Setsubun 2021 rerun?

Since i am not using anymore my main, my actual account is in London. So, Setsubun Event is locked for me.

Question is: i cant find info about a possible rerun next year.

Is this one the one and only chance to play this event or next year we will see a rerun?

It is important, because i dont want to miss the event. If i have to wait next year, so be it.

But if this is the only chance, i will use again my discarded main just for this event.

One and only chance I think. You have till the 27th to complete Solomon

Then i will use my main, maybe.
We will see

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the event drops is kinda suck

That is way i will do it only maybe.
Priority is bringing my new main to salomon as fast as possible to be able to get quetz ruler on christmas

Then again, the whole concept of my lerian project is going to be tested harshly in camelot

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Is Friend Support still allowed in Lerian?

Exactly, i count on support to help my servants in defeating the knights of the round table

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Then don’t worry, it’s kinda easy with support

Well, Tristan’s attack fill your NP. He is easy.
Mordred and Gawain… i have Moriatry ( 1 ticket EX Luck) and Arjuna.

Against Artoria lancer… i have Eli brave and Saber Alter

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it’s one time only

however the next event for jp (amazoness ceo) is basically just setsuban2


that’s like 1.5 years so he got plenty of time

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What replaces Setsubun next year?


at least from a ‘same event format’ perspective

for same event calendar run period, prillya rerun


Ok. Gothca.

Prillya Rerun will be running around this time. That’s what I was curious about. I should have been more detailed.

I wonder if nitocris will be a good choice for the free ticket, since i lack a caster. Well, but she is entertaining and waifu material so…

best advice is… go back to your main account not joking

Servants earned with wallet are no fun

I would suggest you go f2p on your main account now, and add some limitation like use only gold np2+ servants or what not, I’m sure that’s going to be fun as well.

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just burn everyone you paid for


What happened to Hans, Shakespeare, and Mozart?