of logic. If you hadn’t told me how useless Helena is, I wouldn’t have retroactively lost all that value!

Ignorance is, indeed, bliss.


Eh I’ll be honest Helena is pretty good in my book.
If I do get her and not Waver I would definitely max her out. Her values are pretty darn flexible
if I get lucky GSSR might drop me that 4 star lady

Helena provides a team wide 20% battery, a damage steroid for all servant, and pack a NP powerful enough to clear a wave of enemies and has caster star-gather. As far as I know, no other servants even in JP has all of these qualities combined


I use Helena too.

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the only close thing is Gong,which is still far apart
Team wide 10% battery,NP strong enough to clear a wave at the cost of allies, a damage steroid that is most useful on Beserkers,and Caster Star Gather,
oh and self-riddance through scapegoat too

Pretty late, but there was a thread About improving Darius but there is unimportant lore fluff at the beginning.

I also had the idea that they could give Gilles Golden Rule Skill a teamwide 20% Arts three turn buff. My reasoning would be that Gilles spend his massive cash to finance many poets and musicians and also dwelled in his passion, which was theatre. Ingame it would help him building up his NP and it could give him a better standing in dedicated arts Teams. Would be nice if you could consider that idea.

Thinking Imperial Privilege should be Metronome (a random skill) + Heal (but the rule is that you can’t stack the heal if you healed)

Too complicated, and people don’t really like random skills (look at Brave Liz) so I don’t think most players will like that idea.

That’d honestly make IP worse. Unreliable as it is, the potential for something like 44% ATK/DEF Up is incredibly valuable. Ozy’s and Nero’s IP for example is almost the value of your typical Mana Burst skill, except applying to all of their cards for 60% of the time.

Never mind, yeah, way too much work.

Marie’s third skill then. Probably NP gain up and a boost to heal: 2500-> 3500

That could work. Interestingly I looked up the lore and it’s not too different from Golden Rule (Body) as far as lore goes, so some sort of NP-based effect would make sense.

Probably 2500 and heal recovery up to all allies?

No, the skill just affects her lore-wise, not her allies. Well, unless they change the skill. Your earlier idea makes sense, either NP gain buff or NP charge per turn.

Oh okay. Just need an improvement to her heal. 2500 just doesn’t cut it anymore so it should be higher than that.

Yeah, the 3500 you mentioned earlier makes sense, or at least 3000 since that’s the amount Golden Rule (Body) heals.

I think that Tomoe isn’t desperate for a skill strengthening but this could help her
Knowlesh of combat B++: increase the star gen of all allies by 30-50% for 3 turns + targetable star gather (the same as before) for 3 turns + increase 10-30% crit damage for 3 turns.
It may be kinda to much but was to help Tomoe crit Archer roll and to help her pseudo support roll, some advices for make better this ideal would be welcome

I’m not sure, with how her first skill and second skill is set up, she seems like the sort that gives some teamwide support while still clearly being the main damage dealer. I could see her getting the crit strength buff so she can crit better, but handing off the stars to someone else along with an added crit buff seems like a lot on a skill that already has a teamwide buff.

It seems her lore backs that up, that skill is described as the ability to fight within an army, and isn’t a skill to command said army, just how to work well within one.

Alternatively, her third skill is basically the ability to enhance her Oni abilities, so that could get a buff since it oddly just gives her more health and a Guts, you figure awakening her Oni powers more would give her an offensive boost, unless that’s already covered in her first skill, since that’s Oni-based.

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I think that maybe an inflict burn with maybe Buster cards because she is a Oni with fire powers, what do you think?

That’s often Bond CE or CC territory, but it is possible, we have other cases of that.