Servants whose Class don't make sense

I’m sure these have been discussed before, but there are a few Servants whose class don’t make sense to me and I just really need to vent :laughing:

Leaving outside the joke servants whose existence should be an affront to the Throne, I think there are quite a few servants who really don’t belong in their current class.

Riders especially have quite a few servants who I think don’t belong there. I know the qualifications for each class can sometimes be fuzzy, but this class in particular seems to have become the default class for most monarchs and a couple of divine spirits even though some of them are not known for their riding. I’d argue that monarchs should by default be Casters to make use of the Territory Creation skill.

Quetzalcoatl – I never see her ride anything. Sure, she can summon winged snakes but that’s not her primary schtick. The description of the Rider class specifically states that Riders trade lower stats (compared to the three Knight classes) in exchange for a powerful mount as their Noble Phantasm. In Quetzalcoatl’s case, she would have made more sense as a talking Berserker…and honestly her personality, fighting style, and actions in Babylonia make her seem like one.

Marie Antoinette – what exactly is that crystal horse supposed to be and how is she known for it? If they had made Marie a proper Caster (and not the joke summer version that they had given her), she could have been the type of servant who charms entire nations into submission before they finally revolt and try to kill her and her master, leaving a wake of destruction in her path. What a powerful and terrifying Servant she could have been, instead of the joke harem-bait that they keep giving us.

There’s a lot of other examples that I could list, but I wanna give other people a chance to vent. What other Servants do you guys believe don’t really belong in their class?


Can I say all the Archers who don’t have any Bow and Arrow and thus aren’t actually Archers, or is that how the meme is supposed to work? :catroll:


Archer are basically anyone that throw something at something else (either physical objects or abstract things).

Or if you have a range weapons on you lol (doesn’t matter if you actually uses it)


Quetz in her trie form She should be a fling snake that even can breath fire,She is the mount himself


There are far too many sabers that don’t shoot beams.

Also, I really feel like Santera should have been a rider, as she’s literally always astride a sheep.

EDIT: Some context:


Rider, like Archer, seems to have an extremely broad definition.

Ozymandias, for example, has extremely high magecraft ability yet is a Rider because he’s a monarch and a general with a strong association with Divine Beasts and celestial vehicles.

…and thank god for that. Otherwise he’d have been saddled with the bullshit Caster ATK mod.



legend is about him swearing an oath not to use any sword other than Durandal

uses a wooden sword instead

rode a horse only in his NP

Rider class


So instead of getting a cool-looking winged snake goddess, we get a busty blonde who likes lucha instead :smile::smile:

At least they waited until her Ruler version (a class which also probably suits her better) to take off her clothes and give her a winter swimsuit :joy:


Ozymandias should probably have the Double Summon skill like Semiramis which allows him to act like two classes at once.

Though I actually think that Rider makes sense for Ozymandias for the reasons you stated, compared to someone like Marie.


From Reddit:

"The story is that on her wedding day Marie rode in a crystal carriage pulled by crystal horses, which Fate takes to mean actual crystal horses and not horses decked out in crystals, so whatever. Also rather notably Marie was known to be skilled at riding horses and very fond of the hobby, which was an unusual rarity among nobility of the time.

The carriage in general was absolutely held to be a status symbol of both herself and of France, and was a fairly popular anecdote tied to the more innocent her."


Quetz is such a bizarre thing that I still haven’t decided how I feel about her. Her actress does a great job, and she’s definitely unique, but it’s hard to take her seriously as a badass goddess when half of her dialogue is “Luchamuchomuchonachoenchiladasuicidadelsol.”

Quetz should have been an Avenger to represent her hateful assault on world languages.

Ok, I laughed a little at her gratuitous Spanish in the anime, but it’s still weird.


I love Osakabehime, but her being an Assassin literally makes no sense except for “we need a support that doesn’t die against Riders’ crits”.


If you mean from design perspective, Assassins is a class filled with servants that behave like Casters. Kama looks more like a Archer (ah but Archer meme ofc). Archer is a class really made of everything but archers. And apparently Sabers must shot beams. I’m sure there is much more.


Then we have Berserkers, who are usually “Another Class But Crazy.”

Or Casters, the vast majority of whom appear to be outclassed in magical strength by any other vaguely mystical Servant of their rarity.


I don’t have Quetz so I don’t know if this is in her game profile already, but I also found this on reddit which seems to get it from a source called FGO Material IV :

"Quetzalcoatl: Winged Serpent
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Personnel~Anti-Army
Range: 2~80
Maximum Number of Targets: 1~200 people

This Noble Phantasm became the reason why Quetzalcoatl has the Rider Class. She summons the Quetzalcoatlus, a Cretaceous-era pterosaur that was given a name deviated from her own’s, and rides it. It is a Phantasmal Species on the Phantasmal to Divine Beast level, which is also far more powerful than the Quetzalcoatlus that actually lived in the Cretaceous period. The Quetzalcoatlus is known as the largest flying animal in history. During the moment of its True Name release, the mounted Quetzalcoatl is able to perform the manipulation of large-scale lightning, winds and rains."


Yes, but Osakabehime being a Caster makes more sense lore-wise, where she’s a youkai (and hasn’t actually killed anyone). She even has Territory Creation as one of her passives. Don’t get me wrong, I see the advantage of having her as an Assassin and I use it a lot, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense where lore is concerned.

Caster attack modifier is a joke.


Yes! When Fate first started they made us think that only the original assassins (Hassans) were eligible to be summoned.

But now basically anyone can be one (like how the hell is Stheno supposed to be an Assassin, other than supposedly being a breaker of men’s hearts?)


I’d love to see Quetz actually summon that thing then. Did she ever do it in Babylonia? It’s been a while since I played it (and I’m not all caught up on the anime).


I’d heard that Assassin Servants are also synonymous with death or related to death, so there’s that.


The Assassin class isn’t just for people who are known for killing, it’s also for people are known for being sneaky, covert, etc. Osakabehime is known for being extremely reclusive and hiding away from people which fits the loose Assassin definition. Also Territory Creation isn’t exclusive to Casters. Some non- casters have it like King Protea, Ereshkigal, BB, and Hokusai.