Setsuna Build

I dont know whether to go +spd or +atk on the brave bow quad Setsuna build. I have both and the banes dont matter because I will merge them.

What exactly is the build she has, or will have?

She will have
Brave Bow+
Draw Back
A - Life and Death 3 / Fury 3 (Haven’t Decided)
B - Desperation 3
C - Some Support Skill/Doesn’t Really matter
S - Atk/Spd 2 / Darting Blow 3

Life and Death offers the better attack and speed stats, but it decreases her already low survivability by way too much. She would have 38 HP, 17 defense and 18 resistance, if I recall. I don’t think she really has the bulk to really reliably get into Desperation range.

I’d probably go for a speed boon, but either way she’d need some buffs to help her with dealing damage, and some speed buffs if you want her to quad the faster units.

So I’ll go for a speed boon w/ fury then to help reach desperation easier. Thanks!

I actually run a +Atk (to help her low attack) and L&D3 on my +10 Quadsuna and she works like a charm, she has more than enough speed to live a single hit from most units as long as you watch out for heavy hitting units, the foe would need 62/63 Attack to one shot her once she is +10 without having buff’s.