Setsuna building

Setsuna was my first 5 star unit and I wanna build her up (she also cute :e7_smugbell:)

How’s this look? At least until she gets her personal weapon (hopefully it’s good)
I have alot of different bows btw (most seasonal bows)
I have settled for a brave bow build…

However, I am unsure as to what A skill/boon I will use
I have swift sparrow 3 (little used Elincia +2)
Blade session 3 (she’s just rotting in my inventory)
Brazen atk/SPD 3/4 (wolt also rotting)
Atk/SPD bond 3
Atk/SPD form (will kll for joint drive anyways)
Open to any other A skill opinions, these are just my ATK/SPD ones

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I wouldn’t use Shining Bow, so you could just switch to Slaying

or if you have Fishie Bow you could use that

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@Gvader (gonna go get the pro)


Interesting, any reason for slaying over brave?

I do have a fishie takumi that cursed me with his presence again about a week ago.
I have gotten 3 takumis this month

For unique inheritable bows I have
Big catch
Refreshing (so much aquatic bows)
Spendthrift (she’s CF fodder tho)
Shining bow
Short bow
And all common bows

She’s pretty likely to get a refine next month so I’d wait a bit before giving her new weapons :feh_birbpeek:

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That’s a fair point, but for the meantime?

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Shining Bow I guess because it’s cheap and looks fancy :catdance:

Her Shining build would be
Brave Bow
A-Swift Sparrow, Brazen Atk/Spd, Solo Atk/Spd (Pretty much snything to boost her Atk/Spd that doesn’t hurt her bulk to much)
C-Flexible, but I use Def Smoke
S-Same as A

Trust me when I say this… I have pretty much nearly every bow possible on her and build to go with every single one of them… and the one that has the best results it’s always her Brave Bow build… Setsuna truly relies on Special’s even with +Atk, and Brave Bow+Luna is the shining point of the build allowing her to deal so much more… and if running Brazen Atk/Spd 7 along with Desperation the only thing she has problems with are obviously truly tank things that don’t go down when in Desperation range but I hardly see many thing’s that can live through it


Sounds like my kinda builds lol
Btw is it worth foddering Anna for joint drive SPD? Does the 4 extra SPD change enough matchups?

Not a Setsuna user,but if you haven’t already built her up I’d wait for her refine to know exactly what build to give her.

The rally and ruse should depend on who the rest of the team is. I’d argue that Rally Def/Res with Atk/Spd Ruse lets her support the tanking units covering for her better than the combination being shown. This Setsuna looks like she’s in a hyper-offensive team considering joint drive speed, but it can be weird running it like that since you’re sacrificing Setsuna’s turn to get the rally and ruse up.


Need help on an A skill oh mighty @GVader
Also… Atk boon or SPD boon?

I want to make her a bait unit

Guard or NFU. Guard beats Galeforce teams but NFU beats guaranteed follow ups.

Only needs 2 pulses (or one with Quickened Pulse). The idea is to set up Miracle and become a WoM beacon.

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What kinda build are you looking for for her

But this is pretty much my goto build

Personally I went Atk but Spd work’s fine

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Reminds me of this gem from the past from Marbels:

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Yeah that’s where I got the idea from

I decided to build Niles instead just because of the slaying + Flashing Blade in his PRF (also because Niles needs some love) but Setsuna obv does the job just as well

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I’ve done it… Now to get 160k feathers :catcry: