Servants you rarely see

Myabe it’s because I’m fairly new to the game, but there are servants I’m yet to see in any support list.

Idk if it is because they are bad, people don’t like them or they are just really hard to get, but I’ve never seen them. Who are they you ask? Iskandar and Medb.

Wich other servants you rarely see in the support lists? SSR and SR mainly, as is fairly logical to never see R unless they are grailed or something :fgo_mordredthink:

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Maid Alter
Da Vinci

Caster liz
Saber Lily

Lily, Eli Brave, Siegfried, Altera, Rama, Gawain.
Orion, Arjuna, Helena (Archer).
Nezha, Fionn, Li, Vlad, Ana.
Marie, Anne & Mary, Medb, Quetz.
CasEli, Edison.
EMIYA, Wu, YQ, Chiyome and Katou.
Cat, Beo, Hijikata.

For this reason I try to give my Arjuna some time on the Support List here and there, although his competition is grossly stiff in terms of favoritism as well… as a fellow low-key fave. lol.


Da Vinci (she is limited and not pretty popular in the friend list)
Demiya (story lock)
Archer of Shinjuku
Assassin of Shinjuku
Caster of the Nightless city
Assassin of the Nightless city
Assassin of Paradiso
Caster of midrash
Caster of Okeanos
Saber of emperio
Welfares that aren’t Shiki, Kintoki or Chloe
Gilles de raiz Caster
Rider of the Resistance
This is in my experiense


Sabers: Yagyu

Archers: Tristan, Tesla & Orion

Lancers: Nezha, Medusa & Fionn

Riders: Martha & Marie

Casters: Edison, Medea Lily, Schez & Eli Halloween

Assassins: Chiyome, Danzo & Emiya

Berserkers: Beowulf, Nightingale & Hijikata

Extra: Amakusa, Lobo, Passionlip


Fun fact: I had Shinjuku Assassin and Midrash Caster for a very long time on my Support list


I don’t think i’ve ever seen a Gawain in my Support list, he’s incredibly rare.

Oh, interesting, is hard to see then in the friend list

Nursery Rhyme
Li Shuwen
Vlad Lancer
Any of the Shinjuku Servants
Anyone from CCC that is not Sessyoin Kiara
Assassin of Paraiso

Special mention to Angry Mango. But it makes sense, he’s technically the rarest servant in the game.

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My brother has this two in his SL, so I guess he is into rare servants I guess :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

I’ve also seen some Orions and Malters (with these event they are everywhere)

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In my experiense Malter is super comun, and Iskandar too, he will be even more comun after Zero collab rerun


Honestly, any caster that isn’t a big 4 is uncommon in support lists. And SR options are usually butted out in favour of SSR options as they become available.

Besides, do you really want to see my np1 gawain on support when np2 Mordred with bigger battery and non potato damage is available? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


SSR - Sigurd, Tesla, Brynhild, Medb, Scheherazade, Cleopatra, Nightingale, Amakusa

SR - Gawain, Emiya Alter, Li Shuwen, Marie Antoinette, Circe, Wu Zetian, Beowulf, (Extra doesn’t have many SR choices, not going to list)

Wish I saw more Amakusa supports when looking for Extra so I don’t have to bring mine every single time. He needs more love. :fgo_nitocry:

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I swap my Jeanne out for him every so often! Appreciate him! … Even if he doesn’t fully appreciate me back.


I used to see Vlad, Kintoki, and Lancelot all the time.

Same with Arjuna and Orion for Archers.

Launch had a lot fewer Servants to work with so there just weren’t many options for people to put there.

servants you rarely see and eventhough you find them you not gonna pick them but instead gonna pick waver/tamamo/merlin/skadi/gilgamesh/herc/jalter/or any other servants that deal more damage/usable than them. So it almost pointless for other people to put a “rarely seen servants” because no one gonne use them anyway


You know mine lives in Extra. Refresh, and he shall find you!


SSR: Vlad, Orion, Arjuna, Shiki, Amakusa, Medb, Iskandar, Illya, Moriarty, MHX Alter, Scheherazade, Osakabehime, Ivan, Napoleon, Sigurd

SR: Lily, Siegfried, D’eon, Liz, Marie, Martha, Stheno, CasLiz, Anne&Mary, Nobbu, Santa Salter, Nursery Rhyme, Fran, Fionn, Beouwulf, Rama, Li, Tesla, Kerry, Iri, Tristan, Gawain, Marie Caster, Anne&Mary Archer, SurfMo, Summer Scathach, Kiyohime Lancer, Brave Liz, Vlad EXTRA, Jailter, Medusa Lily, Emiya Alter, Lobo, Yan Qing , Chacha, Passionlip, Suzuka, BB, Wu, Summer Fran, Summer Nobbu, Summer Helena, Paraiso, Danzo, Sheba, Chiron, Sieg.

Seriously, I always try to get friends with interesting support list because I love to try servants I don’t have/I don’t want to lvl up but most of the time they have the same old servants. I have some oddballs tho, like a lvl 100 Tristan and a lvl 100 Circe and it’s pretty fun use them in some quest

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Saber: Gawain. I don’t like him so i don’t mind but i only ever saw a grand total of 4 on my friend’s list since i started playing.

Archer: Helena Archer, there are two Helena fans amongst the 79 people in my friend’s list and that’s it. Haven’t seen one in months since i usually their Helena Casters instead.

Lancer: Elizabeth

Rider: Achilles. That is more of a me thing but basically no one on my friend’s list has him for some reason. There is a fair share of everyone else (including Maid Alter)

Assassin: Carmilla. I like her but i don’t see many of her at all on support and neither do i own one so i rarely use her. There is one guy with a lvl 100 one and yeah.

Caster: Tamamo. Skadi, Waver, Merlin and Helena taje the majority of the support nowadays. Outside of the Tamamo fans with lvl 100 ones i basically never see one.

Berserker: Chacha

Extra: Angry Matthew

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To be fair, no small number of those are freebies. To be expected most wouldn’t put them up there. Meanwhile, six of those are also Tutorial Summon rolls, and thus even more common than usual.