Servants you no longer use because they are simply outclassed in your present roster

Let me complete the title: Who do you miss using but you know that it would take a long of time to finish stuff with them at this point in time?

After the Dawn of Skadi, my Arash, Nitocris and Drake stopped seeing use because of the loop system, and then I noticed a lot of servants that I used to deploy religiously because they did the job in the past.

This is what I used to deploy during my first months of FGO.

Obviously I put in them recent and more powerful CEs so they can look prettier but those were my main combatants in events and singularities until I got Santa Alter and Saber Elizabeth. Those two quickly became best friends and they were the ones who did most of the farming and early singularity combat with Nightingale, Tamamo, Medea, and Kiyohime and a friend’s Waver support.

I started to use my 5* more frequently when my max cost increased and I eventually got more powerful servants and learnt about compositions, leaving behind my first loyal warriors. Granted, I used them again in the Setsubun Event and it brought me nostalgia, but most of them are one shot and done, becoming dead weight for a lot of turns.

With the exception of Ushi and Euryale who I still use, I miss the rest… but I am sure that I already have better and efficient options now.

For you, who are your loved but not longer used servants?


I believe Setsubun made a lot of Masters dust off many long forgotten Servants of the early days.

While I still use Euryale for Anti-Male nuking, my go-to ST Archer Robin Hood, my only Berserker at the time Kiyohime and even Marie and Martha have been in the inventory, yet haven’t seen a lot of use.
Nitocris at NP3 outclassed many AOE farmers with the exception of Arash and Spartacus. I remember burning poor Fuyuki bro Caster Cu. Never seen him again… :fgo_jeannu:
Ozymandias pushed Ushiwakamaru to bankruptcy, same as Astolfo NP3 with Martha and Marie (the latter resuscitated thanks to Skadi)
Chacha, Bunyan and Spartacus replaced Kiyohime.
Gilgamesh replaced his child self and Emiya.
Enkidu replaced Cu Chulainn.
Serenity got benched as soon as Penthesilea, Kintoki and Mecha Liz appeared. Then Shiki sealed her fate.
The only role that never got replaced was ST Saber. Bedivere got NP levels AND grails for his unmatched efforts. Sorry Caesar :fgo_casgilworry:

You may notice the “fully golden” rule being applied harshly and without remorse. Shameful, many may say. But, in the face of results, my favoritism had no place.
I hope that, since I recently rolled a powerful support with Skadi, such mentality can change in the future…


Hey I think you might’ve forgotten to replace one .

I know you did not mean to put Euryale up there.

Perhaps I am missing something but, what do you mean? My brain is barely at half functionality because I drank too much wine yesterday… It was so good!

I know what you mean. Luckily, the majority of my most used gold servants are waifus and favorites, I don’t have to chose favoritism. Long live Arts Teams. Long Live Quick Teams. Buster only need to get my own Merlin so beauties like Quetzaltcoatl and Summer Nero (Please come home), unlock their true potential.

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Nvm lol I was just trying to be silly .

Then be silly, man! This is a nostalgia topic but as long as it plays by the rules there is no shame in saying something that will ruin your image in GP for more than a week :fgo_umu:


Well I allow for one shame post a week. I have already met my quota in the thread PSA:This is not what Friends do !

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I can vouch for this. Lord knows I’ve tried…


Medea replaced by Sanzang.
The Cu’s were redundant with Scathach.
Mecha Eli was replaced by Ozy, Gramp’s and Sanzang.
Ushi was dropped the second Ozy came.
Wu was replaced for Gramp’s.
Jeanne Lily will be dropped the second I get Parvati np2.
Sukuza and Nero were dropped for Salter and Siegfried.
Hans was demolished by Merlin.


Arash can finally stop dying, Nitocris can stop killing and Waver can chill out and play a videogame in his office.

I kinda feel bad for Lancer Alter though, she’s a wonderful unit one of the best W3 clearers of the game. But now, Parvati is just better.


Not really, but maybe Shakespeare, i really never use him a lot but now i use him even less so that is that, i still using some of my old servants because i just like using them

That pretty sad, and i have that guy somehow in NP 3 and i don’t use him for nothing

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1 * Sasaki Kojirou… um… That’s it? But I guess I still use him from time to time. I haven’t played around too much with 1-3*, only raised Sasaki and Hans, but still deploy Hans somewhat. I also did raise Lu Bu to 3rd ascension, but never used him that much because he’d die before seeing turn 2 or 3.

If anything, I got more of “Servants I wish to deploy but never got the chance to because every other Servant ate up the available resources so they have been in waiting list forever.”


After Shiki there is simply no need any other assassins other than scathach. I field gramps just for bond points because i don’t have the mats for skills. Sometimes i miss using Wu and lip though.
I’ve never needed a rider since ridetoki and rider ishtar doing a very good job. They do such a good job i don’t even miss lip against casters.
I have Sieg and sanzang, what am i gonna do with anastasia? I still use sanzang for waifu reason also so don’t even miss lip on that also.
After i got salter to np4 on a salty merlin banner i pretty much don’t even need a ST saber. No wonder she got the best saber NP damage
After i got lalter to np3 on a salty merlin banner i pretty much don’t even need a ST lancer. Her critic is on par with an ST NP.
I lack mostly archers. Thankfully silver and bronze doing a very good job but i felt the lack of Kuro many times.
Zerkers love me and i love them. I always rotate them among SSR to bronze and never really bored out any of them.


Not really anyone I’d say.
Sure, there are some I use more often (mostly newer ones), but I actually keep on rotating through all of my Servants.
Unless it’s for a hardcore farming event like GilFest, where time is of essence, I really don’t care abouth the length of battles, as long as I have fun doing them.

Edit: Exceptions are Servants at Bond 10 for now, like Kiyohime, Medusa, Jack, Serenity, Nitocris, …


Well i’d say all my 1-3* got outclassed by having all their respective roles already filled by SSRs, if i use any it’s either for preferences or for the obvious exceptions like Arash/Paracelsus/Bunyan.

I only miss using Ushi as my main ST rider during the first year, then came Ridertoki… Ozy and Quetz. One day i will go back to her though and i’ll make her better than all 3 combined, DW may have chosen to ignore her but i won’t.


Special mention to Anne and Mary. Whom I got a week before the Rider Kintoki event. And have never used since.


Medea has been rotated out, simply bc she is too niche my casters are supporters now.

Arjuna finally got replaced by Atalante due to Skadi, he may return for a Fox wife team since he has long cooldowns and an arts deck even though his NP is buster, but you know got to have fox wife for that or a black grail, that would probably make him more useful for beefy groups.

Suzuka was lucky and reached bond 10 before getting replaced with Okita, i just rarely need an AoE saber.

Shiki is in the process of being retired by Jack who spooked me once a couple of months ago but I was saving mats for skadi, and spooked me again in the rolls for Skadi to remind me that she is the only single target assassin the world needs. Just got to get out of QP broke status and get more dust now that Skadi stole both of those.

Oreo and her hubby replaced ushi bc they are awesome and adorable.

Think that is it Karna is still my main lancer from my newbie quartz he will be hitting bond 10 soon so I might need to look at other lancers, Banana is still the only zerker I have raised, Tomoe still works single target archer, Medusa still does AoE rider, Kiara is still used in place of AoE casters, Semi does the AoE assassin job even at bond 10 bc AoE assassins are not the best group, and I don’t have any rulers or avengers well other then salieri who i haven’t raised yet.

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I have them np4 and they were my bread & butter

I can’t begin to respond properly to this thread, because too many Servants become niche when you get certain others.

The game is, for the most part, pretty good at not making Servants obsolete, but you have cases like the Arjuna problem, where multiple Servants do his main job better.