Setsubun prep: who to raise?

So yeah, we all know that in the upcoming Setsubun event the servants you’ve used in a quest become unusable for 4 hours (except those in the hot spring, which require 1h 30 min. to be usable again in a quest). So I was wondering which 1- 3* servants should I raise in preparation for the event.

Thanks in advance!

There’s a bonus damage ce that will super power low level servants. And most levels are super easy with only one wave. Minimum 3 servants per quest, so on strong 3 weak, especially AoE strong will insta np (kscope and mage association mc for example). So level won’t matter that much.

But I’d try to take a bunch of servants to 1st ascension, lots of levels for minimum ember will make a decent aid with the bonus damage CE’s, and you can clear their ascensions too for extra sq. Definitely put benkei on that list, his taunt skill unlocks at first ascension.


Thank you so much! That was really helpful :fgo_ereshlove:

From what I have seen on the write-up, most floor quests can be cleared with a single strong AoE. So any servant with an AoE NP, KScope, and Mage’s Association MC will be valuable.

Also, with the damage bonus CE, soloing is an attractive strat. So units like the various Cus, Houzouin, Nero, Herc, etc will be great.

Essentially, you only need one leveled servant and two level 1 warm bodies in most cases, especially if you counter-class.

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In short: All of them. Thanks to the fatigue mechanic, it’s better to have a wide army than a tall army. Get as many to Ascension 1 as you can, and work from there.

A KScope, especially a MLB’d KScope, is practically an auto-win at the early stages.


Thank you @The_Cheeseman @The_Cheeseman bad news is - I have no Kscope… would that be much of a problem or would that mean that I should think about another strategy?

The bonus damage CE has 50% charge mlb. So you can still have a quicker time getting to np and having the power to blast the wave to smithereens

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Fran, Spartacus, Geronimo, Babbage, Paracelcus, Alex, Blackbeard, Hektor, Romulus, and Touta have great AoE NPs that you probably have NP5’d.
Spartacus is a popular farming pick with his battery, Paracelcus gets a great skill upgrade later that makes him a meta pick, Fran has amazing NP damage, and Touta’s NP should have a very relevant anti-trait effect for Setsubun along with great skills.
Geronimo has great damage for a 3* caster, Babbage has good skills and a solid NP, Hektor has neat skills, Romulus gets a battery soon and has a different kit, Alex is a decent 3* semi-support. Additionally, Mephy has one of the fastest NPs in the game and an interesting skill, and Fuuma is the best low-rarity assassin.

For supports, the bronze casters are the budget versions of Merlin/Waver/Tamamo. Shakes especially has a grantable battery after his rank up. Julius, David, kid Gil, Alex, and Blackbeard have good support skills.

  1. Servants with NP batteries: They’ll usually deal with everything before they even receive damage, regardless of the hands you get (ex: Billy, Arash*, Euryale).

  2. Servants with powerful defensive tools: They can survive even in rather unfavorable conditions (ex: George, all Hassans not called Serenity, David, Fergus, Rice God).

*Just make sure there’s someone else along Arash when he NPs. If you lose your last member along with all enemies, it’s still a defeat for you.

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uh, wording mixup.
Fran has amazing damage, but you probably don’t have her NP5.

If you have taunt CEs you can turn some of your unleveled servants in a hitting sack and use a stronger servant to finish the fight. I will do this with my GUDAGUDA Poster Girl CEs

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raise ALL of them. having as many leveled servants helps a ton.

you can also beat the floors with a main dps with ie or kscope and fodder, but having as many dps’s helps clear the tower faster cuz of the fatigue mechanic

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Imaginary Element is the 4☆ equivalent. At MLB, it gives 75% NP. Any servant with NP battery (even a small one) and Mage’s Association MC would get you there. If you don’t have IE, consider one of the NP charge event CEs and stall a couple turns while you get to 100% np


Yeah, as others have said, you don’t need a KScope, that was just an example of the laziest possible method. There are plenty of different options, but which you choose will mostly come down to what resources you have available.

Give solid priority to Spartacus and Bedivere at least.


I tried to post Stheno but they say the body is too similiar to a recent post

Hmm… So somebody posted Euryale, then?

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Raise them all like a good master

Level 1 Hans
Gross. Level him now and 10/10/10, bro.

Shakespeare post ST quest gives targettable 20% NP bar for 1 guy, and 1 turn 40% buster, pretty much budget Merlin.

Mozarts gives 1 turn 40% Arts Up and 50 stars, who guarantee a crit in every card in 1 turn.

Level Kotarou at least to 30 and do first ascension, he has targettable evade.

Full level Euryale, she has 5* dmg on NP vs males and full stalling potential.

Billy has 50% charge at lv 10 skill. And NP pierces evade.

Robin is a nuke, specially with Mozart combing.

Leonidas has 25% buster support 3 turns. And taunts.

Alexander has Quick buff to be used when Rinshtar Summer and Wu are on cooldown. Is 20%, like them, but just the quick it self. He has Charisma as well. He is a good AOE pseudo-Ushi.

Berserkers are a must, as hey fit in almost any boss floor (minus the Hokusai one…), Lu Bu has a good dmg and is the only ST zerck sans Penth you have. Both Darius and Kiyo are worthy AOE generalists.

Spartacus has 30% charge bar and if you do his ST quests and level 3rd skill to a good level (8-10), he is doable as a wave 1 and 2 clearer.

Phantom is sh*t, but he is one of your only 3 AOe Assassins, alongside Summer Scat and Kotarou…who is also lv1…he has Innocent monster, for passive stargen and replace Hans on this when on CD.

Mephisto is also Innocent Monster skill. First ascension, I think.

100Faces/Zero Hassan has a NP upgrade and arts up (chanced). She can hit hard for her rarity.

Try to level Fran a little more, yes gears are horrible to collect…but lv 70 is better than 60.

Benkei has a 1-turn taunt in first ascension. Use as meat shield and put Battle of Calann on him.

Floor by floor breakdown here: