Setsuna's Bow Collection continues

I’ll probably never use it like all the others… but she gets it anyways


Does she have all the inheritable ones now?

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The bow is good, it’s similar to spendthrift bow, but probably she doesn’t use this well. Even so it’s a fun weapon, I could see some builds

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I’m only missing around 10 of them or so, most of the ones I’m missing are mostly from TT/GHB units that I had already merged together and to lazy atm to spend the 100 grails for each of them, then theirs a few seasonal ones I’m missing… and the one she will probably never see is Fiddlestick since I want to try to +10 Dancing Nephenee, but yah she has the mass majority of them

If only we had 4* focus seasonal units at the time she would have definitely been the 4* unless they changed Reinhardt’s or Berkut’s kit