Severe framerate drops since last update

Is anyone else experiencing severe framerate drops since a few days? For me it started with the last update. Reinstallation is not helping.

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I have not personally (after introducing major bugs to the game several times now in updates, I finally just turned off auto-update for PoGo), but I’ve read a lot of others mentioning similar things. Apparently it’s quite noticeable when trying to catch Mons. I’ve also heard that Niantic is investigating the issue, so there’s that at least!

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Exactly! It starts as soon as I catch a pokemon. Good to know that there is an investigation…

The last 3 updates have been progressively worse

Not only that but you now can’t skip list of rewards after raid and have to watch that slow and tedious show of what you’ve got. You got new skins for pokeballs though - it’s a win ;)

Actually, you can with the Galaxy Store version of the game but not with the Play Store version

Got the update via auto-update today, can‘t say I notice a difference in gameplay (maybe I‘m just not paying enough attention), but I‘m heavily annoyed by the fact that the „A wild XXX appeared!“ message at the start of a wild encounter is missing. Silly, I know, but the screen just seems so empty without it.

The encounter after a Rocket battle seems to be particularly bad.

The animation is very laggy for me.

I went to apkmirror and downgraded to the version from May. Lets hope no forced update is coming…

Yep, I am having the same problem. The display is very jittery at seemingly random times BUT It does not seem to be a connection issue as game play is not affected. In other words, Poke balls do not fly off at weird angles / directions and good throws seem to hit the target accurately. I downloaded the latest version (with new opening screen) via auto-download, Maybe they will solve this before the forced update.

I notice you mentioned Galaxy store a few times now (sorry if that was someone else). Is that a Samsung only related site or open to all android users? If so, any major benefit for Androidphiles to use it?

As far as I know that is a Samsung only site, and the major benefit is that most of the time you get 10% off for ingame purchases… the rest is just the same (same problems as the PlayStore versions).

You can download the Galaxy Store apk from sites such as apkmirror.

The advantage is that you can have 2 accounts on your device without having to switch all the time, and with better phones/tablets you can play both accounts at once with split screen.

The Galaxy store version also tends to run smoother, and frequently has a 10% discount (or better) as @ikke mentioned.